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What is Togacoin?

The digital age has been prevalent to many businesses (like Togacoin or Atlant Wings) and the international market, as it has introduced various channels and services to provide a safe and secured financial aid to customers; which leads to the invention of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital money …

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FLUX Token – The Gaming Token

FLUX token (FLUX) incentivizes players, developers and traders to participate in the FLUX platform. When it comes to gaming, the best way to motivate players and developers to participate in the gaming ecosystem is to offer incentives.  FLUX has recognized that the ultimate motivation tool to developing loyalty is through …

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Since time immemorial, man has always been fascinated by what tomorrow will bring, and why not? The world moves at an ever-increasing speed. Information they say is the new oil, as data when properly used has been proven to be the generator of hundreds of billions of dollars for companies …

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In cryptocurrency exchanges, smaller-sized enterprises and retail clients join in a common dissatisfaction whenever they need to interact with middlemen corporations such as banks, brokers or anchors to make the currency exchanges at the expense of costly fees or commissions. They must seek for cheaper alternatives, but the often do …

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Getting started with Vestarin

Get connected Vestarin and enjoy global market giving you a unique platform to sell your goods and services. With one of the best customer focused trade steps, the worry of the freedom choice and control of your market base now fully on your hands. With high end integration on payment …

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By and by cryptocurrency is becoming backbone of the international market and in this era Amon is providing you best Cryptocurrencies which save your time and secure your invested money. Amon is an emerging Cryptocurrency manager as it is top rated and its value trust is rising day after day. …

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Technical Review TokenStars Team

TokenStars is a popular platform for celebrity management on the block-chain providing the incentives and advanced tools for enhancing more in-depth interaction between advertiser, fans, and stars. Token stars view the new cryptocurrency as essential in raising funds through initial coin offering (100). The ICO done by the Token Stars …

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NUZDAH – Bringing the Cloud Back Down to Earth

With Quantum Computing on the Horizon, NUZDAH is About to Launch Tech into the Future. We’ll set the scene for you. It’s the near future, and you’re lying on your couch. You decide that you want a glass of champagne, boiled eggs, and you want to change the music in …

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Pecunio – Blockchain investments save and easy

Pecunio is a crypto fund that has a diverse portfolio of crypto coins and tokens. It is also restricted to blockchain assets. Pecunio is a decentralized hypothesis degree with a cryptographic cash card in a industry, allowing easy saving and spending of crypto assets. Be it your large or minor …

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