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BitEclipse account privileges overview

BitEclipse has a unique account system that allows users to enjoy additional benefits alongside high speed secure transactions. When you create an account on, you are able to choose what privileges you wish to add.

BitEclipse account privileges overview

For example, if you want to earn commissions on every trader you refer to BitEclipse, you have to upgrade status to Master IB and purchase 250 BET tokens.

So in that particular context, let’s explore the various account privileges available for users within the BitEclipse platform. We’re continuing to improve and also bring new privileges, so that you are getting the most out of the BitEclipse trading experience.

Master IB / Tier-1, 3, 5 IB Affiliator

This privilege allows you to become an IB (Introducing Broker) Affiliator. By upgrading to IB Status, you can earn the IB Commission not only from your direct referral to BitEclipse (Tier1) but also from indirect referral (Tier2~10).

Trading API

We have created 2 types of BitEclipse API – RESTful and WebSocket. With these APIs, you can enjoy automated algorithm trading for all instruments.


This privilege allows you to request free Advertisement, Promotion, or PR of your trading program, bot, algorithm, or software product or financial crypto-related blog and news website to all BitEclipse traders—valid for one year.

Open Int. LIMIT

With Open Interest privilege, you can open more lot positions (interests) than set-up default limitations. This gives you a higher risk/return and efficiency for your investment.

Anonymous Trading

This privilege allows you to hide your nick-name at “Open C TO C – CHAT” to mitigate announcement impact in the market especially stated by large-scale traders.

Direct Deal

Direct Deal privilege allows you to utilize the “DIRECT C TO C – DEAL” function to exchange positions directly among other BitEclipse Traders through open chat negotiation.

IB Affiliate Reward

This privilege allows you a more attractive reward offer to boost-up your IB Commission percentage from 1% to 10% for all instruments and all introduced core layers.

Priority Pass

With Priority Pass, you have the capability to cut in the Bid / Offer queue so that your Limit Type Order would be filled faster than other traders who do not have this qualification. In comparison with traders who own the pass, still the “First Come, First Serve” principle applies.


The HIDE privilege allows you the capability to completely conceal your order interest and size at BitEclipse Exchange (For Crypto & BET Pairs Trading) like the iceberg order.


This privilege allows you to have more leverage on positions than set-up default limitations. It also gives you a higher risk/return and efficiency for your investment.

Trade Mileage

The Trade Mileage privilege allows you to collect “Trade Mileage (Pt)” as per the USD-base trading volume and exchange it into some attractive goods or gifts like Amazon, iTunes, or Starbucks e-Cards / e-Charges, etc.

Trade & Exchange Fee

If you have this privilege, BitEclipse will give you some trading fee discounts (from 1% to 15%) for all instruments every time you trade with us – either make or close positions.

Company Profit Share

This is one of the greatest gifts from for all BET holders. We will share 5.00% of Net Company Profit with investors as per share percentage like a dividend.

Mining Net Income Share

This is another gift from for all BET holders. We own GPU-based hashpower to mine some cryptocurrency and we will share Net Revenue with holders with this privilege.

BitEclipse IEO

BitEclipse is a new steadily developing online broker and exchange platform offering a stable investment portfolio consisting of forex, crypto, gold and other types of investments that can assure you consistent returns.

Our IEO starts soon and unlike most crypto projects, we will be raising funds for something that already operates. Investors can register to purchase BitEclipse Token (BET) before the listing date scheduled for February 2020. The initial price per BET is USD 3.00.

For more information about BitEclipse IEO click here.

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