Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Ethereum 2.0 Ice Age, Bitcoin Bullish 2020, France CBDC, TRON XRP Futures & GUSD Burn

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  1. hello TMI, i suppose i am what most would consider a bitcoin maximalist but i am very open minded & would love if you could give a brief explanation of why you believe in xrp.bcuz you're as nuts about crypto as am i, i respect your opinion & am genuinely curious. thanks. yours truly MB

  2. After 2017, 2018 was supposed to be the year. Then it was 2019, and now 2020. Next year we’re going to be looking at 2021.

  3. Satoshi will be back and sue all CBDC-s for stealing the him idea.

  4. I heard the cost of electricity is a factor in price for proof of work, is it possible an difficult bomb could have an adverse effect by any chance ?

  5. We wouldn't be holding our breath if vitalik buterin would do an AMA



  7. dont hate on my LCC ….LOL everybody has him favorite grumble,grumble "alt" coin (no comments pls)

  8. Lol yea. The twins are boring

  9. Get ready to buy btc guys I'm about to make a purchase here at $7400 and without fail every single time I buy bitcoin goes down shortly after! You're welcome! 😊

  10. POS is not a big deal now and other crypto’s have done this very easily
    So wtf is going on with eth and Ada
    Cosmos is the eth killer
    300.00 atom by 2021

  11. He was going to say Fellate lol

  12. "Litecoin cash… have a seat!" LOL

  13. They won't be calling this new digital currency( the Mark). will they?

  14. Ethereum Cash Vitaliks Vision

  15. With regards to the digital central bank currencies- have a look into finastra. The have a patent for a ledger interconnecting CDC’s, sam I am had a video on it but it appears to have been taken down.!x

  16. How does ADA have POS in test net and ether 2.0 is still delayed. Crossing fingers like you for tomorrow.

  17. Negative Nancy, Jeez Louise lady’s of the night

  18. It’s not a company making a crypto it’s China… they are working on a gold backed crypto! It could kill the dollar 💵

  19. The names of your Patreon supporters are more interesting than the news lately..:😆

  20. Ethereum is transitioning slower than Bruce Jenner.

  21. Just lost all my BTC and LTC that I had on my Trezor. Happened day before Thanksgiving at 1:40 am.If anyone knows how to resolve this problem, let me know. I will appreciate it. Thanks!

  22. Does anyone even use the Gemini exchange?

  23. Perhaps governments hope that if they promise a good interest rate of like for example 5% will make people flock away from btc towards their stable coin and hence also tame the beast.

  24. Hey MI 🙂 Been watching your videos daily for over a year and have learned a lot. Would love to hear your take on casinocoin (CSC) when you have a chance. Seems like an extremely promising project.

  25. Yep, gemini twins have no imagination👍

  26. You were gonna say…blow. heheheh

  27. You know the Pentagon and Google are friends…….skynet!?!?

  28. Now.. ramblings for dollars… Professor….

  29. 😂😂😂 Lol Google is skynet!….😳😳😳😳 Wait a minute!! Google IS SKYNET 😭😭😭😭