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Interview with Richard Heart – Bitcoin, Bull Market, Ethereum, Success, Earning Millions, HEX

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Richard Heart legendary interview:
Richard Heart vs Socialist Politicians:

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  1. Subscribe to Richard:

    🔥 ByBit Exchange ($60 FOR FREE): ​​ (WHEN ADDING 0.2 BTC). This is an affiliate link.

    Richard Heart legendary interview:

    Richard Heart vs Socialist Politicians:

  2. Sad to see this guy becoming a money printing scammer and talking a lot of bullshit with much conviction but really little substance if you listen to it a couple of times and dig deeper. Don’t invite scammers to your show!

  3. “Ethereum is going to overtake bitcoin”,”i have still all my assets in bitcoin, but I am going to change this now- it’s just because i was so used to it”, “I am positive about the technology of Ethereum, not about the price.”🤔🤔🤔or
    “All top 5 projects are build on ethereum, thats why it is so strong”,ivan:”but hey, that was just in the beginning, they have their owns chains now”,”yeah even better, so my ethereum transactions get cheaper” he is just constantly contradicting himself… !!!
    even worse when he is not able to differentiate between a inflationary and a deflationary recession – just all the same for him! 3 hours o empty scammer bla bla

  4. Dear Richard Heart. If you want that many hardforks go to ETH thank you

  5. Wow I really hate this prick.

  6. "Richard the Narcissist"

  7. Ivan Speaks at a GOOD speed.Dont listen to him

  8. Get in touch with +1-92-527283-44 just help me generate 2.927 BTC into my wallet WhatsApp him for all kinds of hacking jobs

  9. FUD that BTC, Richard!! Drop that price, so we can scoop up some cheaper coins for the HEX snap ;))

  10. what is this man talking about lol

  11. 1:37:10, + Richard Heart, the psychological phenomenon you're referring to is called "Perceptual Priming."

  12. My boyeeees!! Heart and Ivan… love these guys. BOSS of ALL BOSSES!! KEEP IT UP KILLAS

  13. I don't agree with everything Richard says and his personality rubs me the wrong way but he is definitely thought provoking.

  14. You are so dumb! Incredibly dumb you're talking about Mike Hearn if he was of any importance you're saying stupid s*** like Bitcoin has no technological admit advancements how ridiculous

  15. I can tell you why Technical Analysis is getting all the traders REKT… Monthly time frame is in a sideways consolidation = making higher lows⬆️⬆️⬆️.. and lower highs. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Basically, all your macro lagging indicators like moving average crosses are giving you false signals on the Daily time frames. ⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️ (Only in a clear TRENDING environment ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ do these moving averages work along with MACD, and whatever else is based on past price data) This Richard Heart guy does have a bias (time: 10:57) against TA because he is selling you on his Hex token. He's using your emotions about your failed TA experiences… and putting a "hex" on you by framing positive experiences with tokens that outperformed Bitcoin. (Side note: I'll prob sign up for his Hex token because it's free 😀)

  16. i like richard, but he never lived in a third world country with major inflation issues, so bad that the government try to fix prices and the money loses it value so quick that you need to buy everything on the market at the moment that you recieve your salary, because in the next day everything is going to be up 5%.

  17. Jesus Christ how the fk did my account auto pick this video again ?? Richard heart attack asap

  18. Vechain seems better than ethereum just sayin

  19. what about cardano? forget bitcoin and ethereum

  20. Please don't invite him again.. Thumbs down this time. Keep up the good work.

  21. hey, i get richard but 1. why is the name of his project defined as a curse?? Anyways, its hard to argue with him

  22. Disliked the video but removed it after he spoke the truth about Monero.

  23. conspiracies, no facts…

  24. When you orgasm, think of Hex. lol

  25. very good knowledge in manipulating others mr Heart, Gj

  26. @Ivan on Tech
    This is one of you best videos

  27. ERIC CARTMAN IS BACK _-> he has new money scam ! wow