Sunday , March 1 2020
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Crypto Law 2020, XRP In Australia, Ethereum 3000 TPS, Tether Raging & Bitcoin Fundamentals

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  1. At the current reward rate of 12.5 BTC per 10 minutes Bitcoin produces about 1800 BTC per day before the halving. BAKKT is now trading over 2000 BTC per day which means they are either buying or selling MORE than the entire daily production of BTC. That's JUST BAKKT. How much BTC is being bought and removed from circulation from all the other Exchanges? My conclusion? Get some BTC into your pile while you still can at these lower prices.

  2. watch thailand, in a month or a few they will officially announce they are going to be a "crypto hub of asia"… which in reality means their govt will begin to figure out what a bitcoin is and they will be open to receiving 'plain brown envelopes' under the table

  3. Take it easy dude. Your work is highly appreciated. Take a break away for a few days, enjoy yourself. You deserve it! Cheers.

  4. blockchain dont need cryptocoins. you can send coins on a decentralised private pltaform with high tps without blockchain. moonboy crypto bubble has ended

  5. Ssoo…buy bitcoin. Got it

  6. Might as well do a quick sell then rebuy to take the paper loss on taxes. Especially if you sold anything when coins were pumping during the summer.

  7. Some rest might be in order. Thanks for your hard work.

  8. We do hope you're doing well. Buck up buttercup.

  9. Yo man just take a couple days off. BTC ain't going anywhere

  10. Take it easy, friend. Even God took a day off. 😉

  11. The market is down because the CME futures contract are due to expire this Friday. This happens almost every time.

  12. Hey guys, in regards to TMI's comment about upgrading the Ethererum software, that doesn't apply to us simply storing ETH on a ledger does it?

    I'd be very appreciative to hear back from someone. Thank you very much in advance 🙏

  13. Of course your loyal viewers care about your wellbeing. Take care of yourself and get some well-deserved rest.

  14. Someone is dumping 1,000 BTC a day

  15. Don’t care about you. I listen to your videos everyday. I care about you!

  16. I got a feeling that Ethereum will be super huge in mid 2020

  17. I'm very confused about Istanbul. Ethereum themselves doesn't brag about tps for instanbul. From what I can understand is iscluded in the upgrade nothing should affect tps much? PoS and cards will, but is not included in Istanbul. Or am I missing something?!

  18. I care about your life man

  19. Oh, I'm buying and selling but I am not a whale. I'm just trying to gain just one BTC then later my 2nd and 3rd. .