Friday , December 4 2020
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Datadash and Richard Heart talk all things Bitcoin and Ethereum in Singapore

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  1. πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’š PLEASE TIP! πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ BTC – 1E5i78TkvS9gqX2FmToqXxMCs92Ui1UYRd

    00:00 Introduction / Richard VS DataDash Popularity

    01:08 Roger Ver and Faketoshi

    02:11 Rhett / Zcash / Primecoin

    02:40 Airdrops and Byteball

    03:28 New Bitcoin Maximalists

    04:52 PlusToken Ponzi

    05:55 Paper Gains / Rehypothecation / Risks

    06:18 DAI Risks

    08:11 BTC and Altcoins Pump Together

    09:16 Market Cycles / TA Is Broken

    12:55 Trading is Unproductive

    14:16 HEX Benefits

    15:43 Buying Mining Equipment VS Coins

    17:57 Mining Hardware Shenanigans

    20:30 Roger Ver / Faketoshi / Scammers

    23:29 ICO Bubbles VS Startups

    24:41 ICO Game Theory and Founder Incentives


    26:28 HEX Distribution

    26:55 Adoption Amplifier / Strategy (Trading ETH for HEX)

    28:33 Silly Whale Penalty

    28:46 Timeline and Snapshot Date

    29:42 Adoption Amplifier Game Theory

    31:17 Stakers / Share Price ONLY Goes Up

    33:20 Pumpamentals

    33:34 Howie Test

    33:39 2020 Outlook (Halvening / China / Trump / DeFi)

    35:06 HEX and Proof of Keys


    00:35:30 Managing Your Own Keys

    00:36:02 Ethereum Applications and Real-World Uses

    00:38:19 Monero Benefits

    00:38:36 XMR and ETH Mining VS Chinese Centralization

    00:40:32 BTC VS ALTS

    00:41:04 Scaling / 3X BTC Throughput

    00:44:45 Komodo

    00:45:08 No Free Claiming with ETH Explanation

    00:45:44 Oracle Problems

    00:47:28 Crypto Tradeoffs

    00:47:44 EOS Default Judgement

    00:48:51 Bitcoin Inflation / Deflation / Disinflation

    00:49:43 Crypto Freemium

    00:50:20 Crypto Marketing Budgets

    00:52:04 BTC Being the Fastest Appreciating Asset of All Time is Enough

    00:52:27 Realism

    00:52:50 Ponzi Schemes and Price

    00:53:59 Advertising and Adoption

    00:55:46 Bitcoin Improvements

    00:58:15 Bitcoin and Altcoins Pump Together

    00:58:29 Stablecoins (Tether)

    01:00:19 HEX Diplomacy

    01:01:16 Chat Insults

    01:01:47 Posture and Health

    01:02:22 Tone Vays Call Outs

    01:02:48 China Censorship


    01:04:04 DataDash Shills

    01:04:57 Richard Shills

    01:06:24 Ending

    πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’š PLEASE TIP! πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ BTC – 1E5i78TkvS9gqX2FmToqXxMCs92Ui1UYRd

  2. The US Fed = BTC marketing dept.

  3. Great video, two smart guys. Nick you are growing in the space. Hi from Ireland

  4. Your best work yet Richard. Agree with most of the comments below. More humble and less arrogance make your content more engaging. Nick makes a good partner for Crypto exchange. Do more.

  5. I want you guys to have your own weekly show, nothing dumbed down. Would be stimulating as hecks.

  6. I wanna see an eight hour deep-analysis on how many followers Richard has. Having the trouble pulling the trigger with the barrel of my FN 5-7’s in full-contact with my face. 8 hours. Let’s go πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. but will he help make HEX useful? Will he push it to merchants etc? What will HEX be for if not?

  8. Its actual, it's natural, its factual…

    Everything is a fractal

    Just like nature

    Screencap this

  9. Who the hell says Bitcoin isn't programmable? This guy is a big joke πŸ˜‚ Haven't herd of Liguid or lightning networks both are bitcoin 2nd layer solutions currently implemented and useful. Death to etherium

  10. The problem with HEX is that the only ROI that matters is the FIAT value when you come to sell. Who is going to buy my HEX bag after a year or two, and why would they do that?
    Why will there be a market for HEX?

  11. Best talk I heard from Singapore..

  12. It's probably just me (that see's this), Richard seems a bit star struck. It's nice to see this different side. Makes him more relatable.

  13. Super fun watching two of the smartest guys in the space chat. Great stuff and thank you Richard.

  14. People want stable coins because it gives them a stable base to trade against. It's easier to do and reduces risk. If you are trading relative to BTC or ETH you need to watch what they are doing as well as the coin you are trading to try predict the path. Harder but more potential for higher %.
    Just depends on which you prefer to do.

  15. Good to see you guys getting together. Poor Roger… He has good intentions towards humanity.

  16. Best video I have seen about Bitcoin and Crypto EVER!!!! Thank you so much.

  17. Richard you look great. Congratulations on your weight loss. I can't wait to get my HEX. I've been practicing/learning how to sign transactions. it's way easier than I thought

  18. Great interview.. too bad about the audio

  19. Over an hour talking bout poop…

  20. 34 min Richard called it. China news will drop Bitcoin.

  21. Richard, you climb Mount Credibility for half an hour, then at 39:55, you go and pronounce it "jif".

  22. Richard is so much more inspirational here and in a couple other videos I’ve seen when he acts more professional as opposed to his arrogant crude mannerisms. Really detracts from his message. I’m becoming a bigger fan

  23. Amazing talk, thanks for sharing !

  24. Richard approaches woman a bar: " Hi I'm Richard, I got like…50k followers…''