Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Ethereum Infinite Scaling, Bakkt Custody, Capital Controls & Bitcoin Price Bottom

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  1. Island nations with "small" populations that are struggling, should buy for & custody 1 BTC per citizen now & be financially stable in 10years 🙂

  2. (Thank you TMI for honest reporting)
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    [Thanks community for your input.]


  4. 1000x < Infinity. Just saying. And it's off chain. Someone is bad at math.

  5. Most Swiss gold bars are traced back to illegal gold mines in Africa and South America … Look up "Blood Gold" and see for yourself.

  6. cashless, centralized authoritarian CBDC only and instant tax deductions on PRESUMED amt due. Use physical cash and you're deemed a criminal. hopefully the countries and banks will blow them before they can achieve this.

  7. Ethereum infinite scaling. Ahahaa…

  8. Ofcourse btc didn't reach bottom yet ! The things just started and we are in the bear market now… we are below 200dma and thats a strong indicator for that. We will easily go down by another 50% or even more… so I am still waiting to get some more btcs for really low price ( under 5k )

  9. once those monetary controls come to fruition people will rush toward decentralized and/or anonymous crypto assets and decentralized cryptocurrencies exchanges

  10. I recently started investing in BTC, I am trying to follow the most important news on everything that's happening right now. Do you maybe have suggestions to watch or some twitter accounts I could follow for the most recent and important news? Thanks!

  11. “Which one of your friends of laundered gold “ lmao hmmm🧐

  12. 22:22 Love. The. Pregnant. Pauses. Learn, Earn, Don’t……. Get…… Burned

  13. Etherum question? Did you take this code from other blockchains or did you develop this on your own?? hmmm

  14. yea that gold joke is def at the top of your funny list hahaha!

  15. You said that November is a good month for Bitcoin, what about November 2018???? How about 50% drop? Is it "good"??

  16. Why would you give bakkt your btc lol there’s already nano ledger 😂 biggest scam on earth right now.

  17. My uncle… but he was a”pirate”… The Queen gave him papers though… the gold thing

  18. Omg !!!! Could you ppppppppppppppllllllllllssssssss speak English wwwwwwwwiiiiiiitttttttthhhhhhhhhooooooouuuuuttttttttt stretching your wordssssssssssssssssss – are your just trying to make your video longer or are you on special K -if you can’t speak DON’T!!!

  19. TMI…you often refer to "rich" people…can you please tell us in dollars what that means…Also if you hold BTC say more than 10…does that make one "rich"?? Just curious….

  20. Marketplace Coins…The easy of taxes on individual marketplace “walled garden “ is a plus!!???

  21. 12 days of Coinbase coming soon. Woo-hoo! 😂🤣😀

  22. I recently did a subscription cull… you made the cut. Thanks for your work and Insights also your Time.. thank you

  23. Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang 😂

  24. I see no reason for crypto’s to go up or down. Maybe in 5 or 10 years one or more coins will be higher. Buy top ten coins each year in equal amounts after selling any that have fallen out. 😄😄😄

  25. i'd never trust sending my bitcoin on a second layer. There's so many bad things that could happen :-O

  26. When a government outlaws cash it is seeking to control and monitor your life. We must never allow it. Blockchain, with bitcoin leading the charge, should become the new gold standard, a form of real value. Connecting our prosperity, through a digital network has the potential to create a revolution that leaves an incredible legacy….

  27. Dude… it's pronounced BIT-THUMB, even their logo looks like a thumb. When you say BIT-HUMB… it triggers me.

  28. Love your content but the whole rich people thing is getting old. We’re all going to be rich if were in crypto why do you divide people based on their wealth?

  29. Bit Thumb. It's Bit Thumb. The Korean is 빗썸, which is a transliteration of Bit Thumb into the Korean alphabet.