Friday , December 4 2020
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Bitcoin Futures Record, Bitcoin In China, Ethereum Is Hopeful & Cardano Incentivized Staking

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  1. BTC is not outlawed in China. They can purchase over the counter and hold, but can’t trade! They realize the wealth building potential…

  2. Good morning my fellow early adopters…🌞☕😎

    Good morning TMI…💻🔄📱📺📡🔏🏆

  3. hey love the channel man can you post a link to that weird Chinese bitcoin pdf ??

  4. Every Country since the beginning of Governments had and practiced has it’s main objective to “control” it’s citizens.Stop scapegoating China! All countries practice this.The smarter ones are the ones that convinces us that they are not doing any such thing.

  5. Joe Lubin seems to have lost his god dam mind.

  6. 4:45 awesome job not repeating your stumble. Keep trying.

  7. NEW ADDITION 11/11/19
    (Thank you TMI for honest reporting)
    Equip: 1 bottle o' booze [(please be careful)].
                1 shot glass per person.
                1 beer per person.
    Take 1 shot   – "Hello Everybody"
    Take A sip     – "Welcome Back"
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    Take A sip     – "Yadda Yadda Yadda"
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    Take A sip     – "W/out Further Ado"
    Take 3 shots – "W/out Further Ado Doo"
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    Take 1 shot   – "Whatever the Case Might Be"
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    Take 1 shot   –  "I Mean, To Be Fair" 
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    [Thanks community for your input.]

  8. How can you not have cardano and have kin? 😂😂

  9. Bakkt is gonna set new records every week ,we gotta get use to it. but the higher record they set btc goes down. Am i the only one seeing this???

  10. Oligarchs

  11. Ripple is working with Peru and Chile. I thinkoOne of the largest banks in Peru is set to use XRP.

  12. ADA is a no brainer brother. Just buy a bag and stake it in the wallet. Set it and forget it. Like u said all these shit coins can go to zero.

  13. Your voice goes from right to left only then back.

  14. hahaha you're "pbthhtht" to ETH 3.0 is priceless…… so true… i was with you last winter.

  15. NEVER is the worst time to buy 😎❤👍!!!

  16. Is the last of the Mt GOX bitcoin having an impact on the price?

  17. It's like people forgot BTC was around $3k earlier this year. Everyone has a short term memory

  18. There are too many ignorant greedy people in the crypto space without a shred of Blockchain knowledge. Do they know how difficult a Project like Cardano for instance is. Patience will pay 💰 ADA, XRP, BTC, LTC, VET, ETH & maybe DGB for the win..

  19. yes you do have ada hahaha your expectation is it should hit a $1

  20. Bakkt is not legit thier just like cme contracts they wont even disclose the wallet they use to hold all the btc

  21. I agree with you 100% but I still think this is bullish for bitcoin. It’s becoming a house hold word.. and even if chinas just blowing smoke it’s a subtle green light to smaller countries.

  22. Gigantic sea animals?…. whale-bears? A cousin of the mystical creature the owl-bear.

  23. China loves Technology Wallets. They don't transact in currency or Debit cards anymore. It is all in the phone. They are ripe and ready for Bitcoin.

  24. Cardano looking good now. Taken their time but all coming good 👍

  25. Tomorrow new relisting Coinmarketcap. Your thouhgts??

  26. Ripple is already working in Africa with exchange and liquidity provider Xago.🙂

  27. when Shelly it will be no moon and no lambo for ada holders

  28. WOW I could only listen to 9 mins before you lost me with your rambling.

  29. "Is that Bactria? oh no it's Pizza" -TMA

  30. "All horses ahead, full strength ahead, all horses go!" -TMA

  31. Tinfoil hat: China's playing the long game. Get their population into Bitcoin. Develop a china exchange. CCP says "this exchange is the only place where you can keep your bitcoin, or else". Strong arm the exchange and take all the bitcoin away from their people. Some folks will have their own keys, but most will have their coins on china exchange.

  32. Lol I was trying to get my friend into crypto we finally sat down opened him an account and funded it……lol then BTC dropped 3% …he texted me about it I replied "welcome to the exciting world of crypto!"

  33. looking for the coolest way of making money through bitcoins ? just contact +1(863)3362567 he delivers perfectly

  34. Cardano's testnet snapshot going to be in November (in a few HOURS actually) — mainnet right after. ADA will rule!

  35. Why in the world would anyone care about short term Bitcoin gain ? Just hold it man. Go with your days. When it’s very very very high sell it. Personally I wouldn’t sell because Bitcoin is so precious. Only 21 million in the world.

  36. So you gone play like you don't see the moves Vechain is making?

  37. 26:06 Automatic Trading bots FTW! I’m a bot. We train people about trading bots. We host trading bots and sell trading bots. Trading Bots R US. Learn, Earn, Don’t Get Burned

  38. China doesn't censor everything explicitly, they self censor, so the paper writes what they think the leadership wants them to write, that article was probably not screened in advance. They flipped the narrative, so everything negative about crypto is now bad (you can't call it a scam, even if it IS a scam), and everything crypto, including Bitcoin, is good. Its a normal part of the novel 1984, where command suddenly changes the present, and also changes the past. to reflect the new reality, and goes back and edits everything to reflect the new normal. China is very eager to be the new center of tech, and not just copy everyone else and jump in late, as they have before. They will probably support crypto for the foreseeable future, unless they decide that they have lost too much control, then they may pull back. IMO, healthy skepticism and careful management is best, but China at least appears to be going all in on crypto, so we will see if that is the winning move or not. It could very well be a winner, and Bitcoin could become a world wide mania. I think this is likely.

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