Monday , November 30 2020
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Ethereum Update Confirmed, New Binance Coins, EOS Unfrozen & TRON + Warren Buffet

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  1. Ethereum 2.0 hype starting soon.. get extra bags and enjoy a ride 🚀🚀🚀

  2. Tron and EOS need to die out before crypto will really thrive. Both are centralized doodoo.

  3. Xrp will go up when the companies using it for faster payments finish their stockpiles and finish the 10's of billions they buy OTC….so like 2025.

  4. im done with eos, honestly hung in there as long as i could, but this is shite

  5. The reason many nations will create digital currencies, is to be able to monitor all the sales and purchases and collect taxes. Eventually those buying crypto will have to use the digital currency of the country they live in..

  6. Re idiot comments, if U have to wear that moniker, then I must consider U my most favorite "idiot"!!! I always start my day with TMI and I am a better person for it.

  7. That is interesting speculation about Justin Sun. Always a mystery around that guy. Keeps the headlines coming. Learn, Earn, Don’t Get Burned

  8. TMI…you are NOT an idiot

  9. There’s to much EOS haters.😒

  10. Now, did EOS block lock or just slow down heavily?

  11. Did you disagree with the charitable cause Sun's money went to? He didn't pay Buffet for lunch. It was a charitable donation (silent auction at a fundraiser).

  12. Turkey is not in Europe!!

  13. I was on the EOS boat but got off right before the Voice announcement. A few channels were saying it would be a social app. Do hope they get it together

  14. I met this girl from Turkey while on vacation at Lake Erie this summer. She was in a student work program here in the states working as a waitress. The girl not only knew all about blockchain and Bitcoin but was a hard worker. Freaking hot too all the American girls were jealous you could tell 😂

  15. Turkey is best with crypto real estate..

  16. Binance US is very low liquidity right now and not nearly as important as platform

  17. I would like to see a TMI xrp video ,
    I can’t understand why you are so bullish.
    How can xrp be a good investment when the circulation supply increases at the rate it does , and the fact ripple technology can work and be very profitable without using xrp

  18. Maybe Andreas Antonopoulos is the Bitcoin Time Traveller! 😂

  19. "its my hand, I scared myself" lol. I'd love to hangout with you for an evening!

  20. silver is the most undervalued asset available. The amount of investment silver for the public is extremely small. Buy while you can.

  21. Warren buffet will die before Justin sun has dinner with him…

  22. Loving this drastic chang of attitude I have undertaken…. Excited for btc and the future

  23. the "s-word" is satoshi

  24. Any coverage of xrp smart contracts?

  25. Love your videos, to be fair I think the lunch was a charity donation contest so the money didn't get pocketed by buffet.

  26. Will there be new coins with the Istanbul hard fork?

  27. What about VTHO? Vet's gas.

  28. Facebook is the largest user base on the planet!!!! If it’s cool on Facebook it wins!!!!!!! That scared every bank and government… why does this surprise anyone????

  29. Why does any of this have to be evil or bad??? Adoption is financially practical and healthy … let’s look on the bright side and move ahead… all involved are waiting for the big boys and that seems it’s around any second… governments wanting some control is normal…

  30. Verry proud to be one of the followers!!!

  31. Decentraland is going to be the start of an awesome movement in crypto. Curious of what new worlds we will see and if Blizzard or other big names will get in on it

  32. 18:21 😀 <3
    I am more and more into TA, but keep watching your channel due to your enthusiastic bullish attitude.
    Well done again TMI.

  33. I’ll just stick too btc eth ltc xrp link fuck a government coin I bet they can see our transactions but not let us see theirs I’m good

    Don’t be a sheep and fall for it……

  34. Dude some of us knew about the EOS thing. The CPU power deficit was causing problems. I doubt there was any sort of conspiracy. However i guess it's a good thing coz that would make you one of the early people to report about it. Otherwise keep up the good one bro

  35. My math has Buffett eating lunch 350 times a year. That is 1.5 billion a year at 4.5 million per day. No wonder he's one of the richest people in the world.

  36. I'm not fond of the upcoming ETH update. I'd rather change all my eth on changelly till December, and I hope the price will a bit increase before the update.

  37. I don’t want to “transact” in bitcoin. I want btc to be digital gold! I want to trade my btc for the trashy stable coins that can do do my day to day transactions. Those trashy stable coins are really fast with transactions! Overall I want crypto mass adoption and bitcoin to be the highest financial commodity on this planet.

  38. will government crypto be convertable into bitcoin directly i wonder ? probably not

  39. Did the Warren buffet lunch money go to a charity?

  40. 4:14 but Coinbase doesn't have my social # tho.

  41. I hope everyone took advantage of this weekends (at the time I posted this comment) $BTC dump to load up 😉

  42. Do you ever get the feeling we've missed the boat. Ive lowered my average for everything but…. Tokens booming like 2017 was maybe a one off.

  43. very informative one as usual. thanks. About Ethereum, any major price movement to be expected before or after the 4th of decembre?

  44. Still on about 4.5 million to a charity that fights homelessness and addiction in Addition to bringing more attention to your project on a global scale being a bad thing. Tmi only initially viewed it as bad because his personal feelings towards justin sun. Yea hes a bit of an ass but you can't twist that as bad whether china allows it or not.