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How Many Ethereum (ETH) Should You Own?

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three Methods Staking Will Upend the Economics of Ethereum

What’s Staking? Ethereum’s Substitute for Mining


Max Keiser: China secretly hoarding gold and can unleash crypto backed by metallic and destroy USD

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  1. how come i cant comment on mobile/cell, weird or is it that way from yt…

    so the % we get, is it ~10% of the eth, or eth at usd value that we staked at, or ~10% of what eth is at time of being remunerated at EOY, so if eth is 2000, staked 32 eth, do we get ~10% of 64K that eth is worth that day. or what we staked eth at back year/s prior? or is it 10% of how ever many eth we have staked, so maybe looks like: 32eth staked, received 3.2 eth at EOY?? no matter what its usd value is ??

  2. Guys whats some of the better eth wallets to use?

  3. You might as well invest in bonds

  4. If you stake eth and the price increases does the staked ethereum increase the return or is it solely based on the amount of eth?

  5. I don't like the idea of staking.

  6. Max Keiser is a fool. When China lets third party auditing of their gold, let me know. He rants about Western bank obfuscation but can't bring himself to say that China is much more of an inflated bubble? I like his BTC stance, but Keiser is a fuckwit otherwise.

  7. What happens if you only stake eth for 11 months?

  8. China fed up playing second fiddle to US they will be super power number 1

  9. China fed up playing second fiddle to US they will be super power number 1

  10. A crypto does not need backing with anything, it is designed, by default to not allow the printing of more crypto.
    That BTC you're holding, do you have any fear that that the network has issued a duplicate of what you're holding, to someone else, of course not, that's impossible.
    Do we need to back BTC by gold to ensure honesty and that no one can print more,
    of course not.
    Cryptocurrencies, do not need backing by Gold.

  11. Do not ignore BITCOIN. It is changing the monetary system around the world.

  12. I'm guessing there will be staking websites so you don't need 32 Eth,
    and you may not need to keep your computer on 24/7

  13. Was that guy max wearing a XRP shirt lol

  14. 100 ETH is my goal before 2021. That’s enough to grow my family’s wealth and live of my staking returns the rest of my life. I based that on a minimum price of $5k per ETH from 2022 onwards and an interest of 5% interest on my holding position.

  15. Stratis will demolish Ethereum. Learn what dotnet means

  16. its not worth owning any crypto its all about to become ilegal FACT.

  17. So what are the actual consequences of the dollar going to zero? Would it just be a seamless transition to the Chinese Yuan (by seamless I mean just my cash, which I don't keep much of, goes to 0), or does this mean stocks become worthless too? Also maybe this is McAfee's angle when he says there will be a 2M dollar Bitcoin?

  18. max what is your source? Max ignored the question.

  19. This is a good video, I wish we could weed out weak hands and FUD to squash market manipulation or at least reduce it greatly.

  20. that math was bad, 10% of 5200 isnt 5500

  21. Are we in stage 3 then??????

  22. Will the hard fork produce two separate coins?

  23. Monero is the only true Crypto.

  24. Shouldn't the gold value drop right away when China goes through with their roll out? Meaning Bitcoin is going to be realized to be more valuable than gold by many.

  25. Wow, thank you so much this video is one of the best i've watched, i learned a lot from this video, i appreciate your work and effort!

  26. One thing is sure. All present cryptocurrencies based on proof of work that are ASIC minable are Chinese cryptocurrencies. Chinese ASICs, Chinese minig farms, Chinese mining pools. Even Monero is more secure than Bitcoin.. and Monero is not secure at all. The only possible answer is… proof of stake. The only way proof of work could help decentralization is through stratum V2 protocol instead of the current V1, but the fact stratum V2 has been developed is per se the proof PoW is completly wrong from all perspectives.

  27. UutidytķUidejkkijhzt8yu9

  28. Do can a get a month when ETH 2.0 is taking place? Also can you accumulate the 32 ETH after this even takes place?

  29. As many as you can afford. What a stupid question.

  30. So, if I simply hold at least 32 Ethereum in my Ledger Nano S, without doing anything, I'll receive 4.6% to 10.3% annual interest in the form of additional Ethereum?

  31. Have been following Kaiser report for long time.

    Yes Max is somewhat narcissistic, partly because he's very smart.
    I wouldn't discount anything he says. He's far too well connected.

    I'm waiting for his announcements to be confirmed!

  32. I use to have 1.25 and i sold it when price was 187.5 and i saw that price cannot go that high, and so, i sold out. For now is fine, ever price can go up to 200, is not to late to buy and so…. iam ok. I dont know how to get proof of stake ! reply if u wanna make that clear, ty

  33. How Many Ethereum (ETH) Should You Own?

  34. One, the real question is how many EOS should you own?!

  35. Are we getting new coins????