Tuesday , October 27 2020
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How To Find The Next Ethereum?

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  1. Can you do a review on RLC? Many say it will pull a link type of run, it’s already running pretty hard rn

  2. Ethereum 2 is coming soon, but IOTA has amazing potential with its Shimmer but of course it is untried and untested.

  3. its wick or wicks… not wickses

  4. Don't sleep on Chainlink guys, it is a technical breakthough for our ecosystem. i could not agree more with Nick that it will explode just like eth unexpectedly

  5. Having a tough time deciding between Cardano and Tezos. Ethereum’s tech debt will be its demise.

  6. First time, first subscribe and first Like. Tnx

  7. Chainlink didn't even start staking yet when they annouce staking it's most likely going to $10 as new ath dont miss the boat

  8. Yep, you def picked a winner ie Chainlink, well done👍
    Reckon it can go $200-$300 in 20/21

  9. RLC +40%
    PPT +35% ?
    XAUR +30% ??
    ZRX ???
    (Most Ethereum Tokens only have 17,000 Addresses of Holders)

  10. The next eth is quant network (qnt)

  11. Chainlink is the next Ethereum, the only token that actually has a real use cases and is working with serious companies like Google and Intel. I agree that Brave and the decentralized web is a good idea, but why do you need an extra token for that?

  12. give it TIME bro over the next month by December i bet it goes back to 20k

  13. I think that $DUSK also looks very promising

  14. I have been saying Link is the Eth of 2017! Since 2018!
    Link is massive!
    Rlc is massive!
    Huge partnerships

  15. Are we seriously going to ignore the fact that Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of ethereum, launched Cardano in September of 2017? ADA (the token) offers all of the benefits of Ethereum, as well as many others. Cardano offers a platform for Dapps and smart contracts, like Ethereum before it. Beyond that, ADA aims to solve some of the most pressing problems plaguing cryptocurrencies everywhere, including interoperability and scalability.
    Cardano also hopes to tackle issues related to international payments, which are typically both timely and expensive.

    Thanks to its focus on this area, ADA was able to take international payment processing times from days down to just seconds.
    As of February 9, 2019, Cardano had a market cap of $1.16 billion and a per token value of $0.041.

  16. Thank you from another macro investor. wasn't EOS meant to be the ETH killer? I'm showing my age….

  17. Already did. It's called Nexus. Tritium release the 5th of November is going to make ETH and BTC a joke! Distributive Ledger technology is about change forever! I suggest you reasearch this DataDash!
    Stay tuned!

  18. As an equity what about SPLUNK:

  19. Is that Datadash's portfolio in the etoro plug? Glad to see he's hit the 6.15 mark…

  20. Chainlink bud its cooming

  21. Nick, why do you average in below 35%, if you agree with "you don't catch falling knives" ? We should wait for proper signs of recovery.

  22. All of Crypto will got to shit everything is a scam including BTC.

    The only one that will survive is BSV.

  23. I ran into the Moonboy channel.

  24. enjoying your contents, perhaps we can meet at WCC

  25. Yes – Amazon may indeed (if they haven't already done so) turn to LINK, especially since they just got sucker-punched, losing the massive JEDI (yes, it's really called that) govt. cloud-computing contract to Microsoft: https://www.businessinsider.com/amazon-web-services-microsoft-jedi-win-2019-10/

  26. Chainlink is massively overvalued in the short term. It's a good project, don't get me wrong, but many investors don't understand its tokenomic model and there's no fundamental reason why it should have a market cap of 1 billion dollars at this point… As just one example of something that might not be massively overvalued and have a ton of potential, Quant has an equally crucial use case and list of partners in my opinion, and has a market cap of 70 million. I'm not a financial adviser, but I'd be looking for at least a 60% pullback on LINK.

  27. What pair are you trading with Chainlink because over the past six months Link-BTC seems to have doubled returns compares to Link-usd. Great vid by the way . Good luck with the start up!

  28. I can't believe no one is looking at Kyber Network. Next bull market is going to bring ridiculous profits.

  29. Find a novel idea that the market also likes. Chainlink is my play.

  30. The next ETH can be only ETH. They have good skilled team and world wide awareness and reach.

  31. In a bear market you buy the coins outperforming the market. In a bull market you sell when literal confirmed scams are mooning or when likely scams are getting hundreds of millions in start up funds. Get ready guys. Chainlink will have another 200x in price over the next 3 years.

  32. Can you get rid of this idiot below this message so no one contact them pls?

  33. I cannot stand this guy. This entire video was garbage – datadash just promoting false premises and over analyzing subtle details …ooowee bitcoin $7.4K who gives a fuck? It’s whatever the whales want to dump it to.. fuck you and your “resistance”. I don’t think you know the meaning of the word. Datadash is a FOMO artist consistently pandering FOMO to his stupid subscribers. Such a stupid fucking video!

  34. Well, Chinese Altcoins sprint upwards, but retrace from 24-Hour highs so be careful projects fail is the lack of products that the market needs. In reality more than 90% of crypto projects' founders have never thought about turning their idea into business. Good example VeChain on the other hand, promised the moon and delivered a bag of hot air. Their mainnet launched one year ago, and has collectively burned a few thousand dollars worth of VTHO. Presumably, most of the monumental "partnerships" such as Chinese Tobacco, LogSafe, etc, from whom we've heard nothing in over a year, have entirely fizzled out. VeChain has employed numerous marketing hypesters like Coca Cola Kid, who did nothing but inflate the price, taking millions of dollars from noob investors, and redistributing it to whales and the vechain foundation.
    Their "big partnerships" are nothing but a small POC with a little department in that large corporation & fail to contribute to price token . I believe it will take awhile before any altcoin overtake ETH

  35. What gold and silver mining stocks do people like?

  36. Can one still trade Binance if in USA? I thought not.

  37. High Performance Blockchain (HPB), will easily pull an Ethereum or EOS. One of China's leading blockchain projects.

  38. Can you review Insolar please ?