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ETHEREUM Proof of Stake Is Near! BITCOIN Flippening Too?

Ethereum Proof of Stake is coming and the Ether Stakes have been RAISED! Are you ready for the proof of stake beacon chain launch? As we speak, we dive into the necessities for Ethereum staking: Full Ethereum node setup, what number of Eth, and the necessities. Will their be choices for individuals who need to stake, however don’t need to run a node? Sure, and this comes from Rocketpool. Ethereum to flip Bitcoin? This launch goes to determine that!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction:
00:48 Ethereum Proof of Stake Is Coming!
01:03 Ethereum Istanbul Hardfork
01:55 Ropsten Testnet Chainsplit Due To Instanbul Improve
02:58 The Launch of The Beacon Proof of Stake Chain
03:28 Eth2 Proof of Stake Purchasers Interoperate
03:52 How To Put together For Ethereum Staking: Get 32 Ethereum
04:07 How To Put together For Ethereum Staking: Play With Staking Testnet
04:34 How To Put together For Ethereum Staking: Run A Full Ethereum Node on Ethereum Mainnet
04:58 Making certain Your Nodes Uptime: What Is Acceptable Uptime?
05:45 Shifting Your Ethereum Node to The Cloud?
06:21 Necessities for a Eth Staking Node
06:54 How To Stake if You Do not Need To Run A Node? Staking Swimming pools
07:39 Decentralized Ethereum Staking Pool: RocketPool
08:23 The RocketPool Token $RPL
09:09 Concluding Ideas
09:39 Outro

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  5. Hi Chico Could you discuss what will happen to our current etherium holdings and if we need to do anything after the proof of state 2.0 takes over and maybe dumb it down for your listeners.

    Thank you and stay awesome

  6. SO much hate against the Proof Of Stake algo – I wonder if ETH will change some peoples minds on that when they launch their 2.0 version. I'm sure Ethereum will do very well – But so will a lot of other projects, including a project like Blocknet, which is the industry leader on decentralized trading solutions. Their DEX was the first on the market, and while it's still in ongoing development, I'm sure it will do extremely well, moving forward.

  7. Only guy i believe, chicooooo 🙏🙏🙏

  8. love it when you update us the journey of Ethereum it's future! 🙂

  9. yo Bro I am a miner have been since early 2016, Us miners stick together on a lot of things, one being this fork, at its current prices we could lose money mining ETH when it forks, miners put there hardware on ETH network to make money not lose it, until Ethereum actually dose something to solve that issue you will not see adoption of the new fork from small miners that use both GPU's and ASIC hardware, We have told Ethereum Team over and over we will not support this fork till they solve this issue, the Etherum team thought they could say hell with the little miner, there are large Centralized mining business's out there that will support the new fork we don't need the little miner that keeps our network decentralized, Big mistake and we showed the power of true decentralization by refusing to change to the new algo on the testnet. If Ethereum dose not address this issue and push's towards the more centralized controlled upcoming fork, well it will get bloody, and look for a new Ethereum network forked off by force by the every day decentralized miners. And I would not doubt one bit a lot of the D app's on the current ETH network will follow.

  10. Rocketpool looks really exciting – I just tried to connect my ledger via the metamask extension via Brave nightly but not having any luck – any one else manged to successfully connect and stake the ethereum on their ledger to rocketpool?

  11. ethereum to rare way too soon…

  12. Insightful video. Thanks for the links dude.

  13. Mmmmm, bacon chain. Delicious.

  14. I have to acknowledge good, information-centred work when I see it, this is good work.

  15. NEO3 will kill them all

  16. The chances of winning the base reward depend on the amount the miner has staked in the blockchain. It works on the basic principle that the more coins you stake the more you are incentivized to ensure the safety and security of the blockchain. 
    It also gives more people access to the mining process. It has been considered greener and more decentralized. All these factors have a positive impact on the price of ETH. In comparison like VeChain on the other hand, promised the moon and delivered a bag of
    hot air. Their mainnet launched one year ago, and has collectively burned a few thousand dollars worth of VTHO. Presumably, most of the monumental "partnerships" such as Chinese Tobacco, LogSafe, etc, from whom we've heard nothing in over a year, have entirely fizzled out.
     These "big partnerships" with Walmart are nothing but a small POC with a little department in that large corporation & fail to contribute to the token price . I've seen too many of those kinds of announcements to really bother about them anymore.

  17. Hey bro, what exchange do you recommend? Looking for security, access to most coins, and inexpensive fees.

  18. Can't wait hackers to steal all your ether …thats not CARDANO… Never will be…

  19. Look into Quant and Energi and tell us what's cooking. Will ya? If you do it well I might like you.

  20. Just wna pop in and say thank you Chico. You do amazing work and we appreciate your research. Cheers man.

  21. So basically an Ethereum-based Lightning Network imitation.

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    " bla..bla..bla..bla..bla..bla..bla..bla……

  23. so where is the guide on running a full node you mentioned was gonna be linked? cant find it in the description

  24. Sorry for the noob question, but can anyone tell me if the rewards change over time? Let's say I stake a specific amount of ETH and my reward is 1 ETH per year. After 5 years of staking that exact amount, will I still earn 1 ETH per year? Or will I earn more/less?

  25. For someone with such a bro-dude appearance you have very informative content.👍

  26. Why not have the staking in the wallet like NEO and ARK has?

  27. facts: cardano staking runs off a $5 PC that consumes 5w of power which can handle a pool of 1 to a billion ADA, theres no minimum ADA requirement, is more secure than eth 2.0 (50% vs 33%) and on top of all those benefits staking doesn't lock your ADA and you don't have to send ADA to anyone when you delegate to another pool, you simply notify the blockchain which pool you delegate to rather than sending it.. these are all major advancements on eth verson of PoS, all of these advancements will encourage far greater decentralisation too

    ethereum 2.0, which wont be out for a couple of years still, is significantly inferior to cardanos pioneering solution… this is the benefit of peer review.. you figure out and address all the compromises before building the solution

  28. Tyler your channel is
    Hello Tyler, thank you for this video, very clear and well explained in depth. Your channel is unique in the world of cryptos on youtube