Friday , December 4 2020
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Why Ethereum will Succeed! Must watch! SEC stops Telegram!

Many individuals query whether or not Ethereum will succeed!
Watch this and make your individual choice!
This can be a should watch
TELEGRAM STOPPED BY IRS – Will they offer the SEC the finger!

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  1. you promised you wouldn't censor my answer and you left it out of the video. :-b

  2. New wave of scam coins coming….Libra forks!

  3. “ Imagine a world where #eosio can implement parallel smart contracts execution without devs having to change their contracts. Imagine network CPU increases of 8-16x. All before eth2” – Dan Larimer

  4. lol @ bitcoincash and roger ver lol

  5. 3:45 Is that a Gilfoyle cosplay?

  6. I just found big news: The Privacy Coin, Zcash makes an entrance into Ethereum’s Decentralized Finance Community:

  7. Fraudster interviewed @ 26:37.

  8. LOL, you were pumping Ethereum competitors last bull run, terrible, terrible, terrible crypto analyst!

  9. The Mashinsky Minute is a keeper.

  10. BULLSHIT! Digibyte has the most Decentralized system now then BTC more then ETH and it appears to be very very organized. It's the combo of bitcoin and ETH with smart contracts with Digiassets

  11. This was my fear of ETHs position right now and this man has verified it for me. I was worried why so many corporations would pick a horse who is technically limited, full of bugs, and unscalable without creating even more bugs? Why would they pick a technically unsuperior project to run something as important as our financial systems? Anyone else see the pattern I am? It's because it IS CENTRALIZED AND HAS VIOLATED SATOSHI'S WHITE PAPER. A CENTRALIZED BLOCKCHAIN ISN'T A BLOCKCHAIN AT ALL FOLKS ITS NO DIFFERENT THEN HAVING A ACCOUNTANT WHO ONLY RECORDS WHAT THEY CHOOSE TO RECORD WHICH IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT BLOCKCHAIN IS SUPPOSED TO BE. ETH IS NOW A SHAM ITS CORRUPT ITS COMPLETELY UNRELIABLE IF CENTRALIZED IT CAN'T BE TRUSTLESS

  12. A technocracy? Ohhhh you mean like Facebook and Google? So next your going to be telling us how to vote and if not you will MUTE OUR TRANSACTIONS HUH? You all should be freaking out about this. No problem with centralization meanwhile all the corrupt corps picking this horse to win and the horse isn't the fastest or even the best it doesn't make sense to me feels like a set up

  13. A little birdy told me Mr. Hudson is in bed w Kristy and Nvidia on that little prog pow job. Wonder how eth holders would feel about him spearheading the addition of nvidia proprietary code into eth?👀

  14. Ran just walking away from people without letting them know the interview is over and leaving them confused af. LOL

  15. I honestly need ethereum to succeed. Especially due to my matic bag

  16. He certainly is a weirdo that Vitalik .Super intelligent but very weird

  17. absolutely not ether is the best coin

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  19. I turned off after roger ver… lol

  20. Blah Blah Blah Blah… when moon??!

  21. Is roger ver gay?…he has a prissy voice😁
    The machinsky guy isnt offering great interest rates on crypto. He says its better than bank rates. But bank rates are pathetic. Celsius rates are just 'ok' not great😒
    Ethereum is top shelf, EOS is cheap😊

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  23. How many more times do we have to see Roger Ver promoting his bcash shitcoin??? Will this nightmare never end!?! Make a disclosure pls, how much he payed for this short screentime, lol

  24. Can't listen to Mashinsky anymore. Why not interviewing instead? It's a much better project than Celsius… or is he paying so well for this ridiculous minute? lol

  25. Thank you, it was very informative and interesting to watch. In your opinion, what are the best ways to buy ethereum apart from changelly and shapeshift?

  26. Please donation ETH 0x8bc1fa2423bb99e7a3946d98bbe1ec1db28e5a54

  27. Guys just got a big mouth😂

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  29. Almost every plane can fly… at least for a while. Good luck you all.

  30. IOST is growing so fast…isn't ethereum losing to other blockchain who already solved scalability and decentralization

  31. Why I’ve iCal’d this video.

  32. Roger Ver reminds me of Jim Carey in a way. Like he's got a funny joke to tell and on the verge of laughing lol

  33. Simple: Buy Eos. Reassess ETH a year from now

  34. I'm really starting to doubt Ethereum and what it REALLY is… It even has a shady past with the pre-mine where Vitalik became rich, AND even has a shady present; we keep getting the ol' "Checks in the mail" when it comes to staking and all the other new advancements… It even has a shady future too, because they refuse to cap the amount of coins. It's starting to resemble the current fiat system in so many ways. I'm starting to think there may be a fundamental flaw somewhere that is keeping them from making good on these changes and updates. Rather than really giving a clear picture of what's going on they keep just keep saying "it's being worked on" and provide no real insight. I know they have solidified themselves as #2, but tech does age and get replaced especially when it's not developed… 2021 or possibly 2022 for main-net… fuck man really, they've been pushing this shit off for like a year now.. and still no end in sight. This might go history as the greatest wealth transfers of the shitcoin era.

  35. Four comments: 1) OpenLibra would be way more interesting as a currency basket than as a stablecoin imo. 2) I did not hear a single actual use case for ETH mentioned in the entire video. Not to say there isn't one, but none were offered. "making shitcoins" is not a strong use case imo. 3) Any project that embraces KYC/AML (which is actually an attempted malware infection by the global banking establishment), will fail. 4) If you are centralized you will be censored…and destroyed. That's because the current global order is predicated on the top oligarchs of this planet mining our labor and our lives for profit. And these (((people))) will not give up their system without a complete upheaval of the planetary order. The "Swiss Bank in your pocket" is one of the most dangerous weapons for Liberty ever conceived.

  36. Roger: "Shills btrash"
    Ran (28:33): "but seriously speaking, what [real] projects excite you?"
    Roger: "DAI"

  37. Crypto traders mostly just suck money out of the market and hand it over to the IRS. Hodlers are starting to get tired of propping you people up.

  38. Not really feeling the FUD..

  39. So a lot of Ethereum developer poaching going on it seems!

  40. I really hope ETH will pump. And BMC as well