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BITCOINs Next Bull Run Will Be Sparked by ETHEREUM DeFi

Bitcoin Bull Runs at all times come from a technological spark. In 2017 it was Ethereum and the ERC20 token contract. The Next Crypto Bull Run will start with liquidity from Bitcoin, however this time the technological spark that can deliver parabolic worth actions will come from ETHEREUM DeFi! Tune in as Chico Crypto breaks this down, and shines some mild into two excessive potential Decentralized Finance tasks and protocols!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction-Who Do Yo You Love?
00:45 Why I Love Ethereum DeFi-Next Bull Run Will Kick Off As a result of Of It!
01:58 Ethereum Controls Decentralized Finance-Comparability With Different Blockchains
03:35 Ethereum DeFi Is Talking The Enterprise and Institutional Language
04:05 The Objective of The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)
04:22 EEA Making Waves At Ethereum Devcon 5
05:05 Up to date EEA Specs and Purchasers & The Devcon Discuss
06:33 Diving Into The EEA Off Chain Trusted Compute Specification
07:44 The Connection To HyperLedger Avalon
08:18 Chainlink $LINK Connection To Trusted Compute Framework
10:18 iExecs $RLC Connection To The Trusted Compute Framework
12:54 Outro


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  1. Or something that will actually be scalable, Cardano.

  2. Chico, what did you do in university? You seem to love researching. Law school? Or mba?
    Smart switch to crypto content creator. You're your own boss

  3. Chico! Say, "Con-sor-shee-um"
    Love your channel bro.

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  5. I Made 80% Profits from chainlink $link coin in less than 20 days

  6. Yeah….!!!!👍🏼👍🏼💪🏻💪🏻….thx..!!!!

  7. Ethereum will exceed it's all time high before 2023…

  8. Consortum or consortium

  9. Ignore the haters. Love your videos even as I ada hodlr I rather hear the bad news then have smoke blown up my ass. Your research is on point great content 👍

  10. Great content as always Tyler

  11. awesome content dude thank you!! will share on my twitter

  12. For those confused by this: basically chain link and iexec and eth have some really big projects coming and I’d invest now. Dai and maker dai are also ones to look at.

  13. ? Ur honest opinion about what is already being called the great shakeout, btc halving & miner manufacturers, large miners & now institutions will drop btc price to shake out old,small miners & shakeout weak hands?

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  15. This is an “Emperor’s New Clothes” situation. There is absolutely no reason to put smart contracts on a blockchain. This adds unnecessary complexity. A simple centralized database is cheaper faster and doesn’t provide a false sense of security. The “dog and pony” show of people with titles associated with this project is going to fail.

  16. Thanks for the coverage on @env_blockchain (Envision Blockchain)

  17. You do some good investigating. I like I like

  18. But, what makes chainlink worth anything? It's not a currency! It's a program! Microsoft makes money selling computers and software for retail. Windows 10 by itself isn't really worth anything. Chainlink is not a stock! All your doing is giving them your money to develop a system, but how are you making money in the long run? Your not! It's all just speculation! Don't get me wrong I'm not bashing chain-link it's a great product but what's its potential to make money in the future? Sure the developer will make money by selling their technology but how do we fit in? Remember chain link is not a stock it doesn't pay dividends if it did, it would be considered a security! Right! Hello

  19. BTC is a currency. Chain link is a program. There's a difference. Don't get suckered.

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    Clicк on mу chаnnel

  23. What do you think about BIDAO chicobro?

  24. Really good stuff, man. I'm more and more bullish on Ethereum because of these connections.

  25. Ethereum will be definitley a success, but I am very bullish about these projects Apollo, Credit, Wavesbet and U Network.- the future is really bright.

  26. So essentially, the EEA has been working on this Off-chain Trusted Compute Framework scalability solution which uses Chainlink for attested oracles, and they will launch an EEA trusted reward token which is compliant with the Token Taxonomy Initiative which will work on a Trusted Compute Pool run by iExec.

  27. Very good investigation and report on the state of DeFi. Thank you for your work.

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