Friday , December 4 2020
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Ethereum & XRP Setting Up For A Major Rally | History Is Repeating Itself

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  1. ETF question:
    Do ETFs actually OWN the stocks or do they just track the stocks?

  2. Xrp "rebrand" coming….an absolute shitscam is about to happen.

  3. A rational mind doesn’t see xrp at $1000? Flips to equities which is quickly becoming illiquid…. Ripple launches “on demand liquidity” product…. a rational mind….

  4. the chart told me to buy LTC this week, DJI too 23000 in oct/nov, my spx top call was 3050 but doesn't look like we are getting there, we will be ahead of the move this time , right to the 200 dma quickly

  5. Yeah everyone is talking about ETH and XRP, probably will be second to explode after BTC just from popularity. But the 3rd gen coins will be better, ADA and TRX over ETH, and fking lol Maybe just LINK over XRP anything over XRP lol. But yeah maybe ride these 2 as the second wave, but will be moving to actual use cases after this next run.

  6. I disagree with you Nick. XRP is going to $1000😂 aha..

  7. I’ll just come back here in a couple of months.

  8. Great insight need to ramble more often. Btw I think youre shadow banned I never get your notifications

  9. So you're saying it could go up or down? brilliant!

  10. XRP and etherium are no going up. They are averaging lower. It use to be .25 to .30. Now it is .25 or lower. Total bullshit. It is all dropping.

  11. Not gonna happen! ONLY Bitcoin will pump to 16000$

  12. The S&P 500 does show one thing more. The drop rate in 2000 was over (almost) 3 years 50%, 2007 was over 2 years 57%. Now on the edge of 2019/2020 …. i would say 1 year (73%) drop Increasing percentage multiplied by ratio of the previous.
    It is closer by then we all think and the effects are getting worse with each collapse. S&P500 at 2940 would become 794?

  13. Great Analysis Nick! Love to see Ethereum to move 2-3x in short term.

    I would be glad to see your content on Uptrennd. Uptrennd is a social media platform that focused only in Crypto. Your content would be perfect there.

  14. Not much of a fan of ethereum but I still hold some certain amount. But for ripple, hahahaha am always bullish on it anytime including Tokoin.

  15. underutilization rate in australia increase 0.6% this year to 13.8%…..if we are moving into a recession then HOLY MOLEY. Another thing. Google trend search things like 'recession, cash rate, repayments, interest rates'. – people are stressed in Australia and America big time!

  16. what's up with the finger snape? you need to do more to get my attention mate.

  17. Careful with the ctrl scroll

  18. I hope you are correct sir… if so i will be very happy! thax

  19. If stocks go down what about pensions?

  20. XRP will flip BTC eventually. Way better technology.

  21. Thank you very much for you time. You're good at what you do.

  22. This is a crap coin. Won’t happen this time!

  23. Awesome work Nicholas, say hello in Amsterdam if you drop by!

  24. #tokoin is going to 10. Kindly do an analysis on this. My bags are #tokoin, xrp and neo

  25. If you say enough shit you will eventually be right 😀

  26. Bitcoin dominance is dropping. Alts may take over as they've been showing interesting performance. That's a win for their bosses- ETH and may be XRP so yeah…buh ripple, naa….

    I also wanna introduce to y'all. Reach to them at

  27. Dude, great clear analysis as per usual. Cheers.

  28. Having heard and read anything from XRP hitting 5,10,30,50,100 dollars. and everyone has real case senerios , BUT are corrected by missing key points in the assessment ..HOW would xrp hit 1000.00? 5 yrs 10 yes…20 yrs,? anything is possible,,,,

  29. Ethereum is due for another 10X increase

  30. Yes a breakdown is coming not up dood

  31. good call! you got it

  32. I think you are really setting yourself up to look dumb by saying a digital asset cant go to any particular price. I will start make your Crow sandwich now

  33. Hi, are u still in Malta?

  34. How is XRP not going to hit 1,000… it was designed for 10,000…. do your Homework young man TA isn’t the day only smart investment techniques.. look at the fundamentals

  35. Why do u think that XRP, a coin with real global utility, can’t perform at least as well as Bitcoin has?

  36. Welp, just lost 3 ETH do to my own stupidity. Anyone want to help out? 0x390D68F7BCfE60A68399F9B22ba3AA30cb898F4c This technology needs a lot of work if it is going to be widely adopted over fiat currencies. When will Meemaw be able use it to buy milk and bread without fear of being scammed?

  37. So when will Ethereum reach $250 again?

  38. I've seen several articles on Tom Lee's opinion that Bitcoin/crypto markets are correlated with the S&P. In your video (much appreciated btw) you have a bullish outlook on crypto markets but a more bearish one on the S&P. Would you disagree with Tom Lee's analysis?

  39. If you look for a gem then you should DYOR Fantom boyz !!!!

  40. on the topic of t shirt merchandise .. overthinking an idea is a factor in trading and in life in general.. … t shirt should read – IDEA OT – how many times have i been the victim of the Over Thinking factor…

    lol … you just crapped on my plan of earning ( not buying ) xrp at these low level and converting to fiat or other assets when they hit 1k or 10k … however i tend to strongly agree with you.. at least in the first or next round.. then who the devil knows if it loses another 90% b4 impressing again and when if ever that comes to pass…

  41. whats your opnion on nvidia stock, looks like coming down to 100-120 lvls

  42. Can anyone tell me what program he is using for these predictions?