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What I'm Noticing With Bitcoin And Ethereum

I take a look at a variety of completely different metrics once I look to take a position and with crypto time is on our facet. With athletics and getting older time is not on our facet however fortunately with crypto time is on our facet. We’re 230 days away from the subsequent block reward halving and I really feel like we could have this remaining capitulation transfer till issues steadily go up for Bitcoin and the sturdy alts into the subsequent couple of years. It may very well be a gradual climb up from wherever we contact down like we noticed in 2016 and 2017.

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  1. In 2021 no one will care about your story about how you couldn't buy when prices were lower. It will be like your grandpa saying how he invented roller blades before they were on the market. You know how I know? No one who appeared in 2017 cared about my struggles from 2015. Sell stuff online, blog for crypto, find airdrops…..DO THE WORK NOW! Find a WAY…… or no one will care about your story. If your doors don't open vertically no one will really care about your crypto struggles!

  2. I was really surprised by your top 5

  3. what wallet do you use for monero? is there any cold wallet integration?

  4. I’m big on ETH and MKR right now personally.

  5. Etherium 2.0 is coming out here soon…. eventually…… lol…. key word eventually….. if it comes out before 2021 ill be shocked

  6. Well, at least you own bitcoin. The rest of that stuff will eventually make you broke.

  7. I'm one of the guys chasing 32 eth. Been dollar cost averaging every day since last week.

  8. Please allow me to introduce you to the “Rambling Man”!

  9. Nice insight
    Blessings 😎👌

  10. I bought 1 BC @ 3200 sold when I hit 9000 I sold. Should of stayed a little longer. That was my only 2 transactions. I have 86k to play with, when should I get back in, and stick with you top 5 list?

  11. Stack sats n chill. Basically got the same game plan. I got about 8 coins I look at, Buy what ever is cheap, every week.

  12. 50K seems reasonable at minimum for 2021. The fear is getting out at 50K ish and then watching it run up to 100K. No fear though, need to average out as best as possible for the dip back to 20K after new ATH.

  13. I bought in a little more at $8200 thought I caught the bottom and then it wicked down to $7900. A year from now it won't matter in the slightest. All my long term hodls are met. Now I am adding to positions here and there as funds allow with more a short term strategy (not day trading) just looking at it as gravy. Honestly I never thought this bear market would last this long and I feel extremely blessed to have caught it when I did. 32 ETH would kill my other holdings and I don't see going all in on any coin that much proportionate to the rest of my stack. So I am happy with were I'm at and just biding my time waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. Keep up the great content.

  14. I hear eth 2.0 testnet is on course for jan 2020.

  15. I was big into EOS but the lacklustre June 1st announcement and the Chinese cartels have deterred me massively…in fact, block one have fucking share holders … block one milk eos and pay their sharesholders. This should leave any eos holder having a long look at themselves.

    Look no further than mike novogratz actions if you want an insight into eos. He sold his block one shares and dumped half of his eos tokens. Big clue.

    At least eth are going for it with decentralised finance.

  16. Fantom is a massively distributed, autonomous computer that anyone can use. A high-performance, DAG-based smart contract platform, Fantom allows for infinite scalability and compatibility with all types of blockchains.

  17. You know what I notice? Ether is about to become the one world currency that is prophesied in the bible and the fact that Ether Futures are coming confirms this. Also the fact that ETH 2 Phases 1 and 2 will be finished and implemented on Mainnet by the end of 2020 to let Ethereum handle millions of transactions per second? We live in some scary times.