Friday , December 4 2020
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Ethereum Upgrade Date, Richest Bitcoin Address, Malta Crypto Plan & Bitcoin Dominance Movement

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  1. LOL where's your accent from?????

  2. Вам скучно держать падающий Биткойн?)) Вы бы лучше купили токены Telegram для него; это будет возможно сделать X-es на / телеграмма в любом случае

  3. Old Vitalik had a farm
    EIP IO
    And on this farm he had a fork
    Here a fork there a fork everywhere a hard fork
    Old Vitalik had a farm
    EIP IO

  4. My guess is Deutsche Bank. They recently got a license to underwrite debt in China. (No i am not theorizing, the PBOC announced it last week!) Then just a few days later a bunch of Huobi addresses sent BTC and they all "zeroed in" on one address, amounting to 95K BTC, about 1 Billion USD-equivalent. IMHO, this was the first big cryptocurrency reconciliation of international debt agreements and it was not publicized. Can't let people know how bad things really are….

  5. ADA > ETH

    I can see why Charles left ETH.

  6. ETH's PLASMA is like talking about the Lost Holy Grail that gives you eternal life.

  7. Welcome to Portugal everybody :p

  8. Eosio 1.8 is coming out soon that’s part of the reason and I think they fixed something with the voting system as well. E3 or something like that. I think that’s what’s going on don’t take my word for it. And voice…

    Or is it block 3 and not e3…

    I think they have 3D games to and not jus gambling.

  9. Being a millionaire with a million dollars in assets isn’t even that big of a deal anymore. One btc would be one percent of the total savings

  10. Btc dominance is going up. Those repeating that it will go down are carrying alt bags to hell. They repeat it to try to convince themselves that their money will come back.

  11. TMI "I don't know what's wrong with my English today"
    Me "What do you mean 'today' "?

  12. Shoot. Remind me another ADA, except this time is ETH. Time to move part of my holding to EOS or back to BTC.
    One thing l like EOS is B1 always maintain at low profile after June mistake, focus on developments heavily in stealth mode ready for the bull return with one big bang.
    Currently, it let the community maintain the progression updates focus educate Cryptosphere investors conservative approach instead overly hype that may lead to similar mistakes committed by many other Cryptos.
    Another one can't be ignore is Atom ( also low profile off the radar approach ). Could be huge potential.
    The EOS rally big these couple days may have to do with EOSIO update to ver 1.8 ready in 2 weeks. Many of the top BP ready, and remaining is doing so without objection. The update will get the VOICE app to launch weeks after.

  13. What kind of tea to you drink 🤔

  14. Doesn't make sense Cosmos have 40 percent of POS projects already built off of it and everyone bangs on about cardano that haven't even got their mainnet up and running.

  15. Ey bro. I have been here for two years, primarily invested in XRP. Thanks for you contribution. You introduced me to Ripple! Pretty sure it's going to be the best investment of my life 😉 All the best

  16. I heard in a pod cast , a prominent eth dev, said Ethereum world computer concept is really not an ultimate goal anymore . They have other immediate concerns to deal with

  17. Maybe its Craig Wright with the Satoshi coins?

  18. TMI, do you think chinas influence in BTC could be a problem at one point? Personally, it keeps me from investing more in Bitcoin. thanks for replying!

  19. Skipping the eth news in the blink of an eye.

  20. the queen would not make that investment, shes only worth a few billion and its all in investments and land

  21. XRP is going to take over ETH again this year. Maybe for good. 👀

  22. Taking profits in Bitcoin is what's it's always all about

  23. Somaliland is tax free just saying

  24. talking slower? or is it me?