Sunday , September 20 2020
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Ethereum (ETH) – Altcoin Analysis

The decentralized STATE machine.



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  1. Great review, I think you did an excellent job of pointing out just how important Ethereum the ecosystem. I would Recommend holding more than what you’re suggesting in your portfolio for two reasons. If you’re bullish on bitcoin and everything goes up you’ll be able to buy a lot more bitcoin with your ETH gains and just for the bullish gains in ETH. Bitcoin dominance is in its 5th Wave and will decline against the Alts.

  2. thanks for the vid. sub'd. please keep the ETH content coming!

  3. imo the idea ETH has all these competitors nipping at its heals and any delays should cause ppl to lose faith is flawed. the reason ETH has developer mind share is not just bc of tooling, its because of ETH's community and values. devs don't want to build financial apps on binance chain or tron or whatever else because these 'competitors' have sacrificed decentralization in favor of throughput. you keep mentioning tps but its often underestimated how important it is for a platform to remain decentralized and politically neutral it its to fulfill its vision as a global settlement layer. this is why its almost impossible for binance chain or any others to replace ETH, they need to find their own niche. ETH is also considered the most secure smart contract platform by devs due to its durability and proven track record above all others. It's not accurate when you call the DAO and Parity Multisig 'ethereum hacks'… Its important to explain that these bugs were only in smart contracts deployed to the network by third parties, while the core ETH protocol was not hacked. I still appreciate the vid and will keep an eye on your channel, thanks!

  4. I own ETH, but the big FUD to me is how there is no cap to the number minted. I can't get over that. I feel like that is the elephant in the room.