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NEO spending $100 Million to overtake Ethereum? The TRUTH about NEO revealed!


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  1. **TOTAL ICO BULLSHIT** I'm not falling for this shit second time around…
    All the ICO's are getting just about as bad as BIIIIIITCONNNNNEEEEEEECT!!!

  2. That hair is incredible. I love it! Can't take my eyes off of it. What are they talking about anyway? Did he something about Bitcoin?

  3. Neo #1 buying neo every month

  4. Etherium are going to change to , and develop to be able to handle whats needed , etherium 2.0 could mean it holds its place as number 2 ! but we will see who wins the race !

  5. The hiden gems of 2019 U Network, Apollo, Credit made by Terra and Wavesbet they have so much potentials 500x very realistic, becuase of their great features and many use cases

  6. It’s called Enjin ENJ

  7. NEO the red headed step child of Crypto. NO one trust anything out of China!!! If you do your a fool.

  8. Wow, when asked about what NEO will do, he started with scoffing at Ethereum 1.0 …….oblivious to the fact they are No2, support most coins on the coin market cap, and are releasing Ethereum 2.0 …… no fucking way I will take a risk on the NEO and GAS again…..this is a potential endless pipe dream preparing for a new wave of noobs in the next bull market……like Ripple and XRP.
    Of course they are there for the long run, there are multiple bull markets with fresh adopters to feed off.

  9. DigiID from DigiByte is already the 'big boy' for authorisation for the Decentralised space…….Microsoft, please, they are not even players yet. I can see future hype of Microsoft Buyout , leveraging ex employee status

  10. What the hell is on his head

  11. Top interview. “The trailer is playing…” 👍

  12. Oslo speaking Finish what the fuck? Its like saying India speaking chinese.

  13. NEO will never succeed vs ETHEREUM .. they fumbled the hype they generated, just let everything drop .. pissed off everyone that had any faith in them – that will not be recovered. They should spend the money elsewhere .. create a new project .. rebrand 'again', or just throw in the towel. Emin Gun Sirer's project AVA is a far far bigger threat to ETH .. ENERGI looked good, but have fallen on their face .. NEO? NOPE!

  14. This is the way how I see it:

    You want to go to university to learn a new skill. The only language that you speak is English. You have the choice between going to two university. One is in Mexico a Spanish speaking country (Ethereum) and the other is in America an English speaking country (NEO). Obviously you are going to apply for the English speaking universe first because it's the language that you already speak.

    It makes sense for developers to make DAPPs in javascript which is what they already know and run it on the NEO blockchain instead of developers having to learn a whole new coding platform.

  15. Are 2k NEO enough to become millionare in 2 years? 🥳

  16. neo is part of the china hustle and its a scam… this guy is a fucking joke no one cares about neo

  17. Dude, come by Stockholm, I´m buying

  18. a lot competition in this space, new project are going mainet to leap frog neo..

  19. Your Hair Looks Like a Crazy hat!!! Love It Thank you!!!

  20. Ffs this John dude is like a broken record. Why does nobody else talk on behalf of the neo team ?

  21. Very “salesy” this guy. “Elliot”..

  22. Hi, great interview, one question I would love to see someone ask John Davedoos, is NEO in talks with Microsoft about some joint venture?  

    Last quarter Microsoft became a Trillion $ company by mostly expanding its business in the CLOUD. Being NEO's partner would open them the doors to Chinese businesses, it would be a major hit for them and the long term. 

    NEO opened its US office near them, hired many of their cloud staff, like John… and others, it all seems to me this will be announced at one point and would be a game changer for both enterprises.

    Am I the only one seeing this, or am I dreaming stuff up?

  23. NEO aint going nowhere, its laggy and better tech is already here

  24. 🌺 Great interview style. ask the important questions and let the guest be the center of attention. Respects 👏👏👏👌

  25. Neo… so dodgy. I would not buy a 2nd hand donkey off that guy. He needs to drop the name of "Microsoft" only because his name carries no weight. The problem for Neo is that they burned all their credibility with the dumb money already. We don't need another platform as there are ample choices already and all are further ahead. We also don't want these types of hustlers in the industry so the sooner they get flushed the better…

  26. WTF with the hair!? It s only me!? Crypto Ice ice Baby….

  27. Guys we are investing debt in bitcoin. If you have a maxed out credit card. My connect pays your maxed out balance on the condition that you will invest half of it back in bitcoin email me

  28. Great video, well done, solid information

  29. Say Elliot one more time…I dare you! 😂 this guy is hilarious saying "Elliot" so randomly…

  30. I have NEO and the best part is you earn GAS while holding it. not much but it feels good.

  31. dude fix your head.. damn you look really ridiculous

  32. Lmao @ this scammer from India outright LYING about his employment to boost this vid.

  33. 1:06 : Insanely obvious fake smile if there ever was one. Maybe a bit farfetched, but for me it's the first red flag.

  34. Most friendly development platform lol, you neo guys need 1000 devs of each coding language xD, sure, easy and not elitist… solidity is so easy, I don't see any problem to make a specific code built for it's purpose, wouldn't be that better than using codes that are in the world for other projects but not blockchain ones… C# was made after c++ and c++ after "c" so every code is made for something, to be better, faster etc… solidity then is made for a reason lol…