Saturday , September 26 2020
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I'm Buying Ethereum NOW!! | Here Is Why [ Ethereum 2.0 ]

I imagine ETH is at present undervalued compering to different sensible contract platforms and particularly to bitcoin. On this video I’ll explains why I’m at present shopping for ETH, and I’ll state the roadmap to Ethereum 2.0
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  1. Definitely buy today. I thought $190 was cheap so I bought half a eth coin and the same day it dropped to $160. Haha. Now I don't have enough money to buy more.

  2. Wow, if you were loading up up on Etherium when this video was released, you must be hating the price today (September 26 2019)!!!! Or you're just going to keep buying and hoping….

  3. Chat Chris +14086410847 he helped me hack my BTC and put 2btc in my wallet all thanks to him

  4. My calculations says it's 87% not 12% from all time high. Have I miss understood this bit. Great vid though thank you.

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    (WEBD) represents exactly this new frontier. On our channel,

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  6. 0:07 Did they try to mute him when he said “the group”?

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  8. Beacon != bacon haha, bacon is the one you eat, It's pronounced totally different

  9. How can you use the word "cheap" when you dont know what the actual value is?

  10. Fantom $FTM has the most advanced Consensus mechanism ever created…

  11. It is a great buy! 😃
    Unfortunately for the last year and half we've had some COCKBITES (Arthur Fnkng Hayes & Bitmex 🖕) that coordinate and short with high leverage! Traders and U.S. regulators have fucked up the whole Crypto space! 😡

  12. 0x739089B08c6127D06c819fc6ac752d326EaA5CdB ETHEREUM

  13. how I see it is if eth goes to 0$, which is super unlikely, ill just lose 180$ per but if it goes to its all time high ill gain 1300$ per eth. With the updates and POS coming up these numbers arent impossible. However, Eth needs to get its sh*t together and make moves. This update coming up will make or break eth.

  14. Lol, this dude keeps saying bacon 🥓

  15. Apollo already has sharding,coin shuffling and an updater which means it will never need to fork . It also happens to be the fastest coin on the planet. Apollo currency is the future!

  16. looks messy and complicated, when I got to that stage in programming, It was usually best to just start again from scratch.
    I hoping I'm wrong and it's successful though

  17. smart chain contracts will become more popular . how do you invest on it?

  18. Bacon will save the Crypto world. Definitely. Yes. Bacon!

  19. vastrangelinks . com are too good to be true…
    guys they just got me 2btc into my wallet i'm just so happy

  20. ethereum is a scam so many people supported ethereum and got burned on mining , vitalik is a russian scammer

  21. Phase 0: Bacon Chain, Phase 1: Sharting because you ate too much Bacon Chain, Phase 2: Sharting with EBM (Enhanced Bowel Movement) Phase 3: Light cleaning, crossing out shart traces & fractions