Monday , November 30 2020
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Craig Wright Or Wrong? Ethereum Hard Fork, IOTA Jaguar & Facebook Doesn't Care

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  1. If you'd get 500 Million BTC they'd probably be worthless 😂

  2. The latest 'Satoshi' is from Pakistan, not Iran.

  3. Here’s a good question? Why does anyone still hold SV. He’s been proven to be a fraud by both the courts and members of the community. Also ask yourself putting him aside what actual utility does BSV have?

  4. Whale Alert will let us know when its gets transferred so we can sell into Tether before the dump.

  5. Plot twist: I am Satoshi Nakamoto!!!!

  6. If Craig Wright dumped BTC on the market, it’ll get bought up in a week

  7. there isn't 500 million bitcoin…lol

  8. Iota is going to be revolutionary in the next 5-7 years

  9. No, wait, I created BITCOIN!!!

  10. FYI…The new so called Bitcoin creator is from pakistan not Iran.

  11. I hope they dump those bitcoins, it would be an excellent buying opportunity and make the network more decentralised ✌️

  12. I read ETH 2.0 was going live Jan 1, 2020 come hell or high water…🤷‍♂️🤞 #Gambleholic

  13. I wish they would flood the market with 1 million bitcoin, the price would drop, and I'd buy them all up cheap.

  14. That’s why this space is filled with morons.bitcoin SV is STILL IN THE TOP 10!!! WTF?!?

  15. Fuck you craig Wright and your piece of useless shitcoin! You’re a fraud and a liar and your bullshit affects too many HONEST investors. He’s not so smug now.

  16. Without further ado. DCA, HODL. 👍

  17. Kleinman's dump their BTC, and pay 40% estate tax? I doubt it. Plus, they would probably do OTC to avoid slippage.

  18. Bitcon SVU (stupid victim unit) Dump Dump.

  19. I'm tired of hearing about Craig Wright

  20. How can Faketoshi sell something he does not have? So this is just another fud story to scare people. Just buy and hold Bitcoin is the moral…..

  21. My top question I'd like to ask Craig wright is
    "If you are Satoshi and BSV is the real BTC….. Then why the hell isn't BSV called BTC??"

  22. Oh please do dump your BTC and lower the price where i will be waiting to buy it. 😄

  23. Craig gave fake documents to a Judge … Why is he NOT IN JAIL!?!

  24. everytime you hear craig wright in the news its time to buy cause he is just a bullshit cover up for legitimate blockchain news.

  25. Real Satoshi Nakamoto is most likely Hal Finney. All evidence points to this. Now let's put this story to bed

  26. iota is partnering with so many company .. that is a good sign, so projects like Telecoin also have a chance to win in this game of coins and blockchains

  27. I wonder if kleiman could of been satoshi? He died a while ago and satoshi just disappeared.

  28. Trading bitcoin never so lucrative not until coming across James Expert methods been taken to ensure profit is yielded.

  29. What wallets are you guys keeping your alts in?

  30. Remember: 1, The IRS will require a payment of inheritance tax ($2B ?) that is why there would need to be a selloff, even if Ira did not want to sell the remainder. 2, Ira would not only get access to 500K BTC, but also the same quantity of BCH and BSV wallets. So even BSV fans should not be celebrating, a dump would hit them too. 3, it would however most likely be sold OTC which should not impact prices directly (although there could be indirect rumors of the sale).

  31. There will be NO DUMP because Faketoshi doesn't HAVE any BTC to begin with!

  32. It's 5 billion worth of Bitcoin Wright has to hand over. 2 billion worth has to be sold off to pay the 40% estate tax on the BTC.

  33. the crazy part is when people need to hear you more, your views drop. hmmm youtube algorithm?????

  34. u know we mashing this B****, up in here!!!!

  35. The scariest part about this space is that hardly anyoneis talking about the tether and bitfinex manipulation of the Bitcoin price. It's looking less and less likely Bitcoin will hit 50,000 buy even next year

  36. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑☁️☁️

  37. LOL. If you believe this crap from Craig Wright… I can't wait to see MAG's take.


  38. It's getting really hard for me to decide if I want to keep my faith in Ethereum.

  39. 51! i also claim to be the very VERY most REAL SATOSHI NAKaMOTO himself!

  40. a billion Bitcoin, at its current market value, would make a person the first "trillionaire". Jeez…