Friday , December 4 2020
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Ethereum Is Full, Bitcoin Break Up, Gemini + Libra, Cash Is Outdated & Bitcoin Price Slip

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  1. Dyslexia i believe… lol but its ok, makes your videos unique.

  2. Oof I watched the second one instead of the first one since you've only been doing one a day recently.

  3. I high fived back.🖐 great info. Love your channel. The reading is great. Dyslexia? Is that what you mean? I mix numbers up somtimes.

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  5. I thought the name Libra was practically making fun of the twins when I first heard it.

  6. This might be a stupid question but don't block chains go on forever? Its blocks of transactions linked by hashers to the next block. Right could go on a long time . What does he mean by running out of space. Hell run a damn prunes block it he that worried

  7. Pretty obvious Vitalik is purposely causing FUD now. Why? Big updates coming, then moon!

  8. The best segment is at —–> 14:07

  9. So you actually have 2 supporters where one is "Miller hits chest everyday" and the other is "Kyle skips leg day" lmao

  10. EOS is doing what ETH is talking about. EOS 1.8 coming Sept.23rd will allow mass adoption.

  11. do the winkles get shop according to the time traveller?

  12. The "romantic spat" theory re: @Bitcoin was just a joke making fun of Roger Ver's tweet ridiculous tweet about @Jack only being pro $btc because of a romantic relationship with @starkness

  13. In the 2017 annual report, Berkshire Hathaway disclosed its total position by December 31, 2017, to be 166 million shares  at a share price around $300,0000
    The Mkt cap488.82B

    And there will only be 21 million bitcoin do the math and it could be very interesting to see where bitcoin goes
    And bitcoins market cap is roughly a 178 billion as of August 22 2019

  14. I just slapped the shit out of the air

  15. Check out mobile providers in south Africa and Brazil that are accepting Electroneum ETN as payment for data/mins.

  16. i totally agree…i would not even think of doing business with that little shit…but you have to kind of respect the twins for their ability to hold back…I would have beat him to one inch of his life for what he did, and wouldn't have given it a second thought…but you know what, they wouldn't have got their $65 million dollar check….but this new olive branch they are throwing out is just stupid

  17. F*** this dude we could have been at 100k+ by now if he hadn't attempted to sabotaged the real Bitcoin. His Strife gave the powers that be the signal to make their move. Fuck dude!

  18. Charles Hoskinson said Ether would never be able to scale… uh oh… this news scares me!!! Might be time to be more bullish on Cardono. 👀

  19. Same happen to me. Even worst, sometime mistaken word in between.