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Ethereum ProgPoW AUDIT Is Finally Getting Started…

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  1. You need to do a nicehash one they release something new

  2. ETH devs suck; this is only one leg of several self serving moves they made; when they did the last fork to reduce the block reward; one of them stated that the miners get paid too much, and they should reduced the block reward from 3 to 2 coins, and to give themselves that 3rd coin; effectively, making it so miners pay the devs. That kind of smack makes less then zero sense. Also, they lack the fundamental characteristic called, the ability to made a dam decision. Maybe if they did more than live stream getting drunk, talking about their freaking cat or try to figure out if they own a real plant or not; they might not be three years behind; what a bunch of slobs. They are just gaggle of cackling hen, beta male feminists, and just really, really suck. If I was on a ship with them; I would break both their arms at the elbows and throw every last one of them over board, and replace them with the Ethereum Classic team; we should have seen all this junk coming when they rolled the chain back; the dam foreskinheads!

    Just not very happy with them at the moment.

  3. ETH is an ongoing scam. Where's the POS they promised?

  4. I hope that there wont be progpow for eth. I dont need Psu upgrade on rigs. How about fucking Pos.

  5. Np let them have it. As long as they keep the miners happy

  6. I don’t work for fee lol why should they

  7. any amd 5700 xt hashrate updates ?

  8. Been mining bitcoin interest that's on the progpow algo to test it on my amd and nvidia cards… Running at 1/3 of my ethas speed… Did they say what the rewards will be on progpow? Nice video as always. 😜🚀

  9. Very interesting things to take note of in this one. Good work on new content every day my friend. I have been so busy, didn't get the live show…. Apologies.

    Well Mr panda, the missing cpu power lead has been added, newbie error, doh! All fires up, but I have a word of advice for anyone looking to buy an install USB from amazon sellers. I got mine and it worked fine, but it is an old version. So I have spent the last few hours…. Well half the night running updates on the operating system. So save your money, go to a public access Internet building. Take a flash drive and just download from the Microsoft site. Get the latest version, and save a bit of cash and time.

    Cudo is installed and works, but the gpu needs a driver update. But can't do the update until Windows has finished its update. 😂

    We will get there before the sun rises.

    I have also ordered a sapphire 570 4gb to celebrate and it was on sale, instead of a used 1050 for 150 dollars. Burried one did a video about gpu weekly profits. 570/580 win 😉

    Thought a mixed rig would be a good idea, I read that asus recommend it. For example 70/30 nvidia/amd. It. Is a shame to have a mobo and not use all the pcie slots.

    And your 12 card rig has got me excited 🍆😁

  10. I'll just keep using nicehash. It just picks the most profitable algo automatically for the most part.

  11. Thanks you for the video sir.. 👍🏻

  12. Hail….Ethereum classis…

  13. Will 4GB card work on ProgPoW?

  14. It will be the headshot to ETH as project, well, go to hell vitalik

  15. any idea on the progpow dagsize changes panda?

  16. İ dont understand what about istanbul ?

  17. ProgPow is crap. Let's screw everyone over, decreasing efficiency, increase power use, and for what? Why don't they come up with a real solution to block ASIC's and not just a hack.

  18. If the developers actually innovated, Ethereum price would be much higher and they would earn more. Enough of the socialism crap. If they were good, they would be rich because Ethereum would be rising more.