Sunday , November 29 2020
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Bakkt Is Launching, Bank Of America + Ripple, Coinbase Bank & Ethereum Whales

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  1. Fractional Reserve Banking (Debt lending) phrase you were looking for

  2. How does the price of XRP go up in value and is there any proof that it increases off utility?

  3. Helloooo everybody, welcome BAKKT to another episode.

  4. The term from hell is Fractional Reserve Banking . Which means a bank or Financial Institution only needs to hold a percentage of the debt being issued, meanwhile they have access to all the fake money they lend out..

    Quanatative Easining is another term taking us to hell. This is the term used when they want to elegantly say they're going to print more money.

    Quanatative Tightening is the burning of printed USD. Which as of late no longer happens

    More will follow.

  6. People buying into XRP think that this is a cryptocurrency with a value model behind it, and that XRP will increase in value. It is bogus. No country or banking system will settle for a non-neutral centralised exchange system that can be manipulated. We need a neutral system with decentralised governance, that nobody can own or inflate at will. Maybe XRP is not a scam, but more like a high risk it will not become that dream global exchange network medium. It is also centrally controlled, and banks are fraudulent, so do not bet your future on it. So do not go all in (perhaps obviously).

  7. Ciao Nick Mangialavori!

  8. Yawning here, can you pick up the pace a little? Talk faster pls

  9. Fractional Reserve Lending is what you were referring to.

  10. 1st to say………Whales to Megladons…

  11. Sam's leg is never going to get better if he keeps skipping leg day.

  12. The new banks will be able to create Bitcoin — sort of. You will be able to deposit your Bitcoin into a bank and earn interest. The bank will loan these Bitcoins to someone else who will buy something from someone and pay in the Bitcoin (i.e. your "physical" Bitcoin). The person who is paid in Bitcoin will then deposit it into a bank and earn interest. Think about this for a second. The exact same Bitcoin is now earning interest twice. The bank then loans this Bitcoin out (same exact Bitcoin is now loaned out twice). This process happens over and over and over again. The same exact Bitcoin may get loaned out a hundred times or more. There will not be enough Bitcoin in existence to pay all the interest much less payoff all the loans. Imagine if everyone came in at the same time to get their deposits back. ALL of their deposits are the exact same "physical" Bitcoin. This is what happened in the 1800s and early 1900s when the world was on the gold standard. More gold was loaned out than existed. It still happens today except the money being lent out is not backed by anything. It's called the fractional reserve system, because the banks are required to keep a fraction of their deposits on hand that they cannot loan out.

  13. Maybe Bitcoin futures might be used to suppress values for a short term like silver/gold futures are used to suppress. Eventually the curtain will fall I do believe and assets will rule

  14. Quantitative easing???

  15. Those who thought we were ever gonna have a world where there are no banks making profits from loans, were fooling themselves.

  16. Let me make this completely clear, crypto will be integrated into the existing system ONLY. There will not be a replacement of the existing system with crypto. Every financial instrument, product, vehicle, fund, hedge, future, short, derivative, swap, loan, account, savings, etc will be available with crypto. THIS is what will make them big, not some replacement of the system. The only way people adopt a whole new system is with a reset and a reset only comes after major war or crisis.

    Bitcoin will never be accepted into retail stores on a major scale unless the btc chain can handle 10,000 transactions per second for fractions of a penny.

  17. Best show in town….

  18. Eh, elllloooooooo Evrybooooody

  19. The word you're searching for is rehypothiacting.

  20. Word you were looking for: "hypothecate".

  21. Will Ethereum coins automatically convert to Ethereum 2.0?

  22. Hellloooo everybody, welcome BAAKT. Missed opportunity, TMI…

  23. Justin Sun just canceled lunch with Warren Buffet due to health concerns. Per Crypto Slate 🙂

  24. BAKKT is only testing and still is not approved to commence. No date offered for approval yet so might still be months away

  25. all these forkers should just fork off………..

  26. For other companies to ride on their Bakkts

  27. 11:35, are you referring to fractional-reserve banking?

  28. Warren Buffet just agreed to reschedule the luncheon. Cryptoslate 🙂

  29. Hey Mr clown, will u explain how XRP price down where BAKKT opened.

  30. Best crypto youtuber by far!!!

  31. You need to talk faster so you would make more sense.

  32. I believe you mean fractional reserve banking

  33. please a litle donation for my crypto project : 3LH3u4SkB6AQ22A1LxSZp6i2GrzrsMmMWy

  34. 3 day golden cross is approaching.