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Vitalik Buterin on using BCH network for Ethereum, “Shitcoin” mentioned by Congress & more BCH News

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►VITALIK BUTERIN | Considers Bitcoin Money network as a Knowledge Layer for Ethereum
In a current weblog put up, Vitalik Buterin mentioned using the Bitcoin Money network as a short-term knowledge availability layer for Ethereum.


►JETON LIB | Multi-party Onchain Escrow Transactions on BCH
The BCH protocol has a singular script performance that’s not obtainable on different Bitcoin forks just like the opcode OP_Checkdatasig.


►MECENAS | A recurring cost good contract plugin for BCH
“The plugin creates and manages a contract that shifts the accountability for making the transaction from the sender to the receiver with time and worth restriction.”


►CASH SHUFFLE | Surpasses 100,000 BCH in Shuffles
In lower than four months, the Bitcoin Money shuffling utility Cashshuffle has combined over 108,000 BCH, roughly 33 million shuffled using the bitcoin money mixing protocol.


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  2. Bitcoin cash is the future 💯


  3. When even congressmen understand, and you know how dumb they are, that there's only Bitcoin and shitcoins, that's when you should really start to worry. Even the best people can make mistakes. Come back to Bitcoin Roger.

  4. Echo what other people are saying about the audio… and echo… get some foam pads all over the room and some decent mics.

    Otherwise keep up the great work


  6. Nice as always. well done!

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  8. inflation.. yes!! and bracket creep…!! how long have they kept the limit on how much money you can move out of the country? wth? $10,000 for what? 40 years.. it should be up to about $300,000 by now..accounting for inflation..

  9. Keep up the good work for p2p cash 🙂

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  16. glad I'm not the first to talk about the audio. Bad audio is a hate crime.

  17. Thanks guys for another great video! Bitcoin Cash is here to last !!! simpleledger:qqg7p8c6sejfje5t5j0cml4u6w29gs9dyu3fw

  18. Roger 🙂 If you ever need a personal AV guy on your team to help with Live Presentations ! I posted up a lame photo reel of some of the cool things I can do !!:)

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    Those who insist that BTC works I liken to ppl who suffer from magical thinking and refuse to acknowledge it's limitations.
    Anyone who uses both BTC and BCH will discover that #BTC suffers magical thinking and has become dis-eased and the solution to BTC's dis-ease was and still is #BCH

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  22. Separation of Money and State!