Saturday , September 26 2020
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Ethereum Using Bitcoin Cash, Dirty Crypto Money, Banning Bitcoin & Binance US Block

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  1. I Love the names of the Patreons as their numbers increase – I listen 99% of the time …. Not watch…

  2. So, the proposed bill banning crypocurrencies in India just so happens to be in English?… What's really going on here?

  3. UK Circling the Wagon's Too late!

  4. Check out the Bankroll Network on TRON !

  5. their crap about money laundering is all euphemisms and lies. They want to break constitutional rights and back door everything like with microsoft and google They will attempt to backdoor and criminalize and regulate non custodial wallets unless its fought in court.

  6. Having legislation and enforcing it are two different things!

  7. IOST does 10,000 transactions per second

  8. its not odd that Vitalik is mentioning possible short term scaling solutions. He is humble and doesnt give a shit about Eth BCH drama or what it looks like on Media. He's a revolutionary who sees the big picture. No shame in asking for help along the way. Fuckin media hype clowns

  9. for someone thats a bitcoin maximalist you dont seem to understand the nature of bitcoin or understand the pros and cons of both bitcoin cash and bitcoin core ,seems to me your showing a strong bias in the coin your invested in like old money and new money. In case your wondering i'm not invested into either i'm invested into xrp but from the outside looking in i see alot more pros with bitcoin cash than btc

  10. Greenback The Dirtiest Money In The World…

  11. Serious mind games are being played upon the minds of the people.

  12. BTC Crashing By The Minute… Where Is The Bottom?

  13. What Do I Do With My Alts?? FTM, ADA, UTK???

  14. Ethereum is too popular that is the problem. And it is not ready for it- that is why they are looking for solutions.

  15. Bitcoin is slower than Ethereum. Vitalik was just proposing a temporary solution. People are so stuck in their tribes they would never think of working together. Sad.

  16. Ethereum is really not keeping on its road map…..Too ambitious…

  17. I kept telling people a wannabe scientist Vitalik will not grow ETH beyond ERC20 shitcoin. Too bad

  18. Love your work! THANK YOU!

  19. Its carzy that ETH is still struggling to scale…. how does this effect all other coins built on the ETH blockchain.

  20. Awesome video!! Long term do you think working with other platforms is the best course of action for #ETH? What do you think the outcome will be?

  21. Well educated argument "BCASH". You are a well educated guy "Modern Investor"

  22. "I'm using Crypto
    Your using Crypto
    He's buying Crypto
    She's buying Crypto" -TMI 2019

  23. You were so incredibly high on the Ethereum couple months ago and now your seemingly at the other end of the spectrum. How did you not see some of these issues only a few months ago?

  24. Will Binance US be a fiat-to-crypto digital exchange?

  25. Eth is crumbling as ADA is about to come out with Shelley. Can't wait to see how this plays out.

  26. TPS doesn't matter if it's not decentralised….

  27. Eth wanted to ride on BTC back in the day.
    BCH if it existed then would have hosted Eth.
    So it's not really a far stretch at all.

  28. Wow.. good news about Bcash by TMI 😯 😅

  29. Really refreshing to hear ur point sir

  30. Dirtiest bank in the world (HSBC): We are helping to clean up money laundering and "dirty money" because only we should be allowed to launder money 😂

  31. David Schwartz has been saying we need to stop the tribalism and work together because people are currently betting on this space as a whole.

  32. Short ethereum to the ground.

  33. I visited India 2 years ago and was surprised to see so many people using mobile phones.

  34. Vitalic is a genius, but the second he mentions working with a coin that people dont like….here comes the hate! I reckon he knows better than us. BCH, like it or not, is here to stay.

  35. No joke,,,,, Buterin has forgotten more about crypto than many of us know,,, so,, yes I would give him some credit he knows much more than we think and what may be the correct thing to do at this time… ETH-BCH hookup may be a sure thing or why would he step out and put it in print… I don't think he drinks or does drugs,,, so lets see what happens with his actual comments and future crypto setup for ETH…. Cheers to all and go Crypto's…

  36. Who is this cartoonist that we keep seeing their artwork on every blog post?

  37. Leaving my reply to a different post of yours I listened to earlier today.

    Litecoin copied Bitcoin and said it's silver to the gold. Then someone else did the same, called it Feathercoin, and said it's copper to the silver and gold. People realized the copper as money analogy doesn't have meaning in crypto, and Feathercoin died. Now people are realizing the same truth about Litecoin.