Friday , December 4 2020
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Bitcoin at $8500 and your opportunity to buy the dip! Ethereum and HEX.

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    01:10 Introduction / Buying the Dip
    02:26 Spot Buyers Increase Price
    03:26 Recent Pump Was Abnormal (2 Theories)
    05:30 Who Bought? (not CME)
    06:20 We're in a Bull Run
    07:16 News VS Price / Trading Disadvantages
    09:42 Trump Tweets About Bitcoin / Libra Hearings
    11:22 Reasons to Buy the Dip
    13:00 Response to Trump / Mnuchin (on Criminal Use of Bitcoin)
    14:30 US Legal System Criticism
    17:00 Longing on BitMEX at 8500
    20:00 Altcoin Capitulation
    20:40 News and BTC Price Unrelated

    21:43 HEX Jewelry
    21:55 HEX Updates / Benefits
    25:06 Plugs

    25:44 Peter Schiff Debate
    26:43 Satoshi VS Richard Heart
    27:25 Ethereum Updates / ERC20 Tokens / Price
    31:53 Shorting Alts
    34:26 Senate Hearings on Libra
    36:17 Transaction Throughput (BTC, ETH, HEX) and Cost
    39:57 Bitcoin Innovations (Mimblewimble / Sidechains / SegWit / Anonymity)
    43:43 Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash
    44:45 Probably Not Going Below 8500 ( Kelly Criterion)
    49:18 Peter Schiff VS Richard Heart Debate / Arguments
    51:55 Next All-Time High Prediction (60k-100k)
    52:44 Institutional Money / Reason for Pump
    54:35 Litecoin Halvening
    55:21 XRP and Remittances
    01:00:33 Real Volume OnChainFX
    01:02:23 Reasons for Livestream
    01:03:57 CME Volume
    01:04:15 Remittance Businesses
    01:05:25 Exploiting women
    01:05:35 Richard Is Rich
    01:06:20 Richard Looking Good
    01:06:52 Craig Wright Contempt of Court
    01:10:49 EOS Default Judgement
    01:11:26 Nouriel Roubini VS Arthur Hayes Debate
    01:15:28 Buying ETH VS BTC (Alt Season)
    01:18:33 Scalability
    01:20:31 Gaps Getting Filled
    01:21:14 Hardware Wallets
    01:21:31 How to 10X BTC Stack
    01:22:00 Stock Ownership and Usability
    01:27:18 Charts Predicting Future BTC Price (Regression Analysis)
    01:29:30 Blockchains are ONLY for Censorship Resistance
    01:32:42 Jokes and Critiques
    01:35:09 Bitcoin Representatives / Trash-talking Usefulness
    01:37:07 HEX and Paying Holders
    01:39:13 Buy The Dip
    01:39:55 Blockchain (Censorship) VS Databases
    01:40:30 ChainLink and Oracle Problems
    01:42:11 HEX Benefits and Timeline
    01:44:03 Reaching 8500
    01:44:31 Stream Length Record
    01:44:53 Lightning Network
    01:45:52 Libra Might Never Launching
    01:46:35 BitTorrent
    01:47:27 HEX Benefits (Holders Get Paid, Inflation Bugs, Getting In Early, Unit of Account, Cheap Transactions, DEXs, UI)
    01:54:28 HEX Decentralization
    01:55:55 Shilling BTC and HEX
    01:56:50 HEX is NOT a Security
    01:58:41 Ethereum Problems
    02:00:55 Store of Value and Liquidity
    02:03:18 Richard's Politics
    02:04:09 Mining
    02:05:17 Hyperbitcoinization
    02:06:58 HEX: Running Code
    02:08:57 HEX Jewlery / Clothing / Logo
    02:10:49 HEX Inflation / Origin Address / Advertising
    02:14:39 HEX Multiple Claims
    02:15:02 Criticizing Richard
    02:16:26 Defending Bitcoin
    02:16:55 Developing Own Coin Is Expensive and Timely
    02:17:12 Buying HEX After 10 Years
    02:17:38 Knowing Your Strengths and Weaknesses
    02:18:12 Trading Disadvantages for Retail
    02:18:30 Inflation VS Adoption on Price
    02:21:48 Claiming HEX Multiple Times
    02:22:45 HEX More Important Than Books
    02:23:02 HEX on Exchanges
    02:26:12 Richard Called Fraud (Should be Thanked)
    02:27:48 Price Dip / Mnuchin
    02:28:21 Libra Privacy and AML/KYC Contradiction
    02:29:20 Going Under 8500?
    02:29:54 Stocks
    02:30:22 Multi-Million Bitcoin
    02:30:59 Carnivore Diet
    02:31:15 Ripple
    02:31:39 Favorite Sex Toy
    02:31:59 Lightning and KYC
    02:33:00 Strape Telegram
    02:34:05 Conclusion

  2. Is the dip over?

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  4. Drop the lame jewelries, pick up some weights bro

  5. Richard thanks for posting these videos very informative!!

  6. Toni Vays is still calling for $4500 before the halvening – what are we to make of this? BTW great video Richard, very interesting all through.

  7. This guy is a genius. He makes so much sense and provides the best perspective on current matters. Although his thoughts on EOS might be a little bias

  8. Aaaand XRP going live tomorrow with SBI.

  9. Man you are intelligent but you really dont' know shit about whats going on with remittance market. Your just here to shill your shitcoin. What a fake phony bitch. Telling ppl buy your coin youll get rich and talking ignorance about xrp. History is gonna shit all over you . sorry.

  10. your like a bad gay version of kenny powers

  11. The guy that sold 8k believed tone vays lmao

  12. I didn't get an alert. WTF Youtube?

  13. Haha would love to see a debate between you and Schiff. I think he would be the one doing the destroying but it would be funny nonetheless 😂

  14. Lol gold sucks because it dents 😂😂 wtf

  15. is that a hex earring i see?

  16. I loved this video! You're hilarious and make a lot of good points. Nice HEX jewellery btw😁

  17. Haven't watched your videos for quite some time, just came here to check if you had abandoned HEX, but wow, this session was great, on point on every topic and clearer than ever. Can't wait for HEX, it's has taken long time.

  18. Glad I found your channel. You certainly know your shit and are not afraid to say what's on your mind. And yes – our centralized education system is a major problem. For 6 to 8 years almost nothing practical is learned. Teachers who attempt this are usually let go..

  19. stop this chat sound man i cannot hear more, sorry

  20. Happy to be a man like you! 😉 We are like friends. Youre clever and you dont only understand crypto, you also understand things of life in general. I love listening to you! 🙂

    Can you please make a tutorial, how to buy hex/reveal, when the start of hex will be?

    Greetings and Support from Germany!

  21. I tried to tell crypto community that Trump is a Tard. Most in US thought he was some type of business genius, but his recent comments on fed interest rates, tariffs, and trade wars illustrates that this guy may know all about pumping and bankrupting a business/nation, but he knows nothing about how money and markets work. Today, he said the Dow would be 10K points higher if Fed did not raise rates. The tard does not realize that by lowering interest rates and using the fed to buy up the market is the fastest way to kill the USD. But sliver lining, this Tard is perfect for the explosion of the crypto market as he is only accelerating the death of the dollar. …And for you Trumptards out there, NO this is not some mastermind secretly wanting to push BTC higher…Trump brags that he doesnt know how to use email, so I doubt he has the capacity to even understand BTC….Amen Mr. Heart keep telling the cold hard truth to these rubes!

  22. There’s something comfortably honest about watching your videos man. Even if I disagree with you on something I usually enjoy hearing you talk. I would love to hear you on Joe Rogan. I feel like there is a lot more to uncover beyond the crypto.

  23. Very sincere and informative content. Like it👍

  24. Somebody help me understand Richard's reasoning regarding stocks that starts at @. I accept that you might not own the stock yourself, but what about dividend. Even if you can't decide the dividend yourself, you at least get as much dividend as the majority decides that it should be. So, a stock becomes like a money printing machine that you can be quite sure will print money if you know that the owners want it bad enough. 

    However, even if it's a money printing machine, you should only buy it if you think you can sell it to someone else in the future or if you plan to become so old that the amount of printed money exceeds what you bought the stock for and then some (if you get 4% each year, you'll get your money back after 25 years, and you'll double it after 50 years… which probably isn't worth you not having the money for the first 25 years). And I guess the "sell it to someone else" part only can be done because they in turn think that they can sell it to someone else, not because the money printing machine in itself is so much worth.

    I don't know if I'm arguing against myself here. I'm mostly confused 😛

  25. Wonder if BTC will go to 8.5k soon. It seems so wonky. If so, it'll be on sale! xo

  26. Smart and funny Bear is designing his own scenarios at the life stage, shows life-show life. Lively !!!

  27. what do you think about BTC being under $10K ?

  28. you called it. It took two months but you nailed it. $8400 today, 9/24

  29. 01:08:22 I believe the term you are looking for is charging order

  30. 01:41:30 hey genius, you can use more than one data feed for an oracle ya know. 👌🏽 Hence the term decentralized Oracle