Wednesday , November 20 2019
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Whats going on with Ethereum? Vitalik wants to use Bitcoin Cash?

In an odd transfer, Vitalik Buterin has mused about utilizing the Bitcoin Money chain as a short lived information availability layer.

What does this imply for Ethereum? And is the layer 2 scaling work displaying indicators of a decelerate?

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  1. Cricky, that enough for me to abandon ETH now!

  2. Really interesting. The amount of passion around BCH is sure to flow over to the love (or hate) for Ethereum

  3. Bitcoin cash is struggling development wise. Losing lots of money. It wont survive the long term

  4. You say all this about adding second layer tech and the additional system complexity exponentially increasing possible failure points.. And yet you still think LN is the answer.. Aren't you contradicting yourself?? I don't get it??

  5. This is actually very good news. Rationality over tribalism will boost both currencies in the long term.

  6. Just shows that 2.0 is soo far away… mite as well just use EOS. But everyone's to proud in this space for the whole space to move forward more rapidly.

  7. It's funny you say this now because you were so fond of ethos, which I commented was another point of failure and makes all coins on it less secure by relying on a less secure network.

  8. ETH going back to double digits!

  9. Buterin noob, btrash is scam, ethereum is scam, sold this poop

  10. Schnorrs signatures is already implemented months back on Bitcoin Cash.

  11. Sold eth permanently
    Good bye & Rip

  12. Crypto is getting more about the technical features and growth. Its about time. From a techincal point of view this is sound. Scalability is now being tapped out with ETH. Overall demand can more easily be met. Think of it as a 2 step process for ETH.

  13. Bye etherum see you at $1.00 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  14. Haaa!! Crap coin…the beggining of the end…smh!

  15. EOS is at, where ETH is trying to be, so why not just go with EOS.

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  17. It's a good thing join or lose the game. More cryptos need to do the same . To many cryptos that are moving to slow. Join now

  18. Litecoin is more decentralized. LTC is as decentralized as bitcoin. Maybe not a concern for Etherium.

  19. Vitalik is brilliant but not very wise. He should figure out how to simplify ETH where we don't have 1000 different units of account. Just BTC will suffice. At this point tons of investors expect returns from their 3 letter investments, and that model obviously can't work. Retarded kids losing their playing chips just doesn't look good. Uninvited characters will show up taking samples and stuff. It feels like watching a slasher movie in slow mo and somebody should do something. The future is being built and all the pieces should fit. We (STILL) have tools like air drops, attaching block chains to other block chains, etc. Furniture will need to be rearranged quick because they are coming fast (am I right?). Rootstock and Ethereum can trade places and it will look the same. TIME IS UP!

  20. if thats the case why is the price and market cap so poor

  21. Yesterday i have accumulated 3.8 ETH on exchange @t to exchange Eth / ETH. There are people who sell at a loss or a bot who has gone crazy i think!