Saturday , September 26 2020
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$100,000 Bitcoin Price Is Not Crazy! Is CME Ready For Ethereum Futures?

Bitcoin worth to $100,000 by 2021, Ethereum heating up, and Bitcoin safer than ever as US regulators look set to supply readability.

Lengthy Bitcoin on BYBIT


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  1. I would love to see a prediction about when the BTC availability runs out. OK 21 mil to start, 5-6 mil lost, 15-16 mil left but that has to be getting close to empty with all the big boys in the market. That,I'm sure would be the shite hitting the fan. Lol

  2. I had all or most of my stack in BTC bought at 3k. I made a move on the last big jump to move most into XRP. Wish I had left it alone for a while longer. But thats trading, friends. Sucks though. LOL

  3. If you can't make winning trades in the cash market STAY AWAY from leverage. If you are not disciplined and or don't know what you are doing you will get REKT! Dollar cost averaging and a HODL strategy may be best suited for most who want to profit from Bitcoin long term. Just my opinion of course.

  4. If I invest in Fidelity crypto will I be able to transfer my crypto to my wallet?

  5. Taxation is only theft if it's used for military blunder rather then public sector services. Pay your taxes folks don't let "ancap" pigs convince you that Bitcoin will save you

  6. $589 XRP will truly be life changing in the next few years……

  7. my forex broker has bitcoin vs usd option.. if i buy a .01 "lot size" does that mean i own the bitcoin or what…? please help

  8. Lark, why is CZ Binance being anti- Eth?
    Purely business or ???
    Kiora dude! 😎

  9. Lark could u do a video on litecoin and why its been stuck at 120 not going up or down? Whats your real thought on litecoin in the future. Do you think it could coexist with bitcoin? Personally i feel it can where you would use bitcoin for larger transaction and litecoin for more everyday use like ur bills or what not. Also not everyone can own bitcoin since the supply is limited, not that theres that many litecoin either but its something else people can hold on for value. Do u think litecoin is silver to bitcoins gold currently? Im 90% invested in bitcoin and 10% in litecoin so would be nice to hear ur thoughts!

  10. Lark, a couple of years ago you were big on Cardano, but you had some reservations – where do you stand today?

  11. 1. DINERO (DIN) 2. (BCD) bitcoin diamond. 3. Pundi X (npxs) get these three coins to cover all aspects of the globe for a great profit return

  12. taxation is theft indeed

  13. taxation is slavery – it says that the government owns you and everything you own and do since the US government recognizes no limits to its power to tax

  14. Big middle FINGER for alts

  15. Today i send a link to a friend…

    Guess what that link opens???

    You cours Lark 😊👍🏻

  16. 98.5k Followers!! 😃 soon 100k 😎😁😍🎈🎈🎈

  17. How do I buy some of this cryptolark, he makes a lot of sense.

  18. One thing that was not mentioned as the elephant in the room. The US Fiat dollar. If the dollar dies? What happens to Bitcoin? If you get $100,000 for a bitcoin what can you buy for $100,000 at that time.

  19. A Bitcoin price of $100,000 is a reaction to the U.S. Dollar and the Federal Reserves permanent QE. We are witnessing the destruction of the U.S. Dollar. Some price predictions of a million per Bitcoin will be when the dollar loses its reserve status. Bitcoin has value the dollar does not.

  20. Stop pumping bitcoin so much.

    It's ridiculous how all you yt gurus try to out compete each other.

    Enough already!!

  21. Lark – Time to move the rat on the wall! Kind of like Robinhood, Men in Tights"! Great video!

  22. Nobody on this planet or this realm can predict the true future price of bitcoin, Period!. Bitcoin time traveller has got it right with almost absolute accuracy, his 2019 prediction is 100K, 2021 1 million I think. I think by late this year early next year we'll see 100K BTC if only for a moment.I've been an Ethereum holder for a while now, I think it will be nauseating to look back at ETH prices today wishing we loaded the boat.

  23. I'm 37% certain that THAT is the best shirt on Youtube.

  24. Do videos on alts too like agi.

  25. I was hoping you would say that ethereum will have a "tenthening".

  26. Prices going up and just now they closed Polish exchange site
    With my f***k Bitcoins!!!!!!!!!

  27. Taxation is theft. You just became my new best fiend, Lark!

  28. Hoskinson said recently that in under a year Cardano will make etherium look like a toy. Why invest in second generation chains when numerous third generation chains are coming fast?

  29. Now us users on huobi are bannned wow I told you everyone would follow

  30. Lark. I'm having difficulty buying NASH

  31. Mark Mobius is even coming around :).

  32. Taxation is indeed theft. However taxation is used to offset other theft ie theft to offset other theft. The theft already occurred before taxation even entered the equation. Those in power realize that taxation allows them to create divisions between the classes and keeps them fighting for the left over crumbs of the centralized power structure. It is all about divide and conquer so as to distract from those at the top who are doing the real stealing and calling the shots. Great vid as always Lark!

  33. Hi Lark! Thank you for keeping us informed and providing us with great contents.

  34. i've never been concerned about btc's security against any 51% attacks, but no matter how many computers are linked to it to decentralize it, it will not save it from a virus.  imagine.. all those computers getting quietly infected all at once, and then data getting modified.. screwed up.. like random digits placed into wallets or 0s or none-numbers. or addresses completely disappear, or miners rewarded more or less what is normal or caps to supply breaking down.  It is a computer system and shit happens.  so don't think you are so safe from stuff going wrong.
    In fact, a virus is likely to spread faster the more connected it is for decentralization. and each system accepts the infected block info because they are each infected.

    Perhaps Neo leaps into it and we watch it squirm a while, helpless to react fast enough, infecting it and then bursts.

    But then again, maybe btc comes back by duplicating its infected code over and over, outnumbering Neo.

    For this reason, this is why i don't consider btc or btg or any crypto as better than 'gold', when gold is something no one or no glitch can ever modify

    The world can blow up and the space dust would still contain the gold supply. 

    crypto has its uses, true, but maybe it isn't so wise to stack too much dependency into one blockchain.  Eggs should be in various baskets.  because if you lose, you lose everything.  a virus is inevitable..  just a matter of when.  and any crypto is susceptible.

  35. TAXes – The IRS doesn't know how to tax us?
    I have the solution;  get rid of capital-gains tax and consider crypto as a retail store item by making it fall under Retail Tax.. 

    Think about how we use crypto..  unlike stocks it has utility in their respective networks.. especially utility tokens
    Which i bet "burn" systems would confuse the hell out of the IRS as they try to track where it went.  So tokens are something we buy to USE in addition to invest in..  As if i bought several gallons of milk at the store to consume but also because i thought the price would go up and i'll resell the rest.

    Retail tax is the clear solution.  this way, the exchanges they CAN CONTROL, can collect TAXes on every trade and send the taxes collected immediately to a government wallet address automatically with smart contracts.

    Then nobody has to worry about keeping track of this insane shit and worry about figuring out what was earned by the end of the year. 

    I've given up keeping track of it.  I am clueless what my own earnings are.  All i know is what fiat i put in..  how and which crypto i made money in and every trade between various cryptos, at crypto-to-crypto trades…  Where do i begin? 
    I measure all my trades in Eth..  to figure out the dollar value of each thing i moved out of as i moved into another, at the time of the trade; impossible..  especially when each exchange has a different value on it at any given time.  I could only guess, and i'd be far off on my estimates.

    So even when we want to be honest and pay our taxes, we can't.  it is just too hard.

    And for those of us that want to avoid taxes with crypto it is easy enough.

    So as far as my government is concerned, i report nothing. when the tax forms ask about cryptos i just leave it blank and dont acknowledge owning any. 

    "what is a crypto?" is my stance.
    But our solution is so obvious; if they want their taxes and want it accurate, the Retail Tax it at the Exchange level instead of trusting us to know what we are doing to report capital gains taxes.

    And one of the main reasons Retail stores dont like accepting btc or eth or any crypto that is not stable in price.. non-stable-coins…  is because if the payment is received in btc or eth and the price moves up or down while it is in their possession, then they have to keep track of and report any capital gains or losses and they have enough to keep track of with inventory, salaries and such.

    This is why stable-coins are all the retail sector will ever want.
    True there are a few places accepting non-stable-coin but those businesses are starting to feel the headache and some have backed out of it.  And none of them are hodlers.

    When Richard Branson was asked if Virgin would accept bitcoin he said he said yes but admitted that they'd sell it off immediately for fiat..

    And if retailers are starting to use it more and selling out of it instantly, that means they will drive the price down, as they would accept the bidding price just to get out of it immediately so they can have their fiat to pay their employees with.

    Anyways.  IRS needs to stop asking us and just get rid of capital gains taxes. and income taxes.  everything should just be taxed automatically at retail.

    without income taxes or capital gains taxes, our lives become so much simpler.  i'm all for them doubling the retail tax on everything and adding a retail tax on crypto and stocks/bonds to exchanges if it means me paying out more, in the end, when i go to spend. 
    I believe in taxes.. i dont want to be a criminal, but they make it too easy for me to be anything but.
    i'd gladly pay those high retail taxes if it means shutting the IRS up and simplifying my life so i dont have to keep track of anything.

  36. Love me some btc eth elastos and maker

  37. He went back on the 10 times eth reduction and said it was a theory

  38. Pathetic shill channel. Yes, just throw out any goofy number, $500,000 bitcoin! You look stupid in delivery also. Look at yourself.