Friday , December 4 2020
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Ethereum Supply Shock, Bitcoin Correlation, Electrum Lightning, Liquid Swaps & New Lumens Listing

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  1. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS C YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!! 🤣🤣…I be waiting for that ending every time hahaha

  2. a 10x reduction from 2 eth would be 0.2 eth , not 0.02 eth… just sayin..

  3. I was in Odessa last summer 😍

  4. It’s just puzzling to me how crypto adoption has increased, partnerships are happening out the woodwork, institutions( TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, ledgerx, etc), institutional investors, banks, OTC purchases that are happening, many countries are adopting crypto and the prices/value have not completely skyrocketed is extremely puzzling to me.. It’s no way crypto is not in a multi trillion dollar market currently. If you take into account it was at 800 billion dollar market cap in 2017 with only a fraction of all the buzz circling the market now.. things are just not adding up!

  5. I’m telling you, so many make fun of Cardano for implementing to slowly. Cardano will beat out Ethereum when it comes to development.

  6. Genuine question: Why didn’t Satoshi create Bitcoin as an anonymous coin?

  7. The crazy thing is ADA already doing this and about to come out 😂 so Technically for 7 years ETH was going Backwards now ETH is behind ADA and ADA is much Cheaper 🧐 I think 🤔 ima buy a lot more ADA and a lil more ETH

  8. TMI is the only source for news.

  9. They all copy the #Kingbtc👑
    Eth aint going down to 0.2 per mth! #DYOR oh and not till 2021… 😉 #bitcoin 21m SOV🎯💯

  10. Does XBT move lower from here? Gold 2020 Forecast says 20,000 by september.

  11. Ive used Liquid, it works very well and quickly.

  12. Any knowledge of or opinion about XYO?

  13. What is the prof of stakes exactly ? I’m holding eth and I’m using coinbase and robinhood! Do I need to act when it comedy?

  14. Thanks for your content and awareness greatly aprriciated!

  15. What about the “pink elephant” in the room: bitfinex/tether?

  16. I bought BTC when they were $200.. this honestly feels like the same place where Eth is at now. Wouldnt be surprised to see Eth at $10k in 5 years… This might be the best play for stratospheric gains in crypto right now. Much better chance than other alts of succeeding and BTC is unlikely to 100x again

  17. too many shitcoins on the etherium platform , shits never going up, only because whales diversify their money to the top coins

  18. I am not sure that I completely understand the halving process in its entirety. The rate of halving does not seem to make much sense to me, especially at these early stages. Also, when we consider the reward, or the incentive that miners receive for their work, that seems to be significantly reduced at each halving.

  19. Ethereum is centrally governed. Thus it's worthless. Sure is easy to fool the eth-ards into buying more of their crapto-currency only to dump it later. Buy BTC or LTC. Stay away from ETH and any other centrally manipulated currency.

  20. Atomic swaps, MAST, Schnorr signatures… This is the real tech progress! – Don't buy into the ETH hype. Proof of stake? Not proven, prone to manipulation. Enough said.

    BTC and LTC are where the real important work is being done! Lightning network FTW

  21. Great breaking story on ETH!! The time to accumulate is always before the masses. This ETH supply short coupled with the BTC halvening = crypto market explodes in 2020

  22. Please donate me some Ethereum, coz I ain't got nothing: 0xC7104265AEb1dd2Ad6851f8CFcd6Ee33570CB74e

  23. Thanks for the video. Keep it coming, watched all videos from inception of this channel!

  24. Ethereum is great but the question is will there be any economy left by 2021!? The global economy is falling apart at an alarming rate.

  25. Depsite the good news we've had in the space and supplies being lowered, there are still prominent crypto price-prediction websites such as Wallet Investor that assume most cryptos including BTC and ETH will drop considerably in the next two years and are 'bad' long-term investments.

    I find these forecasts to be bizarre.

  26. So, ETH going POS, but issuance going down? I guess running a staking node is 10x cheaper than running a miner….

  27. If you have chainlink and ignored eth you are ignoring the goose that lays the golden eggs…. Most well researched investors have already invested in Eth, you be Careful but I would hold at least 1 if I were you

  28. Very much looking forward to the electrum updates

  29. 8:00 true some of my alts are seeing nice gains today. X-Cash is up 20% and Callisto Network 25%.