Monday , November 30 2020
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Ethereum 2.0 Date Confirmation, Bitcoin World Wide, Crypto Price Alerts & Legal In Two Weeks

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  1. Bitcoin just hit 11k dollar per coin

  2. ETH 2.0 is like ADA 0.1 JUST WAIT FOR CARDANO

  3. Nice video😍 I think, crypto should go in real on p2pb2b work in the environmental field, respect this project👍🏻🚀

  4. …"so you pick up the telephone and call someone who will listen to you scream at them…" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Awesome, lol…needed that laugh this morning!

  5. when the amount of emojis in the comment section increases and when 70% of the used emojis are the dollar-sign or the rocked emoji than its time to go out.

  6. I want to say thank you for this dreaming channel you are giving us for free

  7. Why are you so certain Etherium will grow?

  8. I’ve been using Coinbase notifications on iOS in uk for the last uuuuhhh 6 weeks? Maybe longer

  9. Chinese Bamboo…

  10. Thank you for reminding us that Satoshies ARE Bitcoin💛There is no need to own a full Bitcoin to own some Bitcoin 💛

  11. Question: If fiat crashes, what do we use to value our crypto? Bitcoin?

  12. Would you recommend CRYPTOBRIDGE DEX ??

  13. Pack your bags boys….we are going to the Citadel!

  14. Xrp is finally moving for those who been around for years. .50 today boys?

  15. The elites may use other platforms besides Coinbase but I feel so called regular people will continue to use Coinbase

  16. XRP was just at 49 Cent 😬👌🏾

  17. That's only the monetary base M1 and because that's the smallest part we should at least use M2. So Bitcoin is not even in the top 20. More room to grow.

  18. So… is the idea not to cash out when you feel you want to OR still hang on to it because fiat is going to crash (ive heard this). And… if/when anyone cashes out… what"s the deal with taxes? If you can sell and not pay taxes (which ive heard ppl say they aren't going to because their gov't won't know)….

    How is all that working? Im in Canada and there is Bitnational here. Are they monitored by CRA?

    For those that say "screw govt and paying taxes".. how are you…. not going to? Aren't all the exchanges monitored? Ie you have to register etc

  19. Can you do another video on what to buy and what cryptos you believe in? Thanks man!

  20. You know what crazy is:
    If you own 1 Bitcoin, you know that many millionaers wont have one! How crazy is that?
    And what they gonna pay you to own that 1 Bitcoin, if they fomo in!?
    One day there will be the 1 bitcoin club…

  21. Too many oligarchs are too stuck-in to Bitcoin for it to be banned. Cronyism at its finest (but is better for the crypto space, go figure).

  22. Vlad didn't want crypto in Russia because it would be too hard to game the system.

  23. Just had a conversation with Bread Garlic in the House , he said relaxxx XRP is on the way…

  24. Very Very long time listener and subscriber. Nice to see this happening 🙂 Think people still don't think a $100,000 btc or $10 xrp will happen or they would be buying the heck out of it at these levels. Will be interesting in a couple years the reaction when this actually happens 🙂

  25. I hope one day I get the pleasure of meeting you TMI! You are a legend.

  26. That Fomo is real. People messaging me all over the place but I been talking about BTC since it was 3k

  27. Okay ish news,pg i rspct.

  28. Hi all. When ETH switches from POW I wonder what the TPS will be. Enjoy the ride all.

  29. Sooooooo WHAT website/app is the 1 featured on screen @the end of your vids that provides the SATOSHI profit/loss percentage?

  30. The Duma (Russia) going to protect the people. They don't going to protect the government (the rich) and the investors (the rich). They will protect the Russian Citizens, as they suppose to do, LOLOLOLO.

    Get wealthy, freedom and have fun, this is Crypto for me.

  31. Funny part we buy all these coins not for technology but to make a bunch of money and convert it to fiat. So crypto supports fiat. Lol

  32. Russia progression before US, not possible! Hopefully this will light a fire. 👍

  33. Congratulations for crossing thousend videos, will you please make video on if libra launched then effect on XRP?

  34. Do you still hold a bullish view on omiseGO now that facebook’s “crypto” currency has been announced?

  35. Coinbase will most likely be bought out by one of the traditional exchanges like….Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity…etc…etc. At that point, most of the crypto exchanges will disappear. The Options market did the same thing back in the 1970's, there were hundreds of Option Exchanges until Stock Exchanges smelled the money involved, then they pounced and options became a normal part of everyday trading. This will be the maturing of the Crypto Space and like it or not, it has to happen for the BIG money to come into this market.

  36. What price (in BTC) do you think Ethereum will be in January? I don’t care about dollar prices, it’s all about Bitcoin!!! I think it could hit somewhere from 0.06 to 0.09 BTC. Agree?

  37. why is no one is talking about Latium Project?

  38. Fook Russia and their regulations

  39. I really really REALLY like ETH.
    Has anyone sent ETH lately. So quick now. Our seat at the HEAD of the 'High Table' is all but certain.

  40. Do you happen to know about DigiByte?

  41. Question, is it better to put as much as I can into BTC? Or also have ETH since is cheaper and more accessible ?

  42. this will also benefit POA network , I filled my bag