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Honest Thoughts On Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum 2.0 Is Launching in 6 Months | Here is What You Must Know!

Ethereum 2.0 is launching on January third, 2020. Here is what that would imply for the way forward for Ethereum, EOS, and cryptocurrencies as a complete.


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  1. EOS fan, but I am concerned about the centralization potential of EOS. Having ETH around ensures we have a decentralized platform imo.

  2. Fuck vitalics shitcoin, guys an open communist. They’ve done nothing but troll eos, hope to see eth go to zero where it belongs.

  3. There is place for everybody. Happy to see ETH trying to catch up with EOS for once…this will be fun. Next year EOS will be 12 faster and ready for multithreading…big party ahead.

  4. Today i have accumulated 2.7 eth on exchange to exchange Eth to ETH. There are people who sell at a loss or a bot who has gone crazy i think!

  5. Fuck EOS, it won’t even be a thing 2 years from now, lol.

  6. I am not EOS maximalist. I am crypto realist. EOS is superb in many way and misunderstood by many or refuse to admit it superiority improvement over the other. However, B1 seems screw it up heading to direction could buried entire great project into cemetery hole ready for them. Still too early to tell, hopefully those so call KYC apply only to VOICE's EOS account. Else, you will see mass dump hard and furious to shitcoin status.

    For me, already took half of my holding back to BTC. Will buy back if VOICE KYC is not apply to EOS holder not using VOICE. Else, dump every single one before suffer huge lost.

  7. How would ethereum be centralized by whales if it only takes 35 eth to stake? That's not much at all. If anything whales will have more to lose if they're not honest.

  8. fees is to stop people from ddosing the network with spam traffic, EOS people don't know that. Stops bots doing wash trading and company that have a huge stake in their coin from doing it like tron for example of doing wash trading.

  9. Ethereum has already succeeded. Hopefully EOS has a bright future as well.

  10. that date is for phase 0 and it brings nothing except running the beacon chain , and you talk like eth 2.0 already here.

  11. I like EOS, I like Eth, I like BTC. They all claim to be decentralized but we can argue that none of them truly are. In my opinion they all have a good enough model for decentralization as best as it can be achieved, but they all fail at a good governance model. The problem I see with all crypto currencies is that it takes power away from the many and gives it to the few. The current fiat system sucks but the democratic government model is leaps and bounds better than any governance model I've seen in crypto. I think once we can solve online identity by having a cryptographically secure way to ensure one user one vote even if they have multiple accounts then we will truly have an ecosystem that is ready for mass adoption. As it stands wether it's proof of work, stake, or delegated proof of stakes the whales and big miners control the protocol. Lets not get blinded 1-5 % of the globe are actively in crypto. The other 95% of the planet have not weighed in yet and I don't see mass adoption for these governance models unless they change. I think delegated proof of stake is best positioned for a one user one vote governance if we can build the infrastructure. This is why I like eosio.

  12. Sorry man, i leave EOS because of all the politics happen in BP. Eos New York BP got knock down from top 21 BP and all EOS Maximalist feel bad, I mean you cannot beat the whales.

  13. you don't have dude get on that for micro monetization!

  14. It will take a miracle for this mess to work properly..

  15. Ethereum is king of the alts. Every other alt wants to connect to it.