Sunday , May 31 2020


ETHEREUM BREAKOUT LOOMING?? MY TARGETS! Keep cautious as effectively..

Not Monetary Recommendation!
Leisure solely!

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  1. Thanks Chris! Always enjoy your videos

  2. Thanks for the updates. What are your thoughts on PPT today?

  3. Ethereum and litecoin are the best choice guys,
    1, Ethereum is the bottomest price now,that’s why is so safe to buy Ethereum,all time high was $1200-$1300,it’s very easy to shoot to$500 guys,
    2,Litcoin is the strongest and most bullish coin.
    Buying Ethereum and accumulating Litcoin are the best,never go wrong with these two coins

  4. Nice video 👍😎 you should have double the amount of subs for the variety of excellent vids on the different coins you do!

  5. With bitmax or forex market, you can made 100.000-1.000.000 with this upward move 🤯

  6. Chris really appreciate your work. Could you maybe list the books that you are studying? I know you've mentioned a couple before but I didn't bookmark the vid. You could probably do it with an amazon link you get a little nibble when we buy!

  7. Sorry I meant the other books you have mentioned previous to now! Tks.

  8. Breakout is very close 👍

  9. I love what you are doing in your videos. Thanks for your input.

  10. I forgot about Ethereum for a couple of weeks, now that you are talking about it, the price has been stuck around this area, it will probably break above. So if it breaks above 273 without hesitation it's time to buy and make some profit

  11. I think we are going back to 236 then to 368-385

  12. Thanks. Always great content. Been following since way back

  13. While stocks are on the red, bitcoin keeps on rising.

  14. Good video man I have been looking for TA videos on ether

  15. Awesome videos Chris, Thank You

  16. Chris, i got in Xrp, and the big BTC. YOU HAVE OPENED UP MY INTUITION , AS I reflected on your xrp analysis, and Im expecting a big pump. Its broken 43 on bittrex..Im expecting another June correction, similar to the 5th….ad per Bo Polnys seemingly correct dates on cryptos.

  17. ETH fundamentals look good. Try not to credit all the upside to TA. chicken / egg

  18. what chart platform are you using