Friday , December 4 2020
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Ethereum + UbiSoft, Bitcoin Is About To Explode, Crypto Popularity & Ethereum On Amazon

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  1. Since the fb coin is a stable coin? Is it going to touch bitcoin/litecoin?

  2. and ubisoft will probably use 0x to trade in game items.

  3. Hey TMI, why not try to step up your game a bit and do some Q&A with your community?
    just a suggestion, love your content <3

  4. Does anyone know how much transactions per second Global coin is capable of?

  5. I'd like to see a market place where you can also SELL items back. And that items are hack proof due to block chain. I used to love item collection in wow and Diablo.

  6. Dude you remind me of Michael Baisden! You have a radio personality voice! Makes you very easy to listen to. Preciate your time and info!

  7. Thumbs down to UbiSoft, not OP. Remember the Diablo 3 fiasco?

  8. I wonder if the search results are just vpns

  9. If I didn't already have my bags full, I'd be loading up on BNB today!

  10. presearch!!!! bull run…..

  11. Your Seeeeeeyou is sounding a little off😀Either way great second new's show!

  12. IMO, the whole reason binance was worth a shit was because you didn't have to worry about kyc/gov snooping on your business. Sold all my bnb this morning.

  13. Thank you Sir, for your hard work making these videos!

  14. The worst Sssssseeeee You EVER😅

  15. Chinese Bamboo…

  16. Is it still possible to receive EOS airdrops? Very bullish on EOS, and was wondering if so, how many EOS do you need to hold to receive these air drops? Who doesn't like free crypto??

  17. 3/10 top cities searching for "buy bitcoin" are from Australia!

  18. TMI is the best YouTuber ever

  19. Check out Enjin wallet/coin. Blockchain gaming on eth network. U can sell your weapon/armor that u get in game for crypto. Any game developer can implement this system if they want. Super cool.

  20. It would be awesome to hear a conversation between you and Andreas Antonopoulos.

  21. EOS is so far ahead with a digital goods standards, not just on the EOS main with " d goods" but with eos sister chain wax. Also eos is about to launch a digital goods leasing function on chintai with liquidity that can be everywhere at once. The games coming out on eos are mind blowing.

  22. Help me get to 1k followers so I can livestream guys!!!

  23. Perhaps Asia isn’t represented due to local search engines; Koreans use naver over google, 100 to 1

  24. Dgoods on Eos is further along.

  25. you should ask andreas for an interview, would be amazing !!

  26. MI, what are your thoughts on ALL of the Bittrex de-listings? Please share.

  27. Us Aussies love our crypto mate!!!

  28. Woohoooo, SwOrD fight!!
    Golem: What was that on the floor, something shiny? My precious…😆
    Thanks for the info brother, great content as usual! 👍

  29. Hahaha, wtf kind of ending was this XDD

  30. "Something on the floor was shiny"

    If it was a Bitcoin you should probably pick it up.

  31. haha, people search for BTC, XRP, ETH using their native languages. If all the cities listed are English speaking cities, then that is why. I doubt the Asian countries search for "bitcoin" as they probably neither speak English nor use the latin character set.

  32. TMI, i would love for you to do pocast so i can listen to you on my walks or at the gym, or just doing nothing..

  33. I played fortnite a lot and i noticed the days that the erc20 tokens were offline so were the v bucks system inside fortnite.
    I were not so lazy i could explain what i found but all i have are screenshots and post on ig about it.

  34. Ubisoft is coming late to this. Enjin has already done this with its Gaming Multiverse Ecosystem!

  35. You need to play more video games. Lol

  36. I'm a ETH guy and I'm pleased to hear Singapore, London and New York arebin thec Ethereum list.
    The reason Australia coties are mentioned so strongly is last year major banks I'm Oz were fined and investigated for fraudently embezzeling 100"s of millions$$ off the Australian public. True story.
    Facebook bullshit coin will not make a dent in true crypto.