Friday , December 4 2020
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10 Year Ethereum Bull Run, Ernst & Young Using Ethereum, Binance Traffic & Crypto Ownership

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  1. 8% of US citizens have cryptocurrency Investments? Seems high.

  2. Finally someone who speaks what I think. Back in the days when I was just small, I started mining as benchmarks for my brand new 4core pc wit a 8800gt. Just for fun, I hated ETH. Now a few years later I am more bullish on eth then ever, but no one else seems so. They are looking for the newest alts, not able to see what eth does bc everything else is suppose to be a eth killer.. thanks man!

  3. Go ahead and skip this video if you don't like gadgets. But I'm a dad, and I found the perfect one.

  4. ETH at 3 – 6k USD wouldnt surprise me next run

  5. hahahahaha! thanks for another great video, buddy! 😀

  6. Ethereum going to $5000 2020

  7. Devcon5 Osaka Japan in October will pump eth 🙂 I’ll be there #sahdu of the blockchain

  8. Two words crypto kitties 🐱

  9. this chart is definitely wrong nobody own bitcoin here , just me 🙂

  10. and if you try to own dollar government charge you with extra tax, that is new.

  11. slow down dude your voice is annoying this is not an Auction event

  12. I’m in since it was 190$, not selling unti it reach at least 3k ….

  13. Ethereum is the real thing…
    Forget about BitCON.
    5G and AI are just around the corner and the ubiquitous, prevailing currency will be Ether, NOT Bitcon.

  14. Definitely Stellar is the best Crypto for investment in 2019

  15. bruh, 'cryptoassets' is just an umbrella term,

    under it are 'cryptocurrencies', 'cryptocomoddities', and 'cryptotokens'

    calm yo teets

    they're just clarifying taxonomy

  16. Ellipal Cold Wallet the way to go