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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Binance Technical Analysis Chart 6/8/2019 by

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  1. Recorded 8:45 AM Eastern

  2. Dan thank you for your time, for making these videos. You're one of the best guys here who explains how to approach the market ,not based on your bias but on the market data.

  3. Hi – I am loving your teaching and charting. When I have saved enough to use your charting platform I will be with you. I only have about $500 total invested. $300 in LTC, $100 in XRP, and $100 in BTC. I also love to watch your garden videos at the end and other trips. Ive noticed the animal on your wall and was wondering what is was and if you are able to have animals at your location. I know this is a good start for me and plan on placing about $100 every other week. Where should I be investing. I think LTC halfining event and think until August I should place 25% in each LTC, XRP, BTC weighting heavier in LTC? Thank you kindly for all you do.

  4. Litecoin should be $250-$500 easily the best coin.

  5. Antifomo position = Dan for HODL 2019!

  6. I’m the same way. Anything I do I try to do it the best I can

  7. BAT & STEEM?
    🙂 Thnx

  8. great "big picture" video

  9. Always nice to hear some words on mindset and priorities thanks. Stay grounded there is,always another day to make good trades

  10. Nice update, a look at VET would be awesome ! Cheers

  11. Would you mind talking $ETC tomorrow? It's also a 'coinbase' coin with an OTC stock equivalent ($ETCG) that went parabolic after breaking up on a rising triangle ($9.30~) and now trading at an insane 300% premium now. Unlikely ETC follows ETCG's lead, but ETC has the same setup, but with a 2 month lag.

  12. KMD – NEO – GAS. All should be 10-20x gains in the next parabolic run. Would love to see your TA on these….

  13. Thanks Dave. Do Good Things.

  14. Dan, where can I get a Do Good Things Hoodie?

  15. Satanic goat worshipper?

  16. Love your videos. I've been learning a lot. Thanks! 🙂

  17. Thanks a lot for this video and especially the outro was great to watch and listen to. Love the music!

  18. Yeah in regards to the psychological game… 🧠 I noticed I got way better and had less FOMO when I posted my trade setups publicly on Facebook or Instagram. It forced me to step back and make better decisions and understand the amount of risk I'm taking. If I'm not comfortable sharing my trades, then I know I'm not making optimal choices. Checking yourself by journaling works! 👍

    I think Warren Buffet had a similar idea… That you should only execute business decisions if you are willing to have those choices reported publicly in the newspaper. 🤔

  19. youre a good guy you have a pleasent voice

  20. Hey Dan, I didn't quite understand your comment about that lower low holding and not breaking. From my vantage point, it did break and even broke the low on 23rd of May at $7467. If I was to comment on this, I would say this was the appropriate oversold bounce to enter long on and if not, then perhaps $7400 would have been the next area for support (in fact I tried to get in just a few dollars sigh of this low at around $7423 smh). Did you expect it to touch this point and then break bearish on a continuation bear flag or something? I'm not sure what you meant unfortunately.

  21. But WHO knows how high this crypto currency will go now that crypto is becoming "mainstream" with big investment houses like Fidelity? It could be these things will soar when "mom and pop" buyers…start to buy!

  22. Interesting news that Łitecoin creator Charlie Lee has had meeting with US Presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Article overleaf …🌬..🧞‍♂️

    With 2019 August Łitecoin reward halving getting closer everyday and Powlow da Don radio ad campaign, I’m expecting a further pump on Łitecoin …….and follow through uptrend with Bitcoin as a result

  23. Youtube not sending notifications to your Channel again…

  24. My girl and my son are back. I’m set up to stake cardano. I looked at her. Talked it out to her I said see this? Showed her the chart. I said I’m not gonna make a choice right now.

    My son is 6 I’m gonna teach teach him price action.

  25. wait so you dont dive when playing table tennis.. then you stand no chance against me kemosabe

  26. Thank you a lot for your time !!!

  27. Lovely video, thank you for putting out such helpful and encouraging videos, bitcoin have been having good rise this days and I was curious on how to make good profits from bitcoin, also everyone was expecting bitcoin to hover up to 9,000 and it has been three months I started investing and buying some crypto coins and I have lost almost all my portfolio because of my naivety towards the digital market, I never lost hope on bitcoins as a beginner so followed some YT tutorials not until I stumbled on DAI videos where a commenter gave feedbacks and good review on Mr. Gérard Barrientos as a good trade analyst and trade expert, so without hesitation I contacted him for his good work, crypto insights and signals analysis, and thankfully its 2 weeks now trading with his techniques and I have made from 1 btc to 3 btc and that is the most amazing part of trading with the help of an expert because winning is always certain. So If you need help recovering your lose or you're a newbie I advise you to reach him via gerardbarrientos6672@gmailcom or on WhatsApp +447427159640

  28. You are one of the few people in the space who sees this PA as still bullish, thats why I check your channel every now and again.

  29. When it comes to bitcoin mining Denis law trading is the best so far, can’t stop mining bitcoin with him

  30. Thanks! Guys, what broker do you recommend to short bitcoin?

  31. Previously, I believed that the business of bitcoin belonged to just the early adopters who got in say around 2010/11 but gladly I was proved wrong when I met and discussed with Gérard after gambling off good money and falling into terrible debt of over $40,000 about how to turn the tide and become profitable. Although I didn’t believe any more in crypto, I decided to trade his signals out of desperation but the result was a total turnaround for me and my family. His signals where really helpful to me as I was able to offset my losses and practically made profit of over $25,000 in less than a month. I then introduced a couple of my colleagues who expectedly are doing very well today as traders all thanks to Gérard Barrientos. To reach him for trade strategies and signals, you can reach him through (gerardbarrientos6672@gmailcom or on WhatsApp +447427159640) and tell him a grateful client recommended him

  32. Guys, I cannot recommend this book enough. Took my $800 to moon INVEST IN YOURSELF:

  33. Thx for video! What song is it in the end? 🙂