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Ethereum Q&A: Stablecoins and DAI

What’s your opinion on stablecoins, when it comes to their means to attain mass adoption? Will they be capable of keep away from centralised management and censorship? How does MakerDAO / DAI work and how is it completely different from different stablecoins thus far?

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  1. Can you have a stablecoin that can rise in value, but not drop once it has reached that value?

  2. Love the videos but I think you could do a lot better if you changed the format.

  3. Would be curious to hear your thoughts on decentralized, non-collateralized, and price-flexible stability systems like the one BitBay markets (BAY) has. Would not having to rely on collateral make it a more simple and robust system?

  4. thank you, fantastic information!!!!!!

  5. Thoughts on finality UBS gateway using USC's… the banks crypto to sell to the masses.. shepple? Opinion PLEASE?

  6. Co myślisz o nano ja uważam że jest lepsze od LN btc co ty masz do powiedzenia? Polish language

  7. sound was crackling this time…more headroom reqd

  8. Always such great explanations, Thank you so much Andreas!

  9. Why are some btc addresses invalid? how could we use it if it appears invalid

  10. This guy is just another scammer for the big bankers who turned off bitcoin instant transactions and Etherium erc20 shit coins who stole billions.
    Andrea you're either an idiot or a liar. It seems to be both. You act like you are Satoshi nakamoto, trying to steal credit from Craig Wright. Shame on you!

  11. Thank you Mr Antonopoulos for your amazing work educating people in the crypto space 🙂

    Can I ask you which mobile phone you use please? iPhone or android / which is better for security?

    Many thanks

  12. these videos are great and you're an amazing speaker Andreas so i think everyone would appreciate it if you got a better microphone

  13. Thanks Andreas, very useful as always! You need more sleep. Get well soon. Take care 🙂

  14. If bitcoin were to become a world reserve currency, what's to prevent the custodians of the internet from stealling?? ie. macos, windows, and other operating systems. These companies would be the ultimate arbiters of entry in a crypto world. In proof of work, people say that the value of bitcoin is derived from its usage of power, if thats the case then wouldn't energy corporations profit the most from a world in which bitcoin is a world reserve currency?

  15. joder no mercy i love u

  16. I don't see how DAI is decentralized, they need to feed Ethereum prices to the smart contract every minute from a centralized wallet that is authorized to do so. There is a single person, or a group of people who have the ability to stop feeding prices or feed wrong prices. There is a central point of failure. Only a matter of time before it fails.

  17. "As they say, the rule of thumb is taking the amounts of money you're supposed to put into this project put it all on the table in front of you and set in on fire. Did you cry? if not that's the right amount of money" Amazing advice. 😀

  18. DAI has been far from stable and unusable from a merchants point of view. Plus the MakerDAO Stability Fee has risen to a ridiculous 16.5%. ie FAIL.

    Simply keep the majority of your stash in Bitcoin and use Fiat when needed. And since most daily commerce is conducted through Credit Cards a better solution for crypto holders is to petition Visa/MC/AmEx/Discover to accept Bitcoin to pay their monthly Card Balance.
    Over time BTC volatility will become less and less all by itself.

  19. So Ripple, Stellar, EOS, and TRON have a problem?

  20. Fantastic review of stablecoins and DAI. Thank you!

  21. Andreas can you please comment on EOS? TIA .

  22. My opinion is that if to use Bitcoin I have to refer to centralized exchanges, then I prefer to keep my money in the bank. Centralized exchanges and banks are the same things, except that banks are better because they are regulated. MakerDAO and all of Defi are a step forward towards the right