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Bitcoin vs. Ethereum – Everything you need to know! (Similarities & differences)

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two largest cryptocurrencies by market cap for probably the most a part of the previous few years. Many individuals attempt to evaluate them however more often than not that is like evaluating apples to oranges. On this video we’ll check out how Bitcoin and Ethereum differ on many points similar to their origin, financial coverage, block instances, use case, scripting language, account/transaction mannequin, community upgrades, and extra! If you need to be taught extra about Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) and get a good and balanced overview of the 2 crypto tasks then look no additional than this video!

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Intro: 1:08
Similarities: 1:27
Origin of tasks: 1:57
Use case: 2:49
Programming language: three:58
Financial coverage: 5:21
Consensus algorithm: 6:41
Transaction pace / throughput: eight:32
Forks / community upgrades: 9:15
Transaction fashions: 10:15
Conclusion: 12:10

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  1. Let me know what you think about Bitcoin and Ethereum's differences! In the COMMENTS below! 🙂

    Intro: 1:08
    Similarities: 1:27
    Origin of projects: 1:57
    Use case: 2:49
    Programming language: 3:58
    Monetary policy: 5:21
    Consensus algorithm: 6:41
    Transaction speed / throughput: 8:32
    Forks / network upgrades: 9:15
    Transaction models: 10:15
    Conclusion: 12:10

  2. I love Ethereum but Bitcoin is cool too 😛

  3. 😃BTC?.Cryto?.Moment!?..🤢🤮☝️🥇🥈☝️

  4. Probably the most neutral and unbiased comparing of the 2 crypto giants!

  5. Very informative Kevin! Vital for every beginner to be aware of all these points.

  6. I don't think bitcoin needs to "compete" with paypal etc in terms of transaction throughput (rather its censorship resistant and permissionless nature are its key competitive characteristics), but it does need to be able to scale to handle higher transaction volumes in order to keep pace with the growing adoption so it doesnt fall too far behind.

  7. I like these comparisons. Please do other crypto like iota tangle, icx connect the world, omg bank the unbaked, and ada proof of stake

  8. you did talk about on-off chain Consensus algorithm transaction that happen for each coin !!!
    also when lightning network complete devoloper BTC will not stay store of value LOL

  9. Can you do more side-by-side comparisons with other blockchains such as Cardano?

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  13. Have you looked into .zil domains from Unstoppable Domains?

  14. i hear a 140 mil token cap is coming for ETH.

  15. where can i get etherium wallet

  16. Bitcoin will end up been a digital vault for storeing money.when it levels out,become less volatile and more stable it will suck up is quiet could store billions of dollars in a instrument smaller than a folded up $1 bill and carry it on your person anywhere on the planet

  17. this is not for beginners fyi