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10-20% Ethereum Hashrate BOOST with Claymore 14.5 on NVIDIA CARDS!

Testing a Zotac GTX 1070 8GB on the brand new Claymore 14.5 Beta and getting 35.7mh/s!
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Get 10-20% Extra Ethereum Hashrate with Claymore 14.5 on your Nvidia Playing cards! GTX 1050 Ti 4GB’s/GTX 1060 6GB’s/GTX 1070 8GB’s. GTX 1080/1080 Ti Already has inbuilt Ethpill in Claymore 14.5.

How To Get Extra Hashes From Your Nvidia Playing cards:
2:32 1: Obtain Claymore 14.5 –
2:54 2: Extract and Rename the folders to one thing shorter.(claymore145 instance)
Four:03 three: Add File Pathing string to your begin.bat earlier than EthDcrMiner64.exe. That is to Run As Admin.
Instance “C:UsersadminDownloadsClaymore145Claymore145EthDcrMiner64.exe”
(Make sure that no areas within the folder identify, if there’s use ” ” quotations)
5:50 Four: add -strap 1 to the beginning.bat as effectively.
6:10 5: add -driver set up after which save after which proper click on begin.bat run as administrator to run the file, then it’ll shut by itself after which it’s important to reboot the machine in order that “Check Mode” will be enabled. Should you determine to disable the “Check Mode” simply put -driver uninstall and run the beginning.bat (as admin) and reboot and that is it.
7:48 6: Take away -driver set up as soon as restarted within the begin.bat.
eight:33 7: Set your energy restrict and reminiscence overclock in MSI Afterburner.
10:44 eight: Run Begin.bat and see how a lot hashes you may get from there.
Then you’ll be able to high-quality tune if you’d like by making an attempt totally different -strap half/three/Four/5/6 relying on your Nvidia gpu’s reminiscence. In addition to many different choices within the Claymore readme however this information is only a very fast the best way to for outcomes. Outcomes Could Fluctuate/Silicon Lottery/Overclock and many others…
12:15 Getting 34mh/s @ 70% PL, -200 Core, +600 Reminiscence
12:48 Rising Reminiscence to +800 and getting 35.5mh/s
16:23 Is A GTX 1070 Worthwhile On Ethereum Now?

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Disclaimer – This isn’t monetary recommendation.

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  1. Still it not better then FXM

  2. I didn't know you could even still make any money mining with cards. I still have 2 1060's sitting on a bookshelf. Instead, I've bought BTC, but gave up on mining.

  3. tell me, is the difference between 1080ti (pnx OhGodAnETHlargementPill) 53mb, and 1080ti with (

    v14.5 Beta) ? or not worth it to even try?

  4. can you make a video using -rxboost for amd's of this version?

  5. @Red Panda Mining
    Tks.. just changing my old claymore script to this new script and follow your guide it added +3 to all my 6 cards without retune my MSI Afterburner… Tks

  6. Once I extracted the folder Windows found a trojan win32/tiggre!plock and win32/uwamson

  7. I get "GPU #0, skip – memory timings tuning is not supported for this hardware" (GTX-1660TI). Is the card supported? Brandon did manage to get a non-TI to work.

  8. Awesome job man. Thanks so much for sharing. Too bad no Linux 🙂

  9. Hello!!! My asus strix gtx 1080 ti make 55.5mh/s – 56mh/s with strap 2

  10. Thanks for video RED PANDA MINING

  11. Where are the shares ? ;P

  12. Rx 570 do the same thing next

  13. Kindly use unistall parameters showing in rx 570

  14. is this possible to do that on nicehash? when i do that on claymore 14.5 nothing happen ( that start file is not even in the folder of claymore 14.5 … )

  15. Saw red panda lurking in the ufd tech computer live stream lol

  16. Testing my 8 RX 580 rig on Claymore 14.6 using -rxboost 1 and -strap one. 8 card rig jumped from 251 mhs on Nanopool on Eth to 258 mhs. It does appear to have jumped up my power from 1330 watts to 1350. Seems to be working smoothly. Reporting 258 on nanopool as it should. So nearly 1 mhs jump per rx 580 via windows 10 using MSI afterburner 4.6, using optimized tuning. I will see if it does anything on my windows 10 1660ti pc just for the heck of it. Thanks

  17. try to mining bithereum bro., bithereum(dot)network :-))

  18. It really worth mining ETH still?

  19. Claymore 14.6 with support for AMD Blockchain drivers and older AMD cards is available now ( 🙂

  20. Hello, windows freezes as soon i use straps in Test mode, without straps works fine. Any sugestions? That is for any straps i use. Also tried with no OC.

  21. My 1 year old mining gpu gtx 1070 got 28mhs with 70% power limit,-150 core clock,+550 memory clock
    (Gpu core clock running at 1300/1400mhz with -150 core clock)

    It used to hit 30.5mhs thou

    Atm i need to set core clock +0 in order to get 30.5mhs

    I wonder why

    But if i set it to 1700mhz like urs with +550 mem clock i get 31mhz ish just like urs

    I think i figure it out,i think the culprit is that somehow idk why afterburner downclock my cpu more than it used to run,bcos if im matching ur running clock speed i get the same hashrate
    Fyi im using 4.4.2 afterburner

  22. what is the fastest strap 1 or 6 ?

  23. 6 GPU 1060 6gb miner went from 142 mh/s to 152-155 mh/s. Kept OC settings the same.

  24. my rx 470 dont like claymore no matter what settings i use they seems to crash, but the pheonix miner runs them all month with out a single drop if the power dont go out

  25. I have gtx 1070 running for a long time. Today windows updated and no longer works. My balance is at 0.047 near the withdrawal.

  26. Dude your channel has increased miner no. 27s hash rate you the best.

  27. Thanks for the tutorial! went from mh/s to mh/s on my 4 1050ti

  28. the hero we need but dont deserve xD thx for video

  29. My friend, does it work also with ETC mining?? Whats your Afterburn settings? I got till yesterday on 6×1070 190 Mhs but from now, i got 174,same settings, dont know why. Also have same Zotac cards 🙂 Can you help me?

  30. Cool! I have a Rig with 3×1080 and 3×1060…But how to write the command line in the file for all the card??

  31. Dont forget to turn on compute mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!