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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Binance Technical Analysis Chart 5/21/2019 by

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  1. Recorded 4:45 PM Eastern.
    Clear rejection from resistances, 4H lower highs in equilibrium

  2. The entire behavior of the bitcoin now is very typical and also a reminder of a very similar occurrence in 2015 for the digital asset and this sends a strong signal to traders and investors alike. The $8,200 resistance is a very important one in that once its broken and turned support which is soon enough, the next test region for bitcoin will be $10,000 and after that, it will be a full blast of the bulls. My advise is same with what everybody advises but only with a different approach which has worked extremely well for me and that is increasing what i bought by trading with a professional signal provision service. That which i use is Robbert Wiegman’s and i have made profit of over $50,000 already in no time while still steadily growing my portfolio at same time. The obvious advantage of Robbert’s system is he makes sure you know how to use his system before letting you trade at all and then he finds time to answer all questions. He even goes as far as initially offering free signals to be sure you know what you are doing and above all, his signals are very very accurate. Any crypto related questions can be directed to him by mail ( as he is always very open to helpful discussion

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  9. I see bearish analysis in BTC and ETH, but i cant really see what they are saying.
    Uptrend still intact, the volume from a bearish outlook looks really bad aswell, iam not a professional by any means, it would be to much to call me an amature aswell haha, but from all the videos i have watched from Dan, this market seems to be entering a full on bull market, and ETH seems to be the one thats gonna pop.

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  14. Any comments on the 4hr bear break with no follow through? Does this invalidate the 4hr eq enough to not want to play a bull break or make you more interested since the bears seem to have disappeared?

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