Friday , October 30 2020
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Ethereum Price Prediction and Data Analysis (ETH 2019)

Ethereum makes new 2019 excessive surpasses $260 per coin. On this video we’ll return to Ethereum’s historical past, analyze historic information and I’ll attempt to estimate how excessive and how low ETH can go primarily based on historic worth motion.
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  1. ETH, 1,000$+ in 9 months! Great video, thanks!

  2. Hey Aimstone. What do you use to make these cool videos?

  3. When do you expect an ethereum bull market

  4. It'll go down a little first

  5. Eth price 2021-2022 from 3,5k-5k

  6. a video on PIRL please they deserve please

  7. 3:37: 4000×40 = 160,000 not 1.6M

  8. 10$-> 400$ is 3900% increase, total value of 160k dollar, not 1,6m $ 🙂 just a 40x return, not 400 🙂

  9. I need the price prediction at the end of the bull run not 2019

  10. 800 DOLLARS ??????? LOLOLLOLOLOLOL ummm…. ETH is going to literally DESTROY it's ATH probably by a 5 to 10X on this 4 trillion dollar bull run just like BTC is going to do. If BTC is going to be worth 80K to as much as 200K (which is a VERY reasonable estimate for that asset in this next 3 year run,) then it stands to reason that ETH (which is always in 2nd place for good reason, because almost EVERYTHING gets built on it to get their new blockchains and tokens started, and many of them stay there) it is obvious that ETH will have a MASSIVE market cap that matches the BTC market cap by percentage in it's number 2 position. The bottom line is that ETH will probably be worth AT LEAST 5,600 to 14,000 per coin when BTC is at the 80- 200K region. That is a MODEST estimate. Your 800 dollar thing is so laughable that I cannot even put it into words. Let's re-visit this thread post in exactly 3 years. So that you can see what I mean.

  11. That's 800$ to 900$ will up soon

  12. ETH is going to crash in immediate future

  13. ETH price relation to BTC is too low for now , ETH should be now at least 400$ , it is last time to buy ETH befor a huga rise.

  14. Price speculation is completely irrelevant. Much more important is adoption by the tech community and real user applications in the economy. ETH is best suited for that compared to BTC or other cryptos.

  15. future price prediction at 6:45

  16. What’s your input on Dogecoins?

  17. Um.. is it just me or is his math wrong at 3:27? He said you'd have purchase $4k of worth of ethereum when it was $10 and cashed out at $400 you'd have 1.6 mil….

  18. My friend became a multi mill with eth he bough eth at less than 2 usd

  19. the biggest problem for ETH, there is QAN !!!!!!!!

  20. I bought some ethereum today because of technical analysis. I know bitcoin is gonna go down again so I believe this is the last time ethereum will be this low