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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin XRP BNB ADA Technical Analysis Chart 5/15/2019 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 2018

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  1. Recorded 1:40 PM Eastern

  2. What music was playing at the end?

  3. Thank you very much for your daily analysis, keep doing your amazing job !!

  4. Dan the intro cartoon apparently depicts "2017 Dan's" head collapsing onto the table. "2019 Dan's" cartoon would be… what? Maybe Dan in bed with a cloud of zzzz's above him while profits lock in!?!

  5. Great Footage, I was so tempted to post about my success story with Chris’s program but again nobody would believe me since everybody thinks BITCOIN traders are scammers and I thought I was the only student, But seeing this post on youtube gave me more energy to speak the truth. if you are new in crypto and you wish to increase your bitcoin don’t miss this opportunity. I went from having 5.9btc to 9btc in less than 3weeks, If you’re interested,, or Whatsapp +1 904 385 0801 Telegram @cryptorichardx.

  6. I'm playing this worse than 2017. Back then I never experienced a bear or bull market. Now I have all these bear habits.

  7. Brah, do you even crypto?!

  8. I'm starting to fomo. Still sitting in cash waiting to buy in on a dip. $8,488 seems like a good level to bounce off of but I wouldn't be surprised to see a $10k rejection instead.

  9. There was a huge -40% on BTCUSD Shorts on Bitfinex on May16th 11AM, how would you read and interpret that? What does it mean?

  10. Bull trap, don't FOMO now, be patient and wait for a correction to sub 5k.

  11. Didn’t I say it 3000 bottom why because Rothschild before we the people which have exposed his abuse of being blessed by lineage to have the power of a true liberal arts education known as the trivium and the quivium to those which studied natural philosophy in generations past and progress as it was became coveted by the wealthy for as long as what you know mattered to becoming an individual which could by mind kep power gained by force. And the abuse of him and his this last century giving us a rapacious dishonest and unlawful to natural law way of creating currency. Julius Pontus made the statement as Rome fell that the power of currency is not its quality but its quantity. And Rome started clipping corners off gold then doing zinc covered in gold as we do today our coin. He said he would humble it to 3000. His power is over and I am happier about that then I am the rise of bitcoin the first non usury or debt based way of acquiring tokens for assets. The first honest financial currency solution ever in mans post Roman, bastardized Greek city state form of creating a publickly held trust over mans labors to make cities free from animals and warlords as an organized society. Or republic. Not (re fuck you again.) this is not the true definition of the word republic. Fuck the pledge of allegiance. Well maybe totally live the pledge of,allegiance to the republic for which it stands one nation under god as man.

  12. I’m paying close attention to these candlesticks now they are making more sense. I have been very negligent in my understanding of the idea of achieving a higher low before I enter a trade than they did for the last 16 months I bought my bitcoin at 18000 hours before the beginning of the bear market. I didn’t lose but I didn’t gain much either until 3000 happened. I’ve been getting better since that number.

    Your daily explanation of what the charts are saying. I have studied word for word I mean stop the video look at the chart each and every day. As I was poor in resources to even dream of what I would do to make something that is mine in this world for my century sucking air on the material plane. I earned a hundred dollars today. I sold many alts which I had set aside to hodl. I did double up on my Ada and my xrp. I suffered low self worth on that etherium Trade. didn’t seem like one etherium would move fast enough and I did buy one plus the trade fee at 130 got frustrated and sold at 179. So retrospectively my addiction to outcome won out and I held the belief that etherium wouldn’t really do any good after how I managed to grow a minute amount and saved my small capital through the bear market. Love it. Even the Ada And xrp. I scaled out xrp at 41 cents and lost faith in Ada and resold that position a couple hours before that took off like a sob. I’m ok my xrp I kept 25% to take out of the market for years down the line. And the Ada lost enough that I will reenter a new position and hodl. I’m getting a staking rig for Ada. Very excited about this. My Ada wallet always gets a handful of my humble gains these last 16 months. I love you dan seriously. I can’t even listen to these other channels with any confidence. Good they are yes. But fuck no a lot of these guys are simply being far to emotionally invested to be objective regarding the important considerations. I’m totally reviewing and updating my candlestick understanding for the future. A bear flag a bull flag. These I have listened to fools and followed not understand by my own recognition what these two terms are. So if you feel like it. When you see a bull or a bear flag. Give me a tiny visual demonstration. I’m a smart guy. It doesn’t have to be obvious. You are very good at showing us inside bars. I can smell them just listening to the news and these fear trader channels comments. The same confidence bull and bear flags would be an incredible addition to the arsenal of tools I have mastered. Yes I can do most equations on most indicators I use today myself. So a bull and bear flag this why it is and what it looks like would be an incredible addition to not only myself but the other traders which may just be good at speculation and have enough money to profit off poor choices.

  13. Yeah look at ethereum classic..

  14. Are you in hostel in Mexico, rn?

  15. This is only the 4th time in Bitcoin history in which the weekly RSI, MFI, and NVT have ALL been simultaneously overextended. The previous 3 instances were followed by 82%, 85%, and 83% drops. Be careful homey. 🙂