Friday , September 20 2019
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Ethereum to DOUBLE to $350 SOON, Don't Miss Out!

My evaluation of why I consider ETH will double from $170 to $350 within the coming months. NOTE a transfer BELOW $156 at thist time invalidates this situation! Comply with me on twitter, like, share and subscribe!

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  1. ETH, BCH, and i saw latest also ADA on your Twitter. Question is What to choose in this near months?

  2. looks like upside already happened.. maybe alittle more though

  3. Graph looks amazing and $350 is indeed very possible what is important is that Ethereum will explode soon

  4. Thank you for your input CC 💖😁👌

  5. As always, awesome analysis! One thing I see on CT and Reddit Crypto is people will argue about fundamentals of a coin and won't invest, which is understandable. However, to your point, regardless of if the coin is a "shit coin" or "scam coin", if the market (makers) are going to pump it, they're going to pump it.

  6. Channel subscribed! Great explanation. Thanks a lot for your insights.

  7. ETH / USDT Golden Cross happening today on the daily!

  8. Awesome video. Thanks mate. Happy Trading!

  9. Good analysis on ETH; I DCA'd down on ETH a few weeks ago.

  10. If this plays out, you just created an Elliott Wave fan boy in me👌👌👌 excellent explanation as always

  11. Thank you, fundamentals as you said are not important to anybody right now. This is so wild!

  12. "greatest alt season we ever seen" that's enough. Exit video

  13. Can you do a TA on LTC, I would like to see your view on it. Thank you.

  14. When BTC pumped to 5K, ETH dumped by 12%.. So now it's going to pump along with BTC?

  15. Thanks or the ETH encouragement, what was ETH value the last times BTC was $6500?

  16. Amazing TA for ether, thanks

  17. Smoking crack -eth will settle at 20 cents

  18. Crypto market it’s very unpredictable, you never know what’s going to happen

  19. When it doesn’t hit 350 will u admit you’re wrong

  20. This guy is spreading fomo for no reasons. Not a real trader.

  21. people like you should be banned from youtbe, show your trades se we all can see how you profit from crypto

  22. Well according to the bitcoin fud manager eth now has a bit more competition… so i'm not counting on it being as strong as before, maybe its going to take quite a while longer for eth to surge again… well anyway i'm still counting more on LTC to keep having more gains than Eth from now on and for the next few months!

  23. I hope ur right I'm betting the farm😆

  24. expecting to hit back to 1.5k end of year , is it possible ?

  25. I sold my LTC recently and put it all in ETH. I hope you are right.

  26. Pretty reasonable accroding with the tecnical analysis. I moved into ETH 2 weeks ago as well seeing the fractal. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Keep in mind, INVALIDATION for this idea is on a loss of $156, until then we are chilling, but make sure your SL is set in case we lose that level. Check my Twitter for intra-day updates. So far, so good.

  28. I think your right about everything but the pairing…. I think bitcoin will not move until the halving…. I think the flipping is actually coming, altcoins are about to run which mean Ethereum will probably reach new high's… I don't think bitcoin will reach new high's until 2021….

  29. I know a fella who accumulated 985 ETH 4 years ago buying LSD on the dark web and he didn’t part with one of them during ETH highs in 2017. He laughs at the notion and says they are going way over $1700

  30. If you were buying in now at $170, what would you put your stop loss at?

  31. I’m new to this and would love to learn.. on redroninhood it’s worth 5.76 as of right now… if I buy let’s say $50 worth how much can I make? Or how does it work… I would appreciate your help!

  32. 160 > 80 > 40 > 20 > 10 > 5 > 0
    Double your money due!!

  33. now at $270- great call!

  34. Bitcoin said screw your TA 🤣 great video tho