Tuesday , June 2 2020
Home / Video / Don't Be Fooled – Ethereum Mass Adoption Is Happening In 2019 [Ernst & Young | Microsoft]

Don't Be Fooled – Ethereum Mass Adoption Is Happening In 2019 [Ernst & Young | Microsoft]

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French Gov’t Minister Open to Enabling Crypto Donations for Notre Dame

Auditor EY Unveils Dusk, An Bold Bid to Carry Enterprise to Ethereum

Microsoft, Ethereum Group Launch Token-Constructing Equipment for Enterprises

Binance Chain Mainnet Swap

Courageous Rewards on Android

Deutsche Financial institution faces motion over $20bn Russian cash-laundering scheme

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  1. Jeeze, I'm about ready to FOMO into eth. Anyone else feeling it at these prices?

  2. p.s. loving the channel 🙂

  3. Deloitte have migrated all of dnvgl's ISO certs from ethereum to vechain! Go see the vechain summit presentation from their blockchain architect for details.

  4. Another great video in the books, thanks for the good content as always!

  5. Aaron and Austin, curious if you guys thought about getting into Maker or see value in it?

  6. Thanks. Have a great day.

  7. Notre Dame is happening to become a great business for France….1B$!!! They could build three cathedrals with that, or some nice schools as well.

  8. I loved it the news on ethereum. Very exciting!

  9. You failed to mention one very important fact: There is no smart contract platform that is capable of being off chain data onto the chain. This is why you have only seen smart contracts used for tokenization, there are inherently restricted to on chain data. In order for Microsoft and EY to propel smart contract adoption, an oracle system must be created to feed data onto the chain. Without oracles, smart contracts are restricted to tokenization and their potential is capped.

  10. You said “100 billion” although the text clearly shows 1 billion

  11. Thanks for the BNB conversion info. I’m thinking that the safest thing to do is move all my BNB back to my Binance Acct till after the conversion. Then find a hardware wallet that supports the new BNB

  12. Binance is highly centralized and what other exchange will support the coin?

  13. Hi Austin. .. I just saw that there was a crypto that made a deal with the British Virgin Islands… its posted on the BVI government website… check out breaking news on lifelabs.io … does this sound legit?

  14. nice to know about the news on ETH I have sum yes 🙂

  15. Ethereum is doing great things, and it is only a matter of time before developers create the next big thing on the ETH network. As a technology company, we believe Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin are going to revolutionize the market. it is also why we are proud to accept all 3 crytpo currencies as payment for GPS tracking device products

  16. Lol I'm feeling stupid clever about my BAT 🙂

  17. Just when I was thinking of not accumulating any more ETH.

  18. Am the number 1000 like. Good video

  19. I'm a huge fan of Ethereum and have always liked it more than Bitcoin! Ethereum is waaaay undervalued. I mean Ethereum is literally the backbone of Cryptocurrency. With all the 100's of projects built on ETH, ETH was used significantly in ICOl

  20. How high will it go this yr??🤔🤔

  21. If La Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona would collect crypto donations to finish already I'd donate… and I'm jewish O:

  22. You should cover HempCoin THC, started in 2014 one of the first 30 cryptocurrencies, its forking to komodo dPow in june.

  23. Im new to crypto, not sure I understand it. How does this all work?

  24. Douche bank is at DEATHS DOOR. Corruption & being down graded , Derivatives will be the trigger for them to default and plummet with a domino effect. As the ND fire was a false flag. A plan to lock in the EU Central Banking System. Makron on the 💩list as yellow vest movement escalated. The revolution is the key. Criminal, that is all I have to say. Oh yeh, there is $money$ ready to jump in. BBC just did a piece on the whole situation and condition the 9 century landmark takes for upkeep and the price tag and time frame to complete renovation. Who would flip the bill. France? The Church? The Banking System? Elite? Percentage of Lottery? This is bigger then you think. This was a yet another staged event that was so horrific and just downright Satanic. Timing was everything. You may not wanna hear this but if you do the research you'll see that things are coming to light. You went there. This goes very high up and took collaboration from entities you would not believe would've been involved. Fact is many churches have been set on fire recently playing up to this tragic event. More events globally are to come. They will not stop and are willing to sacrifice so much to accomplish their goal. This is the desperate attempt to retain control over the monetary system. If they lose this war, these battles against humanity , the Central Banks will lose and control, their primary weapon, and control. Which means freedom on a global scale. This is why WWG1WGA. THIS IS THE REVOLUTION within this Evolution. All of it. The New World Order will not succeed ❗️They are scared. The Patriots are now on the offensive and they are desperate. They do not value human life and they are above all Laws. They will be brought down. We must not give in or even let our guard down for a second. Remember I mentioned Direct Energy Weaponry! Chem Trails, genetically altered food sources, and now G5.
    Oh a marriage with Cryptos, they want to control that too but they will not be able to for long. 2024 this will be a brave New World and Blockchain is the key. Unfortunately it will get a lot worse before it gets better. Be prepared or be will to give up your freedom. Time to wakey wakey. Sheep no more. The Mainstream Media is not your friend. You will all come to see shortly how the have lied to us for years. No more investigative reporting, just pushing their narrative. Remember or better yet research what 6 huge entities control 90% of the global media, t.v., Radio , newspapers, and ect. Kids in Kiddieland you've been duped. No 💩. If you want facts handed to you let me know. Otherwise do you due diligence.

  25. Only reason I buy ETH is to buy other shitcoins

  26. Nowhere does it say in that piece that you get paid for watching ads. 8:27 Its the opposite. Viewers tip people like yourself for providing the content that you do. Which is fine. I don't mind that, but currently no one is getting paid to watch ads.

  27. It was hard to find a channel with a rather quick update on news related to crypto ongoing projects, thanks a lot for that!

  28. Instead of giving money to the French state for its marketing campaign (the state owns it, should rather increase budget on restoration, https://www.traveller24.com/MyTravels/notre-dame-fire-was-a-warning-bell-for-europes-monuments-but-will-they-listen-20190423 the French richest gave after getting tax exemptions worth way more that what they gave, https://www.france24.com/en/20190418-rich-vs-poor-donations-row-shatters-french-unity-over-notre-dame), how about other projects among them Wikipedia (certainly not the only one)? https://donate.wikimedia.org/wiki/Ways_to_Give