Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Insane Ethereum Price Prediction, Gold Crypto Vs Bitcoin, Bakkt Approaching & Long BTC Positions

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  1. Great video! For my, cardano will take 50% off ETH market just because the tech is better

  2. So, the founder of Ethereum is shilling his own coin? And now you are jumping from joy just based on that?

  3. I believe it was England who was trying to retain their gold. And please keep correct yourself the way you do when you pronounce a word wrong, and at the same time please keep saying ‘a long amount of time’. Life u man. Never put a respond in here but following u for a long time now. As a plo, plo???pro❤️😂😍🐩💨

  4. Broo I be happy if it hits 2645 to 3500 that's all I want 😭😭💯

  5. i definitely believe that cryptos will look similar to the commodities market in 5-10 years. Comparing marketcaps to stocks in not a good comparison. So a select amount of multi trillion dollar marketcap coins is possible. Available money in the world is not a valid comparison either because there is a 25-50x multiple of dollars invested to actual marketcap—works in both directions. Once institutions have their full investments OTC, they will push the price up on the the open market with their clients. We’re in for a bubble like the world has never seen, which equals a bear market like the world has never seen also…

  6. Germany stored gold in USA during WW1 to keep it safe out of harms way, right?

  7. Dude bakkt is totally custody r u kidding

  8. Ether is shit. Better to invest in ada or eos

  9. Ether at 1000x would sure help my bottom line. One can hope and dream of a better lifestyle. Best of success to all.

  10. i can see ETH around $1000-$4000 – never much more then that.

  11. 10x maybe. 1000x in 2 years? cmon

  12. if you need help or assistant in trading contact on WhatsApp/Telegram + 1 (937) 467- 6916

  13. Have you tried that crypto platform? You can withdraw USDT to Paypal wallet and it has the lowest fees in crypto-euro exchanges. Just open BIT. IHACK. CO

  14. sure 1000X….. so much shit of news that it is really non sense even to mention it…..

  15. The billion dollar investor in etherium who is also a “motivator” should say a lot about who he is. He makes his money odd hype. Of course it’s in his best interest to create hype around eth and throw around these wild numbers. While the sheep fomo in he slowly cashes out in small increments so that it’s not noticeable.

  16. Dear God, please make this prediction come true so I can pay my student loan and buy me a new pair of jeans and pay off the depts of all my friends and my family.

  17. I own 90% ETH. I am a huge fan and that would be amazing if it went so large so quick.

  18. buy more APOLLOCURRENCY and FANTOM !!!! listen to me

  19. Hi Do you have a email I could contact you on?

  20. You're assuming that the value of the dollar stays the same….a beach house could be worth 100M if the dollar loses its value no?

  21. Once upon a time, money currency was gold and silver coins, then turned into credit, cheques and paper money, then turned into digital currency (credit cards, online) , now digital crypto.
    Later in the future if it crashes, they will go back to gold and silver coins which is why the big countries are stocking up gold (dinars and dirhams) to be safe in the future. I dunno, just a feeling.

  22. Karatbars international issue gold notes and gold backed crypto(kbc). Im starting to think Youtubers are purposely Ignoring this project.

  23. BULLSHIT! Bitcoin is Crypto's Gold !!! Bitcoin NOW up to 53% dominance … soon at 60% !!! MARK MY WORDS !!!

  24. Back to your senses, guys! 2 years from now, there won't be a single economy standing on its feet for Ethereum to function!

  25. To have a huge market cap, you don't need that much fiat- you just need the money in the market to maintain a price.

  26. crypto – a crazy religion of the millenions, where God is money, and paradise is not have to work and drive lamborhini …

  27. It is completely possible, in case it first falls to around $5, after x1000 in next crypto madness times the price would be $5,000…

  28. Yep, Ethereum is unstoppable. ETH/MKR/DAI is going to take the world by storm. Every dapp built on Ethereum multiplies its network value by their success. No other blockchain even comes close to it, and no other blockchain has the developer community that Ethereum has.

  29. ETH price relation to BTC is too low for now , ETH should be now at least 400$ , it is last time to buy ETH befor a huga rise.

  30. I have 8 ether. If I get rich I'll come back to this comment and let you guys know 😉

  31. If the state never accept crypto to be a real currency, we will sadly keep setting the price based upon speculation.
    Example. I got 1 ethereum and I belive it's worh 2900$ but you buy my ethereum becouse you belive it's worth 3100$.
    This cycle will continue untill the banks and the states accept crypto.

  32. Ethereum also listed on Grayscale with Bitcoin… so curious to see what big money would/could do to the price of Ethereum in the up and coming 1-2 years 🙂

  33. Honestly. 10k ETH is very very plausible, but 100k? Not in our lifetime.

  34. “Just to buy something small….Like a Beach house or something”

    Me – $200!? These shoes are way too expensive

  35. Ether can do something Bitcoin cannot. It can be adopted by governments as a payment scheme. If this happens by even one country starting to pay their employees in ETH… It is very possible that it would 1000x.