Sunday , May 31 2020
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New BTC ETH LTC Price Predictions & Technical Analysis! Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Targets! BNB EOS!

After predicting the final Bitcoin BTC breakout, I wished to try worth predictions & technical evaluation for different cash like ETH, LTC, EOS, & BNB!
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  1. After predicting the last Bitcoin BTC breakout, I wanted to take a look at price predictions for other coins like ETH, LTC, EOS, & BNB!

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  2. FIRST! Good analysis and range of coins!

  3. You CALLED it last time!!!! No question this is good stuff!

  4. Thanks for sharing such great knowledge

  5. Why didn't you talk about XLM?

  6. What price would btc be at $1 trillion mkc?

  7. Most of ltc investors lost. I hope ltc never replaces credit card… It has failed for society needs. Many ltc commenters show their ltc address to receive few
    litoshis abd reduce their losses.

  8. When's the next meetup Naeem?

  9. Watching this while on the toilet and while I didn't hear everything that you said I came out watching this feeling relieved. 💩

  10. use this wallet for your bitcoin address 1JzU2M6tcAcGKQKzm3L71ozA9nF7Azzk8Y

  11. Good call on EOS. A solid run till June for sure. Basically supporting this irrational market till then 😉

  12. My price prediction of btc this end of april will be around$6500.let see if it comes true.

  13. Hey mate, really enjoyed your explanations was quite helpful. Unfortunately i tried your link to join ur discord group but it's expired if you could give out a new one, I'd really appreciate 😉 Thanks in advance

  14. The bull run is unforgiving to those not invested

  15. 2019/20 Łitecoin and Bitcoin block reward halvings closer every day…….

  16. Neon and worm on coinexchange are holding a swap to decrease the amount of coins onto its own blockchain. Massive potential for returns. Expect a x50 or more.

  17. Why do you pair xrp/btc? Id prefer arp/usd

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  20. Makes no sense to trade against BTC.

  21. Eth has break resistance 183$ you are still bearish:)))

  22. One trillion crypto market cap by 2020.

  23. EOS coming to Coinbase in 9 hours; the EOS disruption has begun. Bitcoin and Ethereum mining fees are gonna be over. It would be a good time to sell your mining equipment on Ebay as fast as you can. Watch the Ethereum activity on Bocktivity fall as proof of Work and Proof of Stake go head to head. Go EOS

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