Friday , September 20 2019
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Ethereum Could Be Seriously Undervalued – Here's the Evidence

On this video, I am gonna current you with some fundamentals evaluation knowledge that might recommend that Ethereum is considerably undervalued proper now.

What do you suppose?

DISCLAIMER: That is NOT monetary recommendation. I’m simply providing my opinions. I’m not answerable for any funding selections that you just select to make.

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  1. That's a great point. Yes, it's enormously undervalued, especially when you compare it to two years ago like in the table you showed. I use it instead of BTC because of the reliability and fast confirmation times. Ethereum has the most potential and has the most developers working on it. As soon as their scaling and PoS projects are completed, I could easily see ETH at $2.5k or higher. For all the people spreading FUD, it's still not too late to get in.

  2. Ethereum is way overvalued and will be replaced in the near future by platforms such as EOS. It has been poorly designed and it does not matter how many devs have been hired, It won't solve it's scalability issues.

  3. To me ethereum is going to die, There are other crypto way way technicaly stronger than ethereum right now and those are winning the run, but most of all, ethereum will never fix his own fondamentals problems.

  4. Bleddy killin me, bleddy killin me! Who's coat's that jacket!

  5. We're in for a big market shift, the old Gen coins eth and btc will be replaced by XRP and EOS. The amount of advances in the EOS ecosphere is absolutely staggering and will become mass adopted in the next 3-6 months. Study up….
    Youtube "everything EOS"

  6. bitcoin and ethereum are the king and queen of crypto
    true twin flames

  7. nice shirt really bring up your green I'm not gay.

  8. The way I see it, is this whole premise is dependant on two things:

    1: scale, and soon, or someone else will ( arguably they have )

    2: cost per transactions need to go. Nobody is going to work out how much it’s going to cost each and every time they click the mouse.

  9. Why buy ETH when EOS is the 2.0 😄

  10. Best site for buying/trading coins is Binance, you don't need to submit documents to trade up to 2BTC so can buy instantly. It is the safest place to buy crypto by far and sees the most volume of any exchange in the world. If you sign up using this link you can also get 50% off trading fees :

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  12. Ethereum is still wayyyyyyy way way overvalued. The ICO's game has dried up and that was the primary basses for Ethereum's evaluation. I think ETH needs to go much lower unfortunately.

  13. Ivan on Tech – Programming Course is Shit – I took it just to see – He is not a programmer those guys I would not consider a beginner programmers – all he does in his course is places links to other people videos on youtube – Why would anyone pay for it????
    So as when in some places of this course he trys to do programming himself – I can see that he bearly knows basics of wat he does – TO BE A PROGRAMMER YOU HAVE TO DO IT EVERY DAY – JUST SAYING DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY

  14. Love the content my man

  15. Is Ethereum censorship resistant?

  16. How long is a piece of string ? That's how I look at the true value of most Alts. We don't have enough real concrete information to make a certain conclusion. Am I still invested in Etherium ? Absolutely 😄. It's got a passionate community of developers and a use case that's not going away any time soon. I'm on team Etherium and team EOS . Maybe there is room for both in the future 😏

  17. Hey Louis! What is your thoughts on Cardano (ADA) ?

  18. When ppl give up on a project “eth” that’s when the unexpected happens. This has happened countless times. We should be patient with greatness. Smart contracts will change the world and I’ll laugh one day if eth really does ever pass btc in market cap

  19. BTC and ETH maxis are like: "why are you all creating new, better technology projects instead of fixing something we are invested in? Lets FUD it to defense our investment!"

  20. Payments/smart contracts- BTC/ETH are outdated tech… my pair for that is XRP/EOS.

  21. I think a lot of people are scared of ethereum 2.0 because they have invested in other coins. We can say eth 2.0 has not launched yet – but let's not forget how long EOS took to launch and people where pouring money into it just as a concept while it was sold on the ethereum blockchain. EOS took the ethereum blockchain and changed it a bit and did their ICO on ethereum, then secondly called themselves " The Ethereum Killer" – But maybe that's just in the spirit of competition- but I think it owes ethereum a big debt. EOS gave up decentralization for speed – so now it's pretty much just 21 elite ruling validators. You could say Ripple is more decentralized than EOS – but EOS does have voting – but how does the average person know who to vote for and do they even want to vote- shouldn't the blockchain govern itself? The reason why ethereum is so exciting is because it will be a lot more decentralized and still maintain the speed – also it has a great community a larger market cap, a headstart and that means a lot just look at bitcoin. I think ethereum is the best chain to invest in for the future- for what it is likely to become – that is my personal opinion and it is still early days.

  22. In 2017…when 1 bitcoin surpassed the price of 1 ounce of gold I thought crypto was WAY overvalued…and I waited to see crypto drop back down to a more reasonable entry point…well that never happened! At the time I thought bitcoin/crypto was way overvalued. Looking back I think it was fair value, not to high or low. Currently I think crypto is slightly undervalued but not by much.

  23. Louis, what's the latest on the crypto 3D real estate you bought into?

  24. Thats why i go longed at 167👌

  25. Eth supporter's dilemma: A lot of arguments they used against bitcoin are now being used against them.

  26. thank you!!! good research (and im happy that theres no music any more at the end)

  27. Very informative content. One nevertheless cannot overemphasize the benefits of first of all carrying out adequate research before committing to investing or trading with hard earned real funds which was what I did after some losses when I jumped in blindly. First of all is the distinction between hodling and trading as well as the different methods/strategies of trade. First of all, I am not against hodling but a safer way to grow a portfolio from my experience is by trading which cleary has a very clear advantage over hodling in that with the right setup, you can easily x3 your holdings. Creating a winning strategy is not as difficult as many would make you believe. You simply have to pay very close attention to the charts as well as the news but caution must be exercised all the same. A safe and better alternative is by mirroring the trade patterns and using the signals of a professional with well-established success rate. That way, you can key into his successes and learn some tips and tricks on the way. I currently use signals from Mr. Ronald Abassid after testing out the services of 3 different providers. With Ronald’s setup, I have consistently been making very consistent profit for the past 6 months in excess of 400% return on investment and that’s really great for anyone who knows about investing. You can reach him on ronaldabassid@gmail .com if you need to know more about his system and find out how to be consistent in making profit off bitcoins

  28. Ethereum is the most ambiguous project.

  29. such an exciting news! but I just seen another more interesting, that's Beowulfchain, they developed for telecom, Beowulf blockchain is really interesting & helpful for blochchain development. see guys!

  30. Companies have earnings and growth to base a value on. The value of crypto is entirely speculative so saying it’s undervalued doesn’t really make any sense

  31. Would it be possible to get the Communities advice I have a couple of ethereum should I buy several more?

  32. Cardano. Seriously. Check it out at least? Can you not beeing an Ethereum fan?

  33. One thing which has gone down for Ethereum since may 2017 is the market dominance in smart contract space. That is the most important point which is overlooked in this video

  34. EOS coming to Coinbase in 9 hours; the EOS disruption has begun. Bitcoin and Ethereum mining fees are gonna be over. It would be a good time to sell your mining equipment on Ebay as fast as you can. Watch the Ethereum activity on Bocktivity fall as proof of Work and Proof of Stake go head to head. Go EOS

  35. Etherium was an important milestone as block chain tech developed but it's quite simply a dinosaur and of far less value than Bitcoin. Third generation chains will take the use cases away from ETH and BTC will always be digital gold. ETH has no real uses or value in the near future. By the time they strip it down to the studs and rebuild it, they'll be two laps behind. When the masses realize there are no quick fixes for it's scaling issues, they will likely move on to better tech and the value will crash.

  36. Quite correct. One smart contract platform will be running the show on the planet for the most part. Ethereum is easily a lock. Many people say the developers are having trouble scaling. The truth is Ethereum is creating truly decentralized scaling, not a limited DPOS scaling solution the likes of EOS, Tron, Cardano, NEO and all the other garbage that has "scaled". There's a reason why EOS doesn't have a single legit big customer committed to building on it while the Ethereum Alliance has hundreds, perhaps thousands of the largest companies in the world committed to working with it. The number gets larger by the day. Ethereum will be worth 10k plus per token when the platform is rolled out worldwide.

  37. I love how everyone is so confident in the crypto currencies that are on CMC today. Think about it this way: Back in the 1990's if you believed in the idea of "social media" you may have invested say in, say SocialNet, because it was one of the only options available in the "social media" space. The clear winner did not come along until 2004 in Facebook.

    What if we are in the 1990's in crypto, where the clear winner is not even on CMC yet, that includes :Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The clear winner will come along 10 years later and EVERY SINGLE token/coin on CMC is the SocialNet equivalent.

  38. Shitcoin that won't scale for another two years. Fuck off retarded shill.

  39. ETH network sucks and TRX and ADA will over walk it easy

  40. I am seeing bullish videos for over a month now. So, sadly, it's probably time to sell again.

  41. Eth has got the name and will attract a lot of investment, even if Ada or EOS has a more advanced tech in the future it will not matter , I can see a 2k eth gbp by 2021 because of its first use case and again name

  42. Isnt trx and eos crushing eth in the dapps department? Correct me if im wrong

  43. Overvalued. It only has been served 99% of shit ico's. Does not solve any problem than ICO's and so called smart contracts.

  44. My question is what makes ETH still so special when there is other coins I believe that will be doing the same thing or more ??

  45. When you compare ETH with EOS, you’ll be blown away with mate

  46. Hello Louis Thomas,

    Realy great vid. about Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    I also am making vids about crypto's such as ethereum. If you are interested you can watch them.

    I would love to get some feedback from you.