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Unchained Live! Vitalik Buterin on Whether or Not Ethereum Is 'Blowing It'

On the first Unchained Stay, Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin defined why he thinks Ethereum dropping floor is ‘inevitable,’ why we’re seeing the emergence of Ethereum Maximalism and the way the cofounders tried to keep away from monetary regulation.

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  1. Great interview! Thank you Laura and Vitalik

  2. Great interview! Thank you, Laura. Vitalik is a (genius) developer and has zero abilities to play politics and act a salesman (or business guy, if you prefer). Many people in crypto are just interested in temporary financial gains (“Modern Investors” 😄 )

  3. i wa sthnkmABOUGTBTHIS, ANY THING I CAME, IS, -WHAT WPOLD I ASK TO PEPLE MAKING FUTURTE@:::, is obvoiuis what will happennn in in nearnfuture

  4. if ether were run like a business, it would be ripple, not a blockchain.

  5. Laura, put that paper down! It makes you look insecure, dumb, and lost. Hopefully, you're not staring at those notes to give you strength, brains, and direction. This is very expensive advice. Oh, wait….I get it now! 😎 🐢 😎 🐢

  6. 1:05:00 hahaha love the Question and response

  7. nice to see a vid with the voice 🙂

  8. At 51 mins he said there is someone called Glen who likes blockchains because they "formalize property without formulizingng individuality" – where can I read more about this – where did Glen, who is he and where did he say this?

  9. laura shin mispronounced his name. it's boot–erIn, not buter-In

  10. "Why are all the decentralized things not doing centralized things?" Woooosh