Tuesday , September 22 2020
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Why Ethereum Is Not Usable | The TRUTH About Fees For DAPPS

Fees completely suck. They aren’t good and they’re an anchor holding down DAPPS from taking off. On this video I argue blockchain with charges just isn’t usable for dapps. That is why EOS is main the dapp race and can proceed to increase this lead.


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  1. what are the fees like for eos token on eos ?

  2. Simple and understandable 👍

  3. Ethereum won't fail but it will take another direction. Like Bitcoin went from digital cash to digital gold/SoV. I'm all in on EOS but I will definitely get me some eth if it hits $20-$50 😬

  4. So the EOS to use the network is free too? Course not! There is a cost involved and onboarding someone to spend I think the last number I recall was something like $30 in EOS in order to do something/anything in EOS is another type of barrier. Innovation to achieve blockchain adoption isn't over yet. Let's keep improving so the masses can have access to more security, better privacy, and freedom.

  5. Interesting video, I enjoyed that one.

  6. I completely agree with you, if you have a user-base dapp that's gigantic it's almost impossible to keep it running

  7. Well what happened with other blockchains? I'm clueless but did Bitcoin have fees to start off?

  8. Awesome Perspective , interesting video

  9. I have a question about doing a paid promo, please send me a message.

  10. Ok fees ,now how about easy to use?eos is not noob friendly.I find it very unfriedly to use eos,and i am just 1 step above noob level.Its pain in the ass that eos.

  11. David Adamashvili
    I recommend you to watch Andreas’s recent speech about can’t and won’t. He basically criticizes stoppable and reversable blockchains and calls it less efficient version of centralized storage. So he believes deeply in sensorship resistancy and irreversibility. I’m for Eos and I believe it’s valuable nisch. I’d like to hear your objective opinion about it. Argument that Etherium is moving on POS as well, is not worth mentioning, because I do not address Etherium vs Eos. Just as a consept of sensorship resostance vs sensorable. Thanks.

  12. your eos propaganda sucks. you should be abke to speak well about ETH as well. they are evolving, and might not make it . But Eos is not the solution either. again, 20 BP? that make how much daily? please dare tell your audience how much money block producers get paid, daily

  13. Users simply don't want the hassle of fees or complicated ways to make accounts. There are too many options put there and an average user will usually choose the past of least resistance.

  14. Isn't it just a question of who pays, not if someone pays? I keep hearing people say EOS is free to run DAPPS but it's not. Anyone who gets voted in as an EOS node is having to pay to keep the node running. Just because a sole developer isn't paying to run his app on EOS doesn't mean its free at all. And, if EOS ends up being the heart of DAPPS one day, then the cost of running hardware to accommodate all of these DAPPS would be the equivalent of tens of millions of dollars, if not hundreds of millions. 

    To put this in perspective……If I run my own app on AWS I have to pay a small cost. Very little actually, unless I need to scale it massively. That's what makes AWS so great for even the poorest of developers. So its a very cheap fee. However if I had to pay the hardware fees of 5% of all the apps running on AWS(kinda like calling myself a node), I'd need tens of millions of dollars to pay for it. It's free for them but not for me.

    Now the question is(and I don't think anyone knows this yet), is it better in the new distributed world to have 21 guys paying all the costs, or each and every DAPP owner to pay a small cost.

    Nothing is free. It's just a matter of who pays.

  15. Saying Ethereum is unusable because of fees is like saying you shouldn’t have a mobile phone because of the FCC tax. You are speaking of fees in aggregate, which is meaningless. It doesn’t matter what DICE spends in fees. What matters is the effect fees have on the individual user experience. All of crypto is in development right now. Give it time to mature. I also agree that this has become an EOS channel. Fine, if you want to do that. Just giving you feedback.

  16. The Crazy Truth , Thanks Dallas.

  17. I use ethereum every day. I trade NFTs. I mess with CDPs. I trade ERC721s. Ever heard of layer 2? GTFO.

  18. Just use DASH. …….always low fee…..privacy optional

  19. Great NEWS! Why? Because this means that Ether truly is the HODL silver to Bitcoins GOLD! HODL ETH!