Tuesday , June 2 2020
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When Ethereum 2.0? Ripple In Mexico, Lumens Whales, Binance Lite & Adopting Bitcoin

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  1. Where is the volume coming from if everyone is staked.

  2. Relax y'all, Ethereum is already a chosen coin along with Bitcoin. I'm sure this is all part of their plan to delay things IMO.

  3. If Ethereum can't keep up…Cardano is the hero we need…

  4. I sold my ETH for EOS a while ago. Didn't fall as much in the bear market…bought a lil more at $2. Winning

  5. Eth will be overtaken by Ada

  6. Most of the stuff Ethereum is trying to do experimental. A lot of research had to be done, then testing has to done. Before anything get implemented on the main chain it needs to be checked by a third party. Then a block number needs to be chosen. It’s a huge process, blockchain/software is hard.

  7. Eth will miss the boat and drop like a rock. Then they will be playing catch up the next 10 years.

  8. What percentage of the population is investing into crypto by now?

  9. I'm still all for ETH, it has way too much ssupport now and is always right next to Bitcoin with everything. EOS could do better but i think eventually ETH will get it together and remain at the top.

  10. I live in Australia , we have to pay a 5% fee for the privilege with KYC, why not use local bitcoin & no KYC? or Coinspot in Australia with KYC.

  11. Report all Vincent Wilson's for spam

  12. Holy guacamole what did ethereum do to you this morning!! Good info regardless they do need to step up and in a big way, high finance is listing them so now is their time

  13. We are on ETH 2.0 already, ETC is the original

  14. When full bucket of rice? Lol

  15. yeah m8 bi nance always wanted 2 go down under 😂

  16. The SEC is being left behind. Money is flowing to Switzerland, which has an ETF equivalent and before long there will be hundreds of private ETF style investment vehicles available in Malta, the Virgin Island, etc. The SEC's rules may also be skirted by partnerships that aren't marketed publicly so they have no jurisdiction concerning the partnerships. Once Merrill Lynch and banksters want it, an ETF will be granted – a day late and a dollar short.

  17. Yep, ETH has a very long rocky road ahead of them, with others breathing down their neck the whole time. This will be interesting to see how all of this plays out🤔

  18. The concern for Ethereum is that institutions may use another platform because of all these delays. Any bad design decisions made now, will impact the project negatively in the future.
    I listen to interviews with Charles Hoskinson. The Cardano project uses Formal Methods to improve the accuracy of their code. Charles said they are rapidly catching up to competitors and there will be a point where they will pass them. Once that happens Cardano will leave their competitors behind. All the difficult research was done at the beginning of the Cardano project.

  19. I think everyone has to relax and be patient 😂 Rome wasn’t built in a day. You are all going to dump your money in eos, then ethereum will release their upgrades and the people are going to panic once again and move back to eth.

  20. lol i forgot all about pos for eth… man, screw eth.. trx ftw these days.

  21. Lol have him ask Justin Sun on how to do a POS platform! Better yet have ETH run on the TRON Network! 😎

  22. Tezos will explode when it is traded on Coinbase and when Coinbase becomes a Tezos Validator

  23. Isn't really crucial info that Ethereum doesn't have a max supply…

  24. Gaben said that Halfe-Life 3 will use Ethereum

  25. Love the grains of rice analogy! Puts everything into perspective

  26. Zilliqa has sharding and it has it now. And it works. And the main net is live. Just saying.

  27. 3yrs compare to the few months EOS and Tron been around. Sorry, Eth fanboys.

  28. 3 years waiting..n putting it off.. there waiting till the next bull run in 2 years….another project will come along and suprise us , and ethe!!

  29. Tezos already there!! Tezos Moon

  30. Best show in town…. We are in the right place and almost at the right time….

  31. 0:30 Zero centralization, I swear 😉

  32. XTZ, QTUM, and several other coins already use Proof of Stake…

  33. In a world where XLM is $10, XRP has to be $20+. That would be amazing 😁

  34. As always, thanks for the information. Strong work, fact-based with info straight from Vitalik.

  35. ETH is king and POS will be a game changer, the community is united. Only those in it for the money have no patience.

  36. What you don’t get is ETH is the only pos network with the potential to become the ‘global settlement layer’ because it refused to trade off decentralization, eos or tron would never be trusted as backbone of web3, they have not solved the hard problems eth is working on…

  37. P3D is Ethereum 2.0. Vitalik knows all about it. Soon will be viral. Project [v]

  38. Guess who implementing POS? Cardano. So many doubted ADA. They’ve made more strides than Ethereum. Yoroi, Shelley approaching, Ledger support. Can stake right from Yoroi

  39. Ethereum github is constantly updating.
    Something will happens soon.

  40. Lol I work for Avnet lol maybe they can give me my paycheck in Crypto